Hi everyone,

Just a short note from me this week. Hope this finds everyone well. It feels as though winter has hit here with a vengeance this year, with many, many cold and foggy nights, and very frosty and sometimes foggy mornings. It was just gorgeous going to work one morning this week, when I came through the fog to a bit of a clearing. The fog then sort of collected in the valley made by the hills and there was frost all over the hilly part, and the sun was shining beautifully. I love mornings like that when you just know that if you go stomping over the mountain side it's going to be all crunchy underfoot. I think Grandpa would have taken pleasure in our hills of Warrandyte and Kangaroo Ground on this particular morning as it was just lovely.

By the way, Kangaroo Ground is named because of kangaroos being there. Can you imagine being about 15 or 20 miles from the heart of Melbourne and having kangaroos around? I haven't seen one yet, not a live one anyway, but I have heard of people who have seen them quite recently, or banged into them with their cars. You should see the damage they do to the poor car, and they are usually killed or badly injured, but they sort of bound straight out of nowhere and they're on top of you before you even see us. We hit one once when we were on holiday. We were heading through a forest during the middle of the day. A bushfire had just gone through there so it was all bare and black, and suddenly one was right in front of us. Rod tells me it was only a small one too, but it certainly did some damage to our car! It was an unusual time of day to see them because they usually come out at dawn and dusk. Further up into the top part of Australia they can be quite a nuisance to travelers, and many people driving a lot have "bull bars", big bars on the front of the car which will stop their cars being damaged if they hit a kangaroo.

I'll be on holiday again by Friday this week and am planning on hibernating for 2 weeks. I have my supply of The Waltons, Touched By an Angel, Promised Land and 7th Heaven all ready to go. I've been so busy that I just haven't had a chance to catch up on episodes so I'm well behind. I might manage to get some more digests up on the site too, but I'll let you know.

Till next week, goodnight everyone,


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Lynchburg is a true city south of Charlottesville. It is an hour from where I grew up west of Richmond. It is a nice sized city in the mountains and there are four universities there: Liberty University which Jerry Falwell founded, Lynchburg College, and Randolph Macon College for women. The Blue Ridge Parkway runs between Charlottesville and Lynchburg and it is a beautiful drive during the autumn in the month of October when all the leaves are changing color.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks to Midge and the others further down who wrote to tell us that Lynchburg is indeed a city near Schuyler. Incidentally, we have a Richmond here in Melbourne. It's very close to Melbourne and is quite a small Vietnamese village these days, with many Vietnamese people opening all sorts of stores there, and doing very well too. When I was young it was also a high migrant population area, but instead of Viet people it was the Italians and Greeks who tended to settle there, but they've moved their businesses to other parts of Melbourne now. You mention the Blue Ridge Parkway...that's not the road built that pushed Martha Corinne off her land was it?

A university just for women intrigues me. Have they never allowed men to enter their hallowed halls? We don't have anything like that over here.

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It appears that in the Waltons Mountain Museum news letter you didn't mention the wonderful write-up about Peggy Rea-the woman who played the part of Aunt Rose Burton. It was a wonderful tribute and it also showed a picture of her "wedding" to Stanley Perkins (William Shallert).

This is one of the only times Schuyler is mentioned on the show. I believe it was a slip of the tongue but they decided to leave it in the episode.

Lynchburg Virginia is a very famous Virginia town. I believe Randolph-Macon Womens College is located there.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Well I didn't actually forget to add about the wedding, as I was leaving it till this week, or soon when the news was a little light on. But yes, there is an excellent article, with some nice pics, of Rose marrying her beau. A nice Waltons wedding to go along with the real life "Waltons" wedding of Eric and Cindy Scott.

You might be correct about the statement being and ad lib, because I believe that Will Geer was quite a master of ad libbing his lines. Eric Scott once said in an interview that he was supposed to speak the next line after Grandpa, once when the family was sitting around the dinner table, and Will kept his hand on his head holding his head down, just so that he could finish his ad libbed speech. Can you imagine working with someone like that? Especially as a child?

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Hi- As usual, I just read your interesting news about the Waltons and of course Australia, and do not bother to respond very much. Just wanted to let you know that Lynchburg is a pretty large city in Virginia. As for Schuyler (I do not know how to spell it either)..In the episode tht was just on Friday, about John-Boy meeting up with the lady who wants him to fight in Spain, Grandpa stated that when his friend "down Schuyler way" was killed on the Maine, he had to fight in Cuba.......

