Hi everyone,

Another very exciting week here with the University places being announced on Monday. Tim was accepted into his first choice of Uni. and course, so we're really thrilled. The course is a double degree course called Bachelor of Multimedia-Networks and Computing/Bachelor of
Engineering-Telecommunications and Internet Technologies. He will study at Swinburne University which isn't too far away. He can get there each day by train. Being in the Melbourne suburbs, as we are, it's much easier to get around by public transport, and also many of the universities have terrible parking facilities. Anyway it will mean that he is not leaving home just
yet. :-) That's a good thing!

The second piece of news is that he passed his driving test today and is now a fully licensed driver. You have to be 18 to be eligible for a license here. So now he can drive and has a car, and I've barely seen him today! He's been out with friends all over the place, popped in for tea, and now he's gone for the evening to a friend's house for a get together. Don't they grow up quickly?

Well that's it for our news this week. We're still enjoying the summer break. It's been terrific weather lately, although a bit colder today. School starts again late next week, so James and I will enjoy the last few days while we can.

Goodnight everyone,

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Hi Karen and all Walton fans,

As I was reading the digest, which by the way I truly enjoy and appreciate all the hard work you put into it Karen, Sharon wrote about a trivia book she bought at the museum. How does one go about buying items from the museum over the Internet? I get on the web site and can only bring up a couple of selected items for sale. Am I doing something wrong or is this all there is to purchase? If there is a place to go on the Internet to see and buy Walton items from the store at the museum please let me know. Thank you!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'm not sure if you can actually order things from the museum over the Internet as such, but they do have an email address on the site you mention. Why not email them and ask? Alternatively someone who has bought might know. I get an insert with my Museum newsletter which tells me about some of the items you can buy from the Museum. BTW you get a discount on your purchases if you are a member so it's well and truly worth while
joining that Waltons club.

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What would the Walton family have placed in a time capsule? We also hope that in addition to getting the year right, that they would do some family research and find out what happened to those "missing" Waltons...Charlie and John Curtis! :-))

Well there you go, Karen, you just answered the $64,000 question. John Curtis and Charlie are *already* in the time capsule! That's why we don't hear about them.

But really, I think that is Grandpa could have been around to contribute to the time capsule and could have found a way to keep it fresh, he would put an orange into it.


KAREN'S COMMENT: And we wondered where John Curtis and Charlie were! Do you
think Grandpa might have put seeds from varieties of trees and flowers from his mountain into the time capsule? Any other suggestions? John Boy might have put some important news articles in too.

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They just HAVE to have another Waltons special! We still have Elizabeth to marry off! And please tell me the writer's will be kind enough for it to be Drew. Good night everyone! Julie :)

KAREN'S COMMENT: Actually they might have Elizabeth and Erin marrying in a double wedding! They could have a tribute to Grandma too, as the family members get ready for the wedding and each could remember their own special Grandma moments. :-)

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Hi Karen,

A few weeks ago we were finally able to see "A Waltons Wedding" on Belgian Television. I liked it quite a lot. I think I'm one of the people who are not bothered about the time lapse in the specials. I just want to see how my beloved Waltons would cope with that particular time of the century.

I have a little request. If there is anyone who would be willing to tape for me "A Waltons Easter" and a few other of my favorite episodes (The Bicycle, The Cradle) and the early specials of the eighties, they can mail me privately. I'm more than willing to send some cassettes to whoever wants to copy them for me. My VCR also plays NSTC cassettes, so there's no problem if they come from America.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Hopefully someone can help you with this. Now while we're on the subject, I'm wondering if many of you would be interested in a tape swap arrangement, where you might tape episodes and swap them with someone else for other episodes that we might want. If you are interested can you drop me a line with TAPE EXCHANGE in the subject line, just so I can gauge the interest. If you could let me know if you have NTSC or PAL
taping/copying facilities it would be helpful. The idea is to try and fill in some of the collection gaps that many of us seem to have in our Waltons collections.

For example, I am very interested to fill in the later seasons, and maybe in return I can swap some of the earlier episodes. I can watch in NTSC but can only copy in PAL. Maybe someone has the facilities that can help with that and I can copy for them.

It is not a commercial arrangement but simply an exchange. Let me know what you think.

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Hi Karen and all of you wonderful Walton friends,

I just had to share some information, that I came across while checking out the TV guide tonight.

The following will be shown here (Ontario, Canada) on PBS coming this Saturday January 22nd at 1:00pm (EST)

Collecting Across America - The Waltons
Type: Syndicated / Collectibles
Duration: 30 min
Description: A museum dedicated to "The Waltons"; a collection of restored pinball machines. (In Stereo)
Airing: Sat 1/22/00 1:00pm 16 WNPI

Maybe people may have to check with their local listings to see when it will be shown in their area.

KAREN'S COMMENT: It sounds like a very interesting show. Let me know what it's like anyone who does see it. Thanks for sending the information Shirley.

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INTRODUCTIONS: Please keep these introductions coming in. They're always interesting to read and then we know a little about some of you on the list.

I was excited to get my Waltons 2000. I'm from Ohio and love the Waltons. Jim-Bob was my favorite character, The Valediction was my favorite show. Any new Waltons movies coming out. Jim-Bob's character getting married maybe!!!!!


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My name is Julie Miller. I am 28 and I have two little boys. We live near Cincinnati, Ohio. I love the Waltons and the good message that it conveys. My children now love it also. My first son was very sick when he was born and I wasn't doing that well either, but when we were finally able to come home it brought me great comfort to watch the Waltons while we were recovering. I tape them if I can't watch them and my husband says he doesn't know how I can watch the same one twice in one day but I have found him watching very intently on more than one occasion. I bought the C.D. at www.amazon.com and love it. I am at home with my boys right now and love it! I also love the books that Earl Hamner wrote. I would like to make it to
Schuyler sometime when he is there and get a signature. That is just a little about me, I don't always get a chance to respond but I love the digest and appreciate what you are doing.

feather.gif (2653 bytes)Hi Karen

I am responding to the request for introductions. I am 38 and live in CT, with my husband and two boys, 6 and 11. I watched the Waltons growing up through out High School. Later when I went on to college reruns were shown in the afternoon around 4:00. I would watch the Waltons at 4:00 and then Little House at 5:00 while waiting for my roommate to get out of class and go to dinner.

I have fond memories of those days as I was sewing on a quilt for my friend's wedding while I watched. All those wonderful ,memories sewn into that quilt. I always love the episodes with quilts in them, the quilting and the other with Grandma entering her quilt in the fair. My boys now love to watch the episodes with me.

Although people say that the Waltons were very family orientated, for their time they touched on a lot of serious issues, depression, rape, wife beating, infidelity and much more. But they
presented real life issues in a very caring and loving manner. I love the Waltons, and I am grateful for your digest Karen.

Thank you. Kathy D

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I don't get too much time to write, but I do enjoy reading the digest very much. I wanted to introduce myself to the list. My name is Carolyn and I live in Pennsylvania. I am married with a 14 year old daughter. I have always loved the Waltons and have watched the show since I was about 14 when the shows were still new! My very favorite character is Grandpa. I love his
sense of humor and his love and devotion to the family. He was so warm and sensitive and I always felt like Will Geer and his character must have been a lot alike. I really missed him when he died. I don't know if I can pick a favorite episode, but I think one of my favorites was the Christmas show when Olivia wanted the whole family together and things kept happening to keep them apart, like a tree crashing on the church roof.

Anyway, that's a little bit about me. I enjoy reading about everyone else and just wanted to share a little too.

Carolyn J.

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