Hi everyone,

Just a small message from me this week, as I really haven't got much to report. It's coming up to term break again for us here, so I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks off in 2 weeks time. It will be nice to have a bit of a break and catch up on some R & R.

We have Richard Thomas in a role in The Practise on Monday night, and I'm looking forward to seeing that particular episode. I saw the short for it last week and it seems he is indeed a bad'un! He never ceases to amaze me with the diversity of roles he takes on. Do you think he looks at a script and says "I haven't done anything like that before...I'll take it." There always seems to be something different and challenging about his roles. I really admire that. Christina Ricci, in my most humble opinion, seems to do something similar. I'm sure it makes them a better performer in the long run.

Just one little plea from me. We here in Australia are losing The Waltons at the end of March, and I was wondering if anyone who still gets The Waltons would be interested in taping the later episodes for me. I'm happy to pay for the videos and postage, but please let me know privately. I am missing many from series 6, 7, 8 and 9, and a couple of the earlier episodes. I can play NTSC on my VCR. I would dearly love to complete my collection of The Waltons.

Anyway, on to all of your Waltons news.

Goodnight everyone,


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Morning Karen: I recently watched the video "A Decade of The Waltons" in it Earl Hamner mentions that in "The Homecoming" there were 8 children which is from his own family, and when the series was coming together at the beginning CBS wanted only to have 7 children, so Ben character is a combination of Earl's 2 two brother. The video is fun to watch. Karen do you if any other Waltons videos are out?

bye for now


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes it's common knowledge that Ben is a combination of 2 of the Hamner brothers. I had to laugh when Eric Scott asked if he should get double pay for playing them both! Unfortunately I'm not aware of any new videos out. I checked just recently too.

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Hi Karen, and all,

Just a couple of things... The Mother's Day Celebration that is being planned, is an event that will take place in New Jersey, not at the Museum. I'm not exactly sure why, but I did read that in the pink insert that came with my Museum newsletter.

Recently I read an article that I thought might interest Walton fans. Do you remember Cissy Spacek? She was the actress that had the baby (John Boy delivered it) in the episode "The Odyssey". She was in another episode also.

I believe it was "The Townie". Anyway, Cissy Spacek lives here in Virginia with her family, on a spread down near Charlottesville (which is near Schuyler, VA--where the Museum is). Her daughter's name is Schuyler, and her other daughter's name is Madison. Madison is a popular name nowadays for girls, but Madison is also a quaint and charming town north of Charlottesville! It isn't hard to see that The Waltons left a lasting mark on their family!

Have a good week everyone!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes you're right about where the Mother's Day Celebration is being held. It is not at the Museum. There are more details at Ralph's site www.the-waltons.com. I noticed that Karen Grassle (Ma Ingalls on Little House on the Prarie) will be there too. Sounds terrific.

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Dear Karen.

As a member of the Hamner family I just wanted to respond to the people who expressed so much concern regarding whether or not the children wore shoes to school. I can assure you that we always wore shoes except for a few times in the summer but never outside our yard or home. There were several very poisonous snakes who shared our territory. Plus the saw mill in the back yard was not a safe place to walk barefoot. I still refuse to go barefoot even in the house and find that its most uncomfortable not to have shoes on. We all had shoes and indeed some of them might have had resoles on them. Our father had a last and often would resole a shoe that was worn out.

As for Earl living with the grandparents that never happened. He lived with two of my father's sisters while attending college in Richmond, Va. for a couple of years before he was drafted into the army. It never ceases to amaze me what people find about the series to comment on. I usually just read them and forget about them but sometimes I think a response is necessary.

We have been so fortunate to meet and know so many of the fans and consider many of them friends and look forward to seeing them each year. I also correspond with many of them by e-mail and am on the chat line occasionally.

I surely don't mean these comments to be a criticism of any contributor just hope that some of the misconceptions can be cleared up.



KAREN'S COMMENT: Thank you for your response Marion. I guess it must just amaze you that we continue to find so many things to talk about...and such trivial things too. :-) I confess to always being curious about how my Dad lived as a young boy growing up in the Mallee (a deserty country area of Victoria) because he always claimed not to have ever worn shoes to school, and I found that simply amazing. Mind you, my Grandmother was horrified when I once mentioned that to her, and said that he always wore shoes to school! I certainly take your point that snakes would have been a problem, and also the saw mill (something that I certainly hadn't considered).

I think part of my fascination with the series is seeing just how tight money was during the Depression years, and how big families, or any family at all, managed. Naturally I have heard stories from my parents, but it was the series that brought home to me just how difficult things were, and it's one time in history that now fascinates me and all because of the series. The Waltons really is a terrific tribute to social history I think. It gives a lively and very loving account of one family's experience through the Depression and the War years.

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How about Xavier for X I believe that was one of the Baldwins sisters cousins or some type of relation. I remember the name being mentioned on one of the episodes but I don't remember which one particular.

