Hi everyone,

Well this is the second digest I've put together today. I had just finished the first one when Eudora closed itself down citing an error, without me having saved the digest. Needless to say I'm not all that happy about it. So here we go again...

Our family went off to a Debutante Ball last night, as James was partnering a friend. They've become very popular over in the past few years, with the younger people, and many schools now have Debutante Balls as a part of their Year 11 thing. That's for people around 16, turning 17. It seems to me though, that it doesn't have the same meaning as it did so many years ago, when the young lady was introduced into society. It was more like a coming of age thing, a little like Mary Ellen's quilting. My Mum did hers at around 18 years of age, and absolutely loved it, and she would have loved for me to do it too, but I'm a very like Mary Ellen here and thought it was a ridiculous thing...very old fashioned and really of very little relevance for me. I guess in a way I still think that, although I am definitely not against the concept. If a young girl wants to, then the choice is hers, and I was definitely happy for James to be a part of it. He had a wonderful time.

I'd be interested to know if it is something that is very popular in other countries now. Most schools organize a Deb. ball and many churches do too. I guess about half the girls would have been involved at Aquinas College, and all of the partners came from that year level too, which was nice.

It's a weird day over here. When I started writing this early this morning the sun was out, although it was very cold still, but now (1p.m.) it has been raining and hailing, but the sun is coming in and out. I hear we're in for more arctic weather this week too. It didn't stop raining last week and I believe there's more to come this week too. Have a great long weekend, I think it must be Memorial Day. What does that commemorate? We have a long weekend next weekend.

Until then, goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen and other Walton fans, This is only my second time writing. I enjoy the digest so much and look forward to it weekly. Yesterday 5-31-00 on our way home from a trip to Florida , my family and I had the opportunity to visit Schuyler Virginia!!!!! It was a wonderful couple hours. I closed my eyes and imagined what it was like for John Boy to go to the train bridge at the Rockfish River and write about the people inside and wonder what they were like and where they were going to.

That has always been a favorite part of the "Homecoming" when John Boy was telling Mama he wanted to be a writer. Going into Ike's Store, seeing the Baptist Church and the Hamner Homestead. We drove right up to it !!!!! The Museum was full of wonderful things including the Radio used on the TV show. Its on loan from the Smithsonian for three years. There will be another Walton Reunion there in October!!!!!

Karen I have watched It's A Miracle numerous times.. it is a wonderful and inspirational show. It deals with true life miracles and does reenactments. Richard Thomas looks great!! Also how would I go about getting a copy of the Blue Ridge Chronicle you talked about, the last in 1999, or at least a copy of the article concerning the Walton Reunion at the Smithsonion in Washington DC??? I was there that evening and would really enjoy reading it. And finally to Marabelle from Virginia who thinks we need a name.. I always refer to myself as a "WALTON-WANTA-BE!". :-) Good Night All!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Hope you had a great time in Schuyler Sandy. You can join the Waltons International Fan Club by contacting:

Waltons International Fan Club,

P.O. Box 1182,

Grove City, Ohio, 43123-1182.


Membership fee for USA is $20

Outside the USA is $22

The issue it was in is a back issue: Volume 7, Issue 4, 1999.

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Dear Karen:

You asked what "It's a Miracle" hosted by Richard Thomas is like. It is about heartwarming, inspirational, true stories of amazing miracles occurring in everyday life of everyday people.

Richard Thomas adds a real humanistic approach and compassion to the show and he is just simply the perfect person to host this motivational show.

PAX-TV just announced that It's Miracle will be back for a third season with host Richard Thomas starting August 24 (all new episodes)! I hope that it will air in Australia too!

Here's the website for more info.:


Best Regards,


Richard Thomas Fan Forum

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for the info Alyssa.

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Hi! I was just reading the digest and one person talked about Mary Ellen and Cindy both losing children. I would also like to point out that Olivia also lost a child. His name was Joseph Zebulon Walton and he was Jim-Bob's twin brother. He died at birth, although they didn't go into detail about how he died--just that there were complications. It is also interesting to note that because of that, Jim-Bob was the only Walton child to be born at a hospital instead of the Walton home.

On another note...the man who played David Spencer (Robert Woods), Mary Ellen's love interest, is on one of my favorite soap operas, One Life To Live. He plays Bo Buchanan.

