Hi there everyone,

Well I don't have any actual Walton news this week, but I do have a Waltons related piece. Just a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that we probably would never get It's a Miracle over here, the new show that Richard Thomas is comparing. Imagine my amazement when I opened my Foxtel guide for August during the week and found that it's actually going to be on our cable channel. It's listed as an Australian premiere so I suppose it's the same one. I'm looking forward to seeing it.  It will be shown on a Sunday night at 6.30 (Channel 32 FX for any Aussies who have cable) and is just before Touched By an Angel, which is probably a very appropriate screening time. I'm looking forward to seeing it after you've all been talking about it.

Not much other news though. We're all well into the school term again now and very busy. It's still very cold, although at least the sun is shining today, but they've predicted rain again for later in the day.

Talk to you all again next week. Keep you mail coming in.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hello all, I was so excited to learn that Earl Hamner's Birthday was on July 10th. My husband and I celebrated our anniversary on the 10th. So, I have another connection to the Waltons other than kids names.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I hope you had a wonderful wedding anniversary Jennifer. Wedding anniversaries must have been very important in the Hamner household I would think, because their are several episodes which feature different anniversaries for both Olivia and John, and Zeb and Esther.

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There was a July 4 Walton episode when Ben was a POW in the Philippines. The Japanese guard makes the prisoners salute the rising sun, so Ben helps to make an American flag. The guard is infuriated of course when he sees the prisoners saluting the American Flag. Ben says it can be the Fourth of July if we want it to be!

The last catalog I received from Critics Choice Video didn't have Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain. However this may be due to the fact it is out of season. We should go to that website and check to see for sure www.ccvideo.com.


KAREN'S COMMENT: It does seem then, that July 4th was actually mentioned during the course of the show, if not celebrated in the way you do now. With regard to the videos, I've been keeping my eye on Amazon too, and some of their single episodes are no longer available there. Do you think they're getting ready to put new ones out? I've just visited the site you suggested Donald and they have those single eps. available, and quite reasonably priced too. All 6 come as a boxed set too. A Day of Thanks on Waltons Mountain didn't come up in the "Waltons" search, but did come up in "Day of thanks" search, so it must still be available.

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RE: July 4th celebrations

At the Museum of Appalachia (in Norris, TN---right outside of Knoxville), the 4th is celebrated the same as in was in the olden, frontier days------with an anvil shoot. Why a frontiersmen would ever decide to put gunpowder under an anvil and light it is beyond me. But it is a big celebration for all. We have large and small parades and festivities around here, but it is a busy time for farmers. Tennessee (esp. Knoxville area) was a "border state" during the war, and even though the state is second only to Virginia in number of battles fought during the Civil War, I don't think it influences whether or not an area celebrates the 4th. Economics and time are probably the real factors.

A side note here: in 1999 I was waiting for a water bus in Venice when a nice Italian man noticed my accent. He was a Civil War buff and had recently returned from Chattanooga, Tn (only about an hour and a half from my hometown). We discussed mutual trips---we had both been to the Civil War Battlefields, Chattanooga Choo-Choo (a restaurant), and enjoyed learning about the Battle in the Clouds atop Lookout Mountain. Isn't it a small world now?

On the Orange Squeeze/Lemonade names: In the South, soft drinks used to be called "dopes" because the original Coke-Cola contained cocaine. Now many folks call it a "coke" no matter what brand or flavor it is. In other areas of the country, the same drinks are called pops, soda, soda pops, soft drinks, etc. Dialect and accent are to be appreciated and enjoyed and never ridiculed.

G'night All!


P.S. Karen, we are in the midst of a sweltering humid week. Your cold weather sounds pretty good----until we actually start getting it in January!

KAREN'S COMMENT: It is a small world Debbie. I didn't know that about Coke Cola. We often call it Coke over here. Often lemonade and other fizzy drinks are called soft drinks, but never any of the other names you mention. Stay cool!

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Thanks to Marion for the info. on the play "Art" with Richard Thomas! I loved reading about RT's performance and her meeting with him. I could only wish I could meet him one day! Marion wrote that RT stands at 5'4 which is hard to believe. I heard that he stands about 5'7 or 5'8 from a couple close sources. But height doesn't matter, I absolutely love Richard's work! Here's some more info. on the play, "Art." Visit http://www.art-theatre.net/


Richard Thomas has a video series coming up called "Bloodhounds, Inc." Bloodhounds, Inc. is a kids' video series. It stars Richard Thomas as the Dad along with Richard's real life adopted daughter from his second marriage, actress Kendra Thomas.

Here is what the press release stated: Introducing the HILARIOUS, HAIR-RAISING, Mystery Series from Hollywood's Global Kid Vid and Film Factory, a New Millennium Entertainment Corporation. BLOODHOUNDS is coming! Five incredible episodes have completed production right here in Hollywood. And the Sixth episode is about to start production soon. COMING SOON!