Also, do any of you notice in the beginning season, Grandma hates dancing (totally against her religion),,,,,,,,,but later, why the lady loves to dance, and remembers dancing with Zeb 40 years before!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Great listening Kathy, to pick up another Schuyler reference, once again from Grandpa. Actually it would be interesting to get scripts for these eps and check the lines, especially Zeb's. Grandma certainly is contrary at times...any explanations?

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While watching "Winnie the Pooh" with my girls I noticed Jon Walmsley listed in the vocal talents credits. Is this the same JW we all know and love?

I also love that so many "Waltons" showed up for Eric and Cindy's wedding. That's just so neat to have that sort of bond still years later.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I wonder if anyone has a way to put a sound clip of this on the Internet as I'd love to hear it. It's not a video available out here, but yes it is "little" Jon. If anyone wanted to send me the sound wave, perhaps I could add it to the Waltons site?

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Hi Karen

Thanks for the digest - as usual very interesting.

On the subject of a Deb. Ball. We still have a big one in the UK but it is for people with plenty of money! I do not know too much about it but it still exists.

My son's school, and I suspect a lot of other schools, also have 6th form (age 16+) balls. His on June 29th this year which happens to be his 17th birthday. Wonder what he will get up to? The boys wear DJs (tux) and the girls dress as they wish really. Not too many favor long gowns nowadays though. Hope this is of interest to you.

Regards to everyone.

Welsh Sue

KAREN'S COMMENT: Interesting that the Deb. Balls are still for people with money both in the USA and UK, because that's definitely not the case here. Yes, our schools still have Balls, or Formals, here as well. I've never heard of a tuxedo being called a DJ. What is it supposed to stand for? We call them a tux. James is off to a formal next Friday night, but he won't wear a tux...he's happy with a nice suit. :-)

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Hi Karen and everyone,

Greetings from the UK.

We are well into season nine of The Waltons on TV over here. Does anyone else think the quality of these episodes is a little inconsistent compared with the previous seasons? For instance, we recently had an episode where Jim Bob, home on leave from the army, is pursued to the mountain by a girl he met briefly who claims he is the father of her unborn child. Whatever would Grandma say! No doubt this is supposed to reflect how quickly relationships developed during war time, but I think I preferred it when the children were younger and more innocent and their parents and grandparents were still around to guide them. I guess they had the best of both worlds - the peace and tranquility of their beautiful mountain and the companionship of a large and loving family.

In this weeks episode Mary Ellen goes to Florida, as she has been told that Curt is still alive and wasn't killed at Pearl Harbor after all. He is still alive, but has turned into a rather disagreeable character and doesn't want anything to do with her or John Curtis. A rather unsatisfactory episode which raises more questions than it answers. However, Mary Ellen has a new love interest in the shape of Jonesy, who provides some light relief during this rather depressing episode. He is interesting and amusing and a good match for the strong willed and independent Mary Ellen. I thought the storyline where Curt is still alive was a little far fetched. I prefer TheWaltons when they deal with more everyday believable stories.

I have tried to join all 3 fan clubs. I now belong to the Friends Of The Waltons and the Waltons Friendship Society. These are both very good and produce excellent newsletters. However, I have had no response from the International Fan Club despite writing to Carolyn Grinnell several times.

Nice to know that Eric Scott has married again and found happiness after losing his first wife so tragically.

Kind Regards


KAREN'S COMMENT: Sorry to hear you've had no luck getting onto Carolyn. Perhaps you could try the address I mentioned a couple of weeks back, which is the membership address, and isn't Carolyn's. Interesting comments about the quality of the series in the final seasons. Which episode do people prefer out of seasons 8 and 9? What about your favourite Waltons couple? Who do you prefer and why? No doubt Grandma/Grandpa or Mama/Daddy would get most votes, but perhaps you could nominate others too.

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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to mention that a few days ago I was up late (waiting for my cat to come in, actually. I can't seem to sleep without knowing she's in the house) and was flipping through channels on TV. I found The Waltons on TNN at 2:00 a.m. PST. Thought I'd mention this to all of you insomniacs out there. It was a pleasant surprise (but Tobi Kitty got a lecture, anyway, when she wandered in at almost 3).


KAREN'S COMMENT: What a lucky find, and it probably took your mind of Tobi Kitty and what she was up to! A friend Rod works with recently got a cat called No Name Cat, who is deaf and follows her everywhere like a dog does.