My 18-month-old son and I watch The Waltons every day at 1:00. Every time he hears the theme song, he will come running no matter where in the house he is, or what he is doing. We just can't miss it.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes you're quite right about Olivia. She also had a miscarriage which was very traumatic for her too. Esther also lost two of her own children and this was mentioned in several episodes.

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Hi everyone,

Haven't written in for a bit, but something in the latest Digest reminded me of something --

>>some highlights from the Blue Ridge Chronicle, the newsletter of the International Waltons Fan Club. ...Interesting comments from Jon W, Mary Mc, and Judy N, when they mentioned how they were received at school by the other children. Jon said that when the series became a hit he was admired, but Mary and Judy both said they had problems with other kids. Mary said that "Hey, Walton Girl" was often yelled at her ...>>

When I interviewed Judy Norton on the UK's Channel Four tv in 1991, a few weeks later I attended a canal restoration meeting and as I entered the room I was greeted with "Good morning John-Boy". I was quite pleased, actually, and also relieved that someone had actually seen the transmission! A little thing, but I thought I'd pass it on.

A "plug" if I may, while I'm here? - The Complete Waltons Synopses are progressing rapidly. Bill Atkins has now done the first three episodes of Season 1, having gone through Seasons 5-9 and the Specials. Soon they really *will* be "complete".

You can find them starting at Season One Synopses.


Cheers! from Arthur

KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad to hear the synopses are going so well.

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My family really loves 7th Heaven and if you look really hard there are a few family shows out there that can be watched. Of course, we have a satellite dish which makes it easier. Apples Way is shown here in VA on Sunday morning on TVLand and it is really precious. Today's modern day programming is awful and I wonder what values a lot of the kids are going to grow up with, especially with the TV running all the time and parents at work so much. I am off for the whole summer since I work for the school system and during the year I am off at two o'clock because I work at a middle school. You can tell which kids have supervision and which kids do not. I am glad that I am able to be here for my children. By the way, I am headed to the Walton museum for the day in two weeks. Enjoy your newsletter,


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'm intrigued by other school systems. How do you manage to finish at 2? We are just coming in from lunch for our afternoon session then. School finishes at 3.20. I work in a primary school and we start at 9. The children are aged between 5 and 12, with a few 4 1/2 year olds starting, although they are getting fewer. Do you get hounded because you have a long summer holiday too? I imagine that it's paid. We have a lot of people over here giving teachers a hard time because of the holidays, but someone said to me recently that they're saniety savers, and these days they are. We work very hard that's for sure.

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Hey Karen and everyone,

With regard to It's a Miracle, I have only seen it a few times, but it is pretty good and very popular. It has to do with people explaining surviving their near - death experiences, and the untold mysteryy of them being saved. they call them miracles, because the solutions are unbelievable.

~Happy Memorial Day~.


KAREN'S COMMENT: It sounds a good show, but it's not something that we're likely to get here I don't think, unfortunately. They'd be more likely to do an Australian version if it did come on.

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Glad to say that my gift finally reached Agnes and she loved it. Today is her daughter Colleens birthday!

This past week they had the Rumor where Willie Brimmer called his doctor on the pay phone at Ike Godseys store. The Doctors phone # in Germantown PA was 2346. In the Milestone episode which was shown recently Jason got so upset over a letter Olivia had written to John Boy that he has Erin call Olivia at Aunt Kate's residence in Alverene, Virginia . The phone number is Market 2346---the number 2346 figures in both episodes.

No member of the Walton cast was related.

Olivia took time off because she was taking part in other things.

Jon Walmsley is married to Toni Hazeleton.

Richard Thomas did have numerous dates with Sian Barbara Allen.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Interesting about the numbers. I wonder how they chose them. Same writer?

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>>were any of the Waltons related in real life or were there any behind-the-scenes love affairs? Also what happened to Olivia Walton for most of the series, was she ill or something?>>

Thank you for continuing to send me the digests. In response to the above comment, I have read that Richard and Sian met on a movie "You'll like my Mother" just before The Waltons, so they were dating right through Love Story, don't know if they were still together when "Thanksgiving Story" was made.