The third season of "It's a Miracle" hosted by none other than Richard Thomas is scheduled to premiere WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 23 at 8:00 p.m. on PAX-TV. For more info., visit http://www.paxtv.com/

Take care,


Moderator - Richard Thomas Fan Forum


KAREN'S COMMENT: Since we're just getting It's a Miracle, I guess we are a little behind!

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I just received my newsletter. I want to thank the ones who gave me info on obtaining more Walton's videos. I once again want to say how much I love receiving the newsletter and hearing everyone talk about the Walton's. I love all the Walton years but I have to say I enjoy the earlier episodes the best.

I also receive the museum newsletter and wonder if anyone has visited there recently. I went there about 4 years ago and felt as if I was transported back to the Walton's day.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Many of our members visit in October for the reunion Gwen. Perhaps you could start planning a trip for this year or next. :-))

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Hi everyone!! Just a quick note about getting a list of Walton videos from Columbia house. I have e-mailed them and they are sending me a list in the mail. I'm not sure that I will have it for this digest , or if someone else will beat me to it...If not, I will make sure it is in the next digest!!

I've taped many of the shows, but there are still so many I'd love to have!! Also, Karen, you mentioned that you aren't getting the Waltons in Australia .....Well TNN is airing it but it is getting so confusing. It is on at different times and they are completely out of sequence!! Rather irritating. But at least they are on in some form! Marion, your story was really exciting! Good for you, I enjoyed hearing all about it! That's all for now. Take care everyone!

Sincerely, Judy

KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes, we are Waltonless out here. At least you still have some showing. I'll be resorting to my tapes soon, but I'm actually still catching up on other shows that I've taped and haven't seen yet. We're heading into a funny TV season over here, where we've just seen season finales for The Practise, Ally McBeal, 7th Heaven, and Dawson's Creek (and probably several others too). Touched By an Angel is still on, but they do funny things with the programming of that too.

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that the play "The Conflict" that is staged every year in Virginia will not be staged this year due to their loss of venue. This is the play that my husband and I attended last October and sat right behind Earl Hamner (due to rain, the play was moved from the winery where it was usually held to the museum. Earl Hamner was in town to attend the annual school reunion and attended the play that night and narrated the beginning and end of the play, just like on the show!!) I've been after my husband to call for tickets and that is when they told him that it would not be held this year. Talk about MAJOR LETDOWN!!!

Note to Marion in England: I was so glad to hear of your meeting Richard Thomas!! Were you as tongue-tied as I was when I met Earl Hamner? (couldn't get a word out!) I also had no camera along (what was I thinking?!?) but will remember it forever!!

Also wanted to point out that the man who played John's co-worker that got picked on by the boss in "John's Crossroad" also played a classmate of John's in the episode "The Prophecy" when John held his high school reunion at their home. Also that the woman in charge of the reunion who recruited John to help her also played Sara who eventually marries Ep Bridges. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Ep and Sara I wonder? Does anyone know? The last episode I remember them in is the one in which they adopt the brother and sister. I would have liked to see them as more regular characters (sort of like Ike and Corabeth). I always liked Ep's character and Sara seemed like a good choice for him.

My husband is about halfway finished planning our Virginia trip this October. He's very meticulous with the details of the trip. He calls it his "Virginia Itinerary". I joke with him that he goes a little overboard but he really does an excellent job!! I can look at the "itinerary" and know every minute of our trip where we will be, what we will be seeing, directions on how to get from "point A to point B", the restaurants that we will be eating at (and there are a lot of them!!). He even estimates a daily budget so that we get to do all of the things that we have planned without going overboard!!

Every night in the hotel room, he writes the details of the trip, sort of like an overview of the day, so that we can look back and remember the little things that usually slip your mind. I was reading them the other day (we have gone in July '95, October '97, October '98, March '99, October '99) and they really do bring back a lot of memories. We make sure that we get to see as much as possible in the 11 days that we are there. It's amazing when I look at all of the museums, historic sites, national parks, etc. that we have seen. (We are also civil war buffs so we visit a lot of battlefields, cemeteries, etc). We have people ask us "What could possibly be so interesting in Virginia that you back every year? Wouldn't you rather go to Florida or a nice trip to the islands?" I tell them that they would be amazed to see how many different places we have been to in Virginia and every bit of it is interesting!! (Besides, we are definitely not "shore people" but are definitely "mountain people". Just something about sand, sun, salt water, etc.. Give me the cool shade of a back country road driving along a creek and not passing another car for miles and miles any day!!) If anyone is ever planning a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains (we have travelled as far south as Roanoke) let me know and I can give you a list "as long as my arm" of the most interesting, out-of-the-way places that would make your trip very memorable. Just keep in mind that as soon as we get to Virginia, we get off of Interstate-81 and take secondary roads (such as Route 11 - runs along same route as I-81 but it's much more scenic and interesting to go through small towns than around them!!) (And may I also point out that Virginia has the best road system of any state that I have been in!! Every road is clearly marked and we have NEVER gotten lost, even on the fire roads!!) We do not get back on I-81 or any other highways unless absolutely necessary until it is time to go home. There just something about highways that can take the fun out of a trip!!