Regards Patsy

KAREN'S COMMENT: That could do it. Not too many people came up with X suggestions, but the Baldwin's had so many cousins that surely one of them was an X name. :-)

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Hi Karen,

I understand you are looking for some Walton words, that start with "X"

The only thing that I could think of is the XXX's they put on jugs of moonshine. I never could understand what the X's meant. Could it stand for how strong the moonshine was?


KAREN'S COMMENT: You're very observant. I've never noticed the X's on the jars. Has anyone else? It sounds like it could be a terrific one.

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Hello. I'm am so glad that there are so many loyal Waltons fans. I get so many "Odd" looks when people ask me what my favorite program on TV is and I tell them "The Waltons". Oh Well, call me old fashioned and sentimental. My question is this, "Where is Dots Chat Room?" "Is this where we can chat about the Waltons?" Someone please send me the web site if you will. I would enjoy meeting up with some of you "Fans." Also I have read the "Homecoming" I found it very enjoyable.

I noticed so many people were talking in the Digest about the show "Apples Way", so I looked it up at my local library and found a copy of the book written by Robert Weverka. It sounds good so far.

I remember some of the later shows (Waltons) as a little tike. My mother watched loyally every week, and now I know why. For now ,I record every show daily off of TNN ,so I don't miss a single episode. Even my 2 yr. old likes the show especially Elizabeth and Jim Bob.

Good Night Everybody.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Goodness Lisa, your library has very old books! I haven't visited Dot's chat room for absolutely ages. The time difference makes it tricky for me.

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Did any one see the episode last week, I think it was where Grandma and Olivia were sitting at the kitchen table and Olivia says, "Don't those children sound like little birds playing out side?" And then the kids start yelling and screaming, and Grandma comments back, "Sounds like one of them fell out of the nest!" I wanted to roll in the floor, it was so funny! Does anyone know which episode that was?


KAREN'S COMMENT: They had some terrific lines in the show. This one is a wonderful example. Any idea of the episode anyone?

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Hi, Karen Many thanks to all the persons contacting me about the Walton's time change. Yes, any Walton alphabet must have two entries for B-Boatright and the Baldwin gals. Their importance to the show was integral.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad you've found the show again Bill. We've got a wonderful bunch of people on this list, who can answer just about anything. :-)

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Yes in Apples Way there was a Patricia Apple(the younger daughter) and the older daughter Kathy Apple was played by Patty Cohoon who was Gloria Hickey, Danny Partridges first crush, on the Partridge Family.

On The Townie, A.J. Covington (David Huddleston) makes a cameo appearance as he goes to the theater and sits a row or two behind John Boy and Sara. You see him as the movie ends and he gets up to leave.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'll have to take another look at The Townie. Maybe he filled in for an extra that day.

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Hi Karen.

I've just spent about an hour getting caught up on past digests I had stored for later reading. A few threads really caught my eye, but the one which I found most interesting related to Religion.

I was raised in a pretty strict Baptist family and I always tried to figure out what religion Earl Hamner could have been and if his roots had much bearing on the characters in the show. Here are a few things I noticed:

- Although the family is supposed to be Baaptist, I think the church is just called "Walton's Mountain Community Church." Only in "The Baptism" do we see real doctrinal indications that the family is Baptist.

- Olivia is much more strict in the early shows. Over time, she lightens up and Grandma seems to take over that role. I think there was a lot of "loosening up" to promote story lines. I could not imagine the early Olivia EVER allowing Jason to work in a honky-tonk, no matter how much they were in need of money.

- It seems that the Baldwins became much mmore a part of the family, whereas at the outset, they were treated with much disdain because they were bootleggers. I noticed that, although "we're Episcopalian, sistah," they did go to the Revival meeting in "The Baptism." I do think the producers hit the nail on the head having the wealthy, genteel Baldwins be Episcopal, while the poorer Waltons were Baptists. There is a long history relating to that in the US South. I grew up hearing Episcopalians called "Whiskey-palians" because they were allowed to drink.

- Finally, regarding the "no dancing&" rule. There are still quite a few Baptists who believe dancing is a sin. It supposedly puts one in a position to be tempted into yielding to fleshly desires. One of my favorite jokes is "Why don't Baptist make love standing up?" The answer is "Because people might think they're dancing."

Take care.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for taking the time to catch up on things Marty. I've always thought it was a bit odd that the Baldwins claimed to go to another church, yet quite often ended up attending the Baptist Church on Sunday. Did Olivia "lighten up" so to speak later in the episodes? Perhaps. What are your thoughts on this?

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HI Karen and everyone...just a note to say it's been ages since I wrote to the digest but I thoroughly enjoy the letters each week and can't wait to receive them! I also get incredibly jealous hearing first hand accounts of meetings with the cast members and trips to the museum which I haven't managed to do yet!