I have often thought there was a real life relationship between Richard Thomas and Judy Norton especially in "The Typewriter" and "The Awakening", also I did think there was something going on between Richard and Miss Michael" in "The Airmail Man", this is just my opinion and not based on anything I have read.

I have found through my searching for Richard Thomas movies, that the same movie can have a different title, I found that "The Million Dollar Kid" is also called "Fortune Hunters". "Linda" is also called "Lust for Murder" and "Fatal Proposal" is also called "Stalking Laura", why do they do this!!.

If like me you are searching for movies, the best sites I have found so far are Amazon and Blackstar.

KAREN'S COMMENT: I don't know why the names of things change, but they do it with books too, particularly books first published outside the USA and then released in the USA. Some even have different covers produced for the US market. Snowy River: the McGregor Saga is actually called The Man From Snowy River over here, after a well known Australian story. I guess it's just a marketability thing, but maybe someone can tell us for sure.

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I would happily exchange your snow for our 90+ temps here..... I don't like to sweat. ^_^

I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but I want to repeat it. I saw a much younger Ellen Corby on a Lucy episode, playing her childhood music teacher. It's always fun to see some of our favorite actors in other roles, and I really enjoyed this one.

Thanks, Cindy, for your kind comments. I appreciate knowing that you belong to a church that also remembers people like me when celebrating these days that can sting so badly. If there were more recognition like that, it would certainly help! I do appreciate knowing that you understand the pain that this causes.

Thanks also, Judy, for your understanding thoughts.

>> I have not written in a few months but after reading Bobbie's posting in the last digest I just had to write. <major snippage> I know that our situation is not the same as yours Bobbie, but I just wanted you to know that I am thinking of you and I can't stop thinking about what you wrote. There really are no words that anyone can say to take your pain away, but just know that there are many parents out there who for one reason or another do not have a relationship with their children and the only thing we can hope is that we did our best when we did have them with us.>>

Sharon, I left as many of your words as I felt I dared, because sentiments like this are so powerfully helpful to me, and I have learned to save them to reread at times when the hurt gets overwhelming. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your heart. It's too late for my son, but I will hope mightily that your step-daughter gains enough perspective to come back and talk honestly and and earnestly with her dad, and that the two of them can figure out ways to put their relationship right. It's soooo important! I'm sorry for the hurt that he carries from this. Thanks again for writing. I do think that we all need to understand what other people go through in their lives, and how it affects them. I think this was one of the powerful lessons of the Waltons.

Because of having a hard time with so many painful family situations, I have not been watching the Waltons lately. It's just too hard to compare it to my situation. However, these supportive comments really helped, and I've been watching it again. I was touched all over again with the story of Grandpa retelling his war experiences to his grandchildren, then not wanting to have any part of a reunion of his old war buddies. I always valued the show for not just telling the surface story, but delving deeper, and helping us to understand more of the feelings that people hide; helping us to learn more of what really motivates us.

Many years ago, I had a 90-some year-old neighbor who was a veteran of World War I. He told me, as Grandma spoke of in that episode, how fired up they all were to march off to battle, and how disillusioned they all were with war when they came home. His stories were very powerful to me, and this episode really brought back all those memories of him. It reminded me that when we are collecting stories of our elders, to not forget the memories of the women... the words that Grandma spoke were so important for our understanding, but usually get lost in the rush to record the memories of the men in battle. The women at home were just as important to our understanding.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I do agree with you Bobbie, and I think that more of the oral history of women during the war is coming out over time.

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Odds are that the Waltons Entertainment Tonight Episode will be on again. They seem to do a remembrance of old TV shows every weekend and I've seen a couple repeats. I'd say just watch each weekend or look at The ET Website.

I hope this is right. I just looked it up.

Anyway, I was watching Little House the other day (The Gift episode) where it is the reverend's birthday and the Sunday school is getting him a present. One of the kids at the school looks just like Judy Norton. I was wondering if it was her. The girl was sitting beside Laura and I think she was the only girl with a speaking part. I looked up her Biography but all I could find was her part on the Waltons. Does anyone know if it was Judy or am I just imagining things.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thankyou for the site Farrah. It sounds like ET runs some interesting things sometimes. I doubt that the girl in Little House would have been Judy, as she would have been with The Waltons by that time, but maybe she has a sister?

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