Hi everyone,

I hope you will all excuse the very short letter this week, but I'm having a few problems with the new version of Eudora that I'm using and I'm still trying to sort them out. As you will see further down in this digest, CJ in particular has had funny things going on with the new version of Eudora and if this has happened to anyone else, or indeed you know how to fix it, can you please let me know.  With this issue I have changed a few of the settings so maybe it will be better. Please bear with me.

Just one Waltons tidbit for you all...I was browsing in a bookshop in the city yesterday and came across a book with interviews of different actors, one of whom was Beulah Bondi. It mentioned that throughout her long career, she had only been nominated for the Academy Award twice, losing both times, and for an Emmy once, for The Pony Cart. It seems as if she was often passed by in the nominations for awards. She commented that she went to the Emmy's not expecting to win that year, because most of the categories were dominated with nominations from Roots, which was a real stand out in that year. She was very surprised to have won, and she received a standing ovation when her name was read...a real honor given by her peers, and I would think very well deserved. Just thought I'd pass that on to you.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen and all,

I haven't written in a while, and wanted to add my favorites for favorite couple. I like John and Olivia very much, but I must say that I really liked Grandma and Grandpa too. They are probably my favorite couple. Grandpa is so fun loving and lively after 50+ years of marriage and I like that!

Also, I think I enjoy them because I never really got the opportunity to see my own grandparents that much. And from what I've been told, they were never that happy together anyway! Grandpa and Grandma Walton seem to really love each other, and that is so evident in the episodes "The Long Night" and "Grandma Comes Home".

To Marabelle. I'm so sorry to hear about your grandparents old house. It's sad to see memories demolished that way isn't it? But living in VA, I can attest to the amount of thunder and lightening we've had lately. My church was hit by lightening this past week, and I know of several homes in the area that were hit and damaged too.

That's all for now.

Nancy in Virginia, enjoying her summer break from teaching!

KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad to hear you're enjoying your hard earned break. I'm just preparing to go back on Tuesday. Yes Grandma and Grandpa were a fantastic couple, but I also liked Ike and Corabeth...how different they were!

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Hello, I just received my first Waltons Digests and absolutely love it. I would just like to introduce myself and make a few comments about subjects in the last 2 digests.

My name is Jennifer Smith, and I live in Vermont. I am married with 2 children. Recently, as in 2 weeks ago, I took the vacation of a lifetime and went to the Walton Mountain Museum in Schuyler, Va. I was so thrilled and it was all I expected and more. I am already planning to go again because I know there has got to be something I missed.

My favorite Walton couple was Ben and Cindy, the were so much like John and Olivia that I had to pick them. Also, Jon Walmsley was the voice of Christopher Robin, but he was also in the Disney movie "The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band". He played the trombone, I think. I believe that they picked him for that movie because he is so musically talented.

Sorry for the long post, but I needed to get it all out. Also, thanks for letting me join it was all worth it.

Hope to talk to you soon.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Welcome Jennifer. It's lovely to hear you share your wonderful trip with us.

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What you say is true that it could have ended with the Valediction or A Decade of the Waltons but had this taken place they would have not had some other good episodes like The Outrage and The Last 10 Days. But some people couldn't stand some of the episodes that were on in the last season....

Tom Bower(Curt Willard)was in the 1992 Movie Aces from Eagle III which was shown on FXCABLE earlier this afternoon.


KAREN'S COMMENT:  I agree that there were some very good episodes in the last seasons, and wouldn't have liked to have missed out on them.

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Good Morning Karen:

I've just finished reading "Spencer's Mountain" even though Earl Hamner put in a disclaimer that all the characters are all fictitious, I did find allot of similarities between the book and the Waltons.

My favorite couple is still Grandpa & Grandma. With all the stories and knowledge that they can hand down the their children and grandchildren.

Good Night everyone.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Grandpa and Grandma are certainly popular this week. I think it's no secret that The Waltons was loosely based on Spencer's Mountain, or at least the ideas behind Spencer's Mountain.