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Hi Karen and everyone! I just wanted to alert you to another Ellen Corby sighting! I was watching the Doris Day movie "On Moonlight Bay" from 1951 (which is a really cute movie, by the way) and Ellen played the part of a rather crotchety schoolteacher. It was fun to see her so many years ago, and in color, too. This movie must have been made before the I Love Lucy episode she appeared in was filmed.

Whew! Our weather here in Northern California has been over 110 degrees these last few days! It's sure nice to relax in front of the Waltons with a nice cold glass of lemonade!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes I think I've seen her in this too. Very nice movie as you say. We're watching The Music Man tonight, another bright movie which is doing very well on Broadway at the moment.

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Hello Karen,

Very interesting topics in the past few weeks of digests!! It's always interesting to hear how things such as dances, holidays, school, etc., are handled in different parts of the world. (So different but yet so much the same...). Anyway, I'm feeling quite "blue" today and thought what a better way to cheer myself up than to write a letter to the digest (talking Waltons always takes my mind off of whatever is troubling me)!!

My son, Jason, graduated from high school last week. He is working full-time now and just bought his first car and needless to say, I never see him!! (like two ships that pass in the night!!). My 13-year old daughter Erin left this morning for a 3-week vacation in Florida with my sister and her family so I will not see her until July 11th. Now my husband calls me at my office to tell me that Ian, my stepson got a call from his grandparents to see if they could take him for a few weeks to spend some time with him and he will be back sometime in early July. I think I now know how Olivia must have felt after realizing that her children were growing up and would be leaving her someday. I miss my kids if they are away from home and I've never had them gone for so long at the same time (with the exception of when my husband and I go on vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains every October, but of course, that's different cause I'm in "Walton Country"!!) My husband is looking forward to it just being the two of us (he says we are practicing for retirement) but maybe it's because I'm "Mom" and I love to spend as much time with my kids especially now when I look back and realize how quickly the time has passed from when Jason started Kindergarten to when he graduated!! For those of you with "little ones", just remember that the time really does go much quicker than you think and their growing up sort of sneaks up on you so spend as much time with them as possible (you definitely WON'T regret it if you do, but you sure WILL regret it if you don't!!) See, I told you I was feeling blue!!

I just won another set of the Walton's cigar bands on e-bay. I also was high bidder on 2 Walton's magnets. Sorry to anyone who receives the digest that may have been bidding on these items and lost. Not only do I have an extensive Walton's memorabilia collection, but I also have an even larger refrigerator magnet collection (400+ and still growing ...daily!!) and needless to say, I think I would have bid as much as I needed to in order to win the 2 magnets!! I bought the second set of cigar bands because I am going to donate some of my collection to the museum (some of the things that they are missing) and did not see a set on display the last time we were at the museum (Oct 99). I only paid $9.00 for the set and they are in 100% mint condition. I should have them to the museum sometime in August (I am having them very carefully mounted under glass in a frame). If anyone visits the museum after August and sees the display of cigar bands, you will know where they came from!!

Can't wait for tonight's episode "The Firestorm". This is one of my very favorite episodes and needless to say, I always get teary-eyed at the part where, after reading a few lines from the German book out loud, Mrs. Brimmer translates it into English and everyone realizes that it is the Bible and that they almost threw it into the fire!!

A friend of mine stopped over for a visit the night that the episode "Grandma Comes Home" was on. She actually got hooked on the episode and didn't leave until the show was over!! (She hadn't watched the show for years and is one of those who roll their eyes at me whenever I bring up the subject of The Waltons.) I had explained to her that this was a very significant episode since it was the first episode that Grandma was in since her stroke and that it was the last episode that Will Geer and Ellen Corby were in together due to his death over the summer break. Her comment was that any show that showed a married couple who had been married for so long and still looked at each other as if they were on their honeymoon, must be a good show!! (I think that I may have converted her into a fan...finally!!)

Well, that's all for now and I hope some of your "brrrrrrr" weather from Australia sweeps this way to knock out some of the humidity and temperatures (90+) we've been getting in southeastern Pennsylvania!! (Never thought I'd be saying this in June but, STAY WARM!!)


KAREN'S COMMENT: Having had Tim graduate last December and now with a car and a girlfriend, I can sympathize Sharon. We never get to see him. Add to this the fact that when he works, it's night shift, and then he sleeps during the day while we're up and about. I like to have my "chicks in the nest" at night too and feel unsettled when I don't. Thankfully James is still around a lot, although always busy doing school work. You were lucky getting the cigar bands for that price. I've seen the prices go much higher. I find it strange that The Waltons were printed on cigar bands actually. Were a lot of TV shows done?

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