To all of you who live in Virginia, my hats off to you for having such a wonderful state for us to visit!! You are very lucky in my book!!

Well, as usual, I only had a few things to add and here I am going on and on again!! On that note, I'll say...

Goodnight Everyone!!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Sharon, maybe your husband should write a travel book for Virginia! He sounds just like my Mum. She does the same thing. When we do finally have enough money for the fares over, I'll definitely pick your brains to find out what to see. We love the mountains too, and Rod is definitely not a beach person.

It's a shame they won't be doing The Conflict this year. I would have thought that Schuyler would have been a good place to have it, but maybe they find other tourist attractions bring in more people.

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Hi Karen,

Thanks for all the work you do in getting this wonderful little "digest" out to all of us Walton fans! There are many days I just hate this mad, mad world that we live in. On those days I make a peaceful harbor for myself by watching one of my Waltons videos. I live in a very rural, small mountain community and we do not have cable TV, so I depend on my Waltons videos to keep me sane! I wish we didn't have so much of our time eaten away with modern technology. Wouldn't it be wonderful to enjoy the challenge of life back like it was then? I realize it was difficult back in the 1930s and 1940s, but I think it is equally as difficult now. Now children pack pistols and blow each other away. Families struggle against unfair work ethics and company downsizing, often losing all healthcare and retirement benefits. Children and adults prefer hours of unproductive time spent in front of a computer screen over time spent with friends or grandparents, listening to their life experiences in the shade of a front porch.

If there was ever a time we needed the Waltons, it's now! I'm so glad to find myself among friends. I love my rural life, my pet pig and turkeys and all sorts of livestock. I wear overalls almost every day and I bake my own bread. But I have chosen to do this after years of working in a high-end office wearing linen suits and making coffee for some pompous big-headed boss. My health collapsed on me two years ago at the tender age of 37, so now I am living my life differently. And the Walton's are so much a part of it! It is, as the Apache Indians around here say, "A good medicine."

God bless you all! I wish you peace and the kind of love that the Waltons would be proud of.

Jamie (High in the mountains of the wild, wild west in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, USA.)

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for your letter Jamie. Hopefully your health has improved since you moved and changed your way of life. I often think it would be wonderful to live very simply too, but the Walton family certainly worked hard. Mind you, I could teach! As for today's living...we certainly are much more busy, but we wouldn't have this digest at all, or even a forum for Waltons fans, if such technology didn't exist, so I guess there's fors and againsts for both ways of life. I think I'd like to have all my mod cons, but the opportunity to opt out of modern life when I wanted. Best of both worlds. :-))

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Hello Karen,

I get your digest since February 2000 and I'm quite happy every monday morning to see your name in my postbox when I start my PC (at work!). So the first thing for me is reading the new digest...

To my person: I live in Leverkusen, a city near Cologne in Germany, so please excuse me for my bad English. I learned English for six years in school but when I started to work about 15 years ago I finished learning or speaking English regularly. I don't know if I'm the only German Walton fan on your digest but I'm a great fan from these wonderful series. In the German TV they didn't show the Waltons since 1997 and I have to look my video-cassettes to see these family.

Sometimes for me it's difficult to understand from which episode you all speak because in Germany they have other titles for them. And also but I don't know if this is exact but I think they never translated and showed the last episodes in the German TV (the ones from the years 1979 to 1981). I've never seen them. :(

My favorite couple (of course) is John and Olivia. But I think that also grandma and grandpa (in the German TV by the way his name isn't Zeb but Sam) were a good couple. I liked grandpa so much perhaps it is because I never had a grandpa (they died before I was born). I was so sad when I heard that Will Geer died and I think that the series had lost a very important figure perhaps almost as important as John-Boy.

I hope that you can understand what I wanted to say. I'm glad to receive your next digest and to read the opinions and interesting stories from people all over the world.

Thanks and bye


KAREN'S COMMENT: It's great to hear from you too Silke. It must be very hard to work out what some of the episodes are that we mention if they were given different names. If you're not sure, please let us know and we can describe it for you, or you could check out the episode guides. That might help. Funny they called Zeb, Sam. I can't imagine Grandpa being called anything other than Zeb. Did they change any other names? I think you may be the only German on the list, but there are other members nearby I think...only a few though.

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Hi Karen and all digest members, A little late on this comment about Marion from England meeting RT at the playhouse. I was really surprised at the description of his height. 5'4"? He must have played opposite some very short actors and actresses. He seemed only a couple of inches shorter than Ralph Waite and Jon Walmsley. Are they short too I wonder? Does anyone know? Thanks for the digest. Sorry I was late with this comment, I had been on vacation.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I was surprised about his height too. Perhaps they can angle the camera to make the actors look more similar in height? I don't know. Some of our members may have more of an idea about the height of the other actors. Let us know please. You can see from this digest, Diane, that your late comments still fit in. There's been quite a bit about Art again this issue. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.

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