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Hello Karen and Everyone:

As I write this it is going on noon time on July 4th, Independence Day, here in DE and I've got our nearest (Philadelphia) PBS station on the TV showing all the celebrating going on in New York's Harbor. (Do you put the letter u in that spelling, too? We don't.) It is foggy weather there, which gives a somewhat veiled look to everything. The commentary is good, though.

I don't remember a July 4th celebration being shown on the Waltons. Was there one? With it such a big holiday for our whole country, and always has been, I'm surprised they didn't do a show centered around a day of celebration in rural Virginia. In rural western New England, where I grew up, we had wonderful parades with all the villages anywhere near entering some sort of marching unit, or show on a hay wagon. In the afternoon there was always a baseball game at the town field. They still have the parades, more sophisticated and more motorized, with farm machinery all shined up and people riding on them, fire engines, antique autos, "floats" decorated by local schools and organizations, etc., as well as marching units.

Interesting piece on the Australia v. British accents in the last issue. Thanks for including it and all the other off topic things people write. Quite an international digest in addition to being a Waltons one! Fun!!

I loved the way Marabelle described the relationship between John and Olivia. Such a shame that the younger couples of today can't find that type of contentment in marriage! Many thanks to her for sharing her thoughts!

Best Wishes to all of you out there is this great, wonderful world of differences! If only all countries could be peaceful and respect others' differences that make wars!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Was July 4th referred to at all? I recall different summer picnics and church picnics...could any of them have been to celebrate July 4?

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Dear Karen and everyone,

Favourite episodes from season 8:

The Lost Sheep: featuring the return of Ashley Longworth Junior , but he is a changed man due to his experiences in the war.

The Waiting: John and Olivia spend Thanksgiving Day with John Boy in hospital.

The Silver Wings: Jim Bob falls in love with Betsy Randolph, whose husband is a flyer. He has his first flight in an airplane. Later he comforts Betsy when her husband is killed.

The Valediction: All the Walton boys leave the mountain to fight in the war.

Favourite couple: John and Olivia. They were just so right together. They loved each other just as much after many years together as they did when they first married. Also, even if they did not always agree they respected each others feelings and opinions. And, of course, they were totally faithful to each other, and they provided a stable and loving home for their children.

Grandpa and Grandma were excellent too. Although they were quite different in temperament, Grandpa was laid back and easy going, Grandma sharp of tongue and impatient with him, they were certainly devoted to each other.

Marabelle, I do so sympathise with the sadness you feel for your late Grandma's house. Progress doesn't always seem to be for the best, does it? At least you have lots of happy memories to hold on to, even if the house is no longer there.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Sue, you've mentioned some terrific episodes from season 8. We really couldn't do without them could we?

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This is my first time writing. I love the newsletter. I am a huge fan of the Walton's. I have to agree with a lot of the people who wrote in about who their favorite couple is. Mine is also John and Olivia. What a wonderful marriage. Mutual respect and a continuing courtship even after all those years of marriage. True, honest love is what they had.

I couldn't even begin to pick a favorite episode. They are all wonderful. I did buy a copy of The Homecoming which I watch around the Christmas holiday and also through the year. I never get tired of seeing it. I also bought copies of the Waltons through Columbia House. I wish I could get more episodes on tape. Does anyone know where I could get them?


KAREN'S COMMENT: It was nice to see John and Olivia's marriage survive rocky times as well as the peaceful, easier times, and survive. John was very romantic and thoughtful too, and I used to love the way Olivia would take a packed basket out with his morning/afternoon tea or lunch to the mill and share a quick break with him. Very sweet.

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Karen, I just wanted to comment also on the episode of the Walton's today called John's Crossroads. It was very challenging as it had mean spirited office people that John had to deal with. In the end he stood up to the boss, but it must have been hard giving up that pay. It also had Olivia telling Grandpa to leave Elizabeth alone., and not to make a tomboy out of her. It was so sad to see Elizabeth sitting up in her window with Grandpa going fishing with another little boy. I was hoping that Olivia would see how wrong she was to take that relationship away from them. But that's not what happened.