Some time ago last year I am sure that someone wrote in asking about the readings that were used in Erin's and Mary Ellen's weddings...but I have searched through the digests and am going cross-eyed looking for the answers! I just can't find them again! Would anyone out there mind reminding me of what they were? It kind of links in with the religious theme that you were taking about in the previous weeks and I wondered why they had chosen those specific Bible readings.

Many thanks and Waltons wishes!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes Mary Ellen's can definitely be found somewhere, but so you don't have to look, I'm sure someone will fill you in again. As for Erin's, I'm not sure that hers has been discussed. Does anyone know of her bible readings?

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The show was very important to my family growing up, and running across your site has been a nice reminder of that.

I like the memorabilia you mention... Do you recall the theme song to the commercial for the Walton's Play Set (the house)?

As I recall...the words were:

The Waltons family home

is happy as can be

cause it's filled with lovin' people

who are one big family.

They're good and kind and XXX


Oh you'll never want to roam

from the Walton's family home.

For what it's worth!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Well given that I have never seen an advert for the Waltons playhouse, I have no idea of the words of this jingle and I'm intrigued. Does anyone know the rest of the words? What about the other merchandise? Did they have adverts too? I never really thought about it before.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find so much on the Internet about the Waltons. I didn't expect to find anything! I am tryng to find a copy of the poem John Boy read to his mother about the bird in flight for her birthday in the episode "The Airmail Man."

Can you help?


KAREN'S COMMENT: It seems that we have lots of things to discover in this digest, so if you have time during the week and feel like watching old episodes, please pull them out and see if you can answer this and some of the other questions we have. Short answer: I have no idea! :-))

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Hi again, Karen -

This is off the subject but I know no one else to ask. We are nearly in mourning around here because our TV cable company has been taken over by a larger one and they will stop running the Odyssey Channel next week. No one I know is happy about that. Odyssey was a great channel for total family viewing with never anything objectionable or unsuitable for the young or the elderly. We just started getting the fourth season of Snowy River on Sunday nights, which never were shown in the U S when the Family Channel showed the first three some years ago. Only two episodes have been shown so far. Since it was an Australian series, I wondered if anyone there knew if there is a newsletter for it like your Waltons one. Thanks!

Does anyone else wish they were running the latest re-runs of the Waltons more in order this time through? Also, re your mention of used/out of print book sites last time, I've had excellent luck with one that will lead to many others: www.abebooks.com . They say they are the world's largest source. Good Wishes to everyone!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Now I'm not sure about the answer to the Snowy River newsletter now, but since it is Waltons related, and I know we have a few fans, I thought I'd add this letter. I've used the site you mention too with good results and the www.barnesandnoble.com out of print section is also quite good.

And speaking of Snowy River, CJ, I thought you and other fans might enjoy an article that was in our Age newspaper on Friday, 24th March.

Paterson's Ridge ready for return of the Crowd

By Misha Ketchell

Paterson's Ridge has seen better days. The picturesque 1890's-style town comprising 30 buildings in the middle of the Wombat State Forest has a pretty little church, rustic tearooms, a hotel and a general story, but hardly anyone visits.

Four years ago it was a booming tourist attraction. Today it is deserted.

The story of Paterson's Ridge is typical of small towns closed down by retreating industry, but with one difference: people haven't moved away from Paterson's Ridge, because no one ever lived there. The town was built by Channel 9 as the set for The Man from Snowy River television series. For the four years of filming it thrived. Now it's abandoned.

Ms Nola Whitehouse, 58, owns the 61-hectare property Kattemingga, on which the town is situated. This Sunday she is hosting a fair in her very own deserted 1890's toy town. There will be 50 stalls, selling wooden rocking horses, honey, teddy bears, jam and sculpture.

Ms Whitehouse jokes that she is Mayor of Paterson's Ridge. She moved to the Newbury property (between Trentham and Blackwood) in 1977 after her marriage ended. She packed up her Toorak [Karen: VERY expensive Melbourne suburb] and her two teenage children and did the SeaChange [Karen again: a fantastic ABC series...see it if you get the chance, it's very quirky :-)] thing, long before it was fashionable.

Ms Whitehouse says her children describe their years in the country as the best time of their lives, even though instead of coming home from school and plonking down in front of the television they had to get used to woodchopping and other chores.

The arrival of film crews in 1996 rather disrupted the property's serenity, she says.

"They were very demanding. Everybody was in a hurry," Ms Whitehouse says. We advertised the place as being free from 20th century stress. All of a sudden there were cars moving in, phones ringing, hammers banging, everybody wanting things urgently."

Ms Whitehouse now runs a guesthouse and conducts trail rides on her property. And as Mayor, what does this local businesswoman intend to do to breathe life back into her town?

"I'd like to do it up, have weddings, murder mystery weekends," she says. "There's a small problem though. There are no bathrooms or kitchens."

KAREN'S COMMENT: Just thought some of you might enjoy this piece.

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