Elizabeth went along with wearing dresses to play. I thought it seemed out of character for Elizabeth and Olivia? What do you think??

Also Olivia went to the Dew Drop In in this episode and ordered an "Orange Squeeze" and made John promise to never tell anyone. John boy hoped the Reverend wouldn't find out that she went there to get John, what a scandal!!!!

Have a great day.


KAREN'S COMMENT: It was an interesting episode and perhaps quite pertinent to today's society as well. There will always be someone willing to take the pay and conditions offered and not complain about it. John was very brave, although I think he realized that he belonged on the mountain, not stuck at a desk in the city. Interesting side story too...what do the rest of you think about  Olivia's handling of the situation? What would an "Orange Squeeze" have been? No doubt if the Reverend wouldn't like it there must have been some alcohol in it. Perhaps it was just that Olivia was simply at a tavern. Simply shocking!!! :-))

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Hello Karen and everyone,

While watching the episode "The Romance" last night (it's the episode where Olivia takes a painting class and her teacher falls "head over heals" for her and kisses her !!), I started wondering "would I have told my husband that another man had kissed me (like Olivia did) or would I have kept it a secret and tried to forget about it?" Now granted, times have certainly changed since that time period and a kiss back then was obviously a much bigger deal than it is today, but after weighing the pros and cons, I decided that yes, I would tell my husband because to do otherwise would almost feel like I was deceiving him by keeping it a secret. This made me feel pretty good knowing that I was confident enough in my marriage to be able to overcome anything (even a little kiss). BUT.... when the part where Olivia tells John about the kiss was on, again I started thinking (maybe I think too much!!) "after telling my husband about the kiss, would he handle it the same way as John did" (John was very understanding and even encouraged Olivia to go talk to her teacher about it so that she could continue taking the class without being uncomfortable)? After, again, weighing the pros and cons, my answer was.... NO WAY!!! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!! I started laughing trying to picture my husband in John's place and remaining calm!! I think my husband would have been out the door and halfway to that art class looking for the teacher before I was able to finish my sentence!!

When they were at the part where the teacher showed up at their house, and he and Olivia were talking in the kitchen about her life and how much she likes it, and John was in the little room off  the kitchen listening to their conversation, my husband came home and sat to watch the end of the episode with me. He asked what it was about and I gave him the 30-second condensed version. He then proceeded to tell me that if he were John, that teacher would definitely NOT be sitting in his kitchen, would NOT be talking to his wife, and would definitely NOT be doing it with a smile on his face!!! This cracked me up so much that I just had to explain to him what had been going through my mind during the episode and that I knew exactly what he would have said and done!! It just goes to show you how so very predictable husband's can be!!

My favorite couple on the show has to be Ike and Corabeth Godsey. Ike reminds me so much of my late Uncle Bill and Corabeth is such a hoot!! I love when she is in a scene, she comes off as so grand and snotty!! She was such a great addition to the show with her opinions on everything and sticking her nose where it shouldn't be!! Such a change from the "meek little mouse" she appeared to be in the beginning.

My favorite episode without question is "The First Casualty". I grab the box of tissues every time I see this episode. I just couldn't believe it when they killed off G.W. Haines but I guess this was their way of showing just how the war hit very close to home for just about everyone. I guess of all of the characters on the show, unless they want to kill off a member of the family, G.W. does seem like a logical choice. He had been a minor character since the beginning and I think they really wanted you to feel the impact so they chose him as opposed to someone like Verdie's son, Jody, who only appeared randomly.

Goodnight for now,


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'd have to watch the episode again to be able to make real comments, but I don't know what I would have done in that situation either. Probably would have told him that he (art teacher) had completely completely misread the situation and that would be the end of my lessons! I'd definitely get a bit creeped out if I thought that a guy was making a pass. I'm glad you mentioned Ike and Corabeth as your favorite couple. I think they were so different but so great together too.

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