Hi everyone,

I hope you're all getting geared up for the special week of The Waltons which is coming up soon. The Marathon itself, or the Top Ten Day, as it's being listed as, is on Tuesday August 29. If it works the same of the Dallas one does, then 10 episodes have already been chosen as being the top ones, and viewers are asked to visit the website to choose their favorite of these. During the Life and Times of ...... show then, the viewers favorite is announced. That must mean then, that the 10 Waltons episodes chosen are:

9 a.m. -- "The Move"

Ben returns home from the service with plans to study Engineering. Erin's vacation is disrupted when she gives Cindy her gas stamps and when J. D. Pickett can't handle the business without her.

10 a.m. -- "The Pearls"

While Corabeth is out of town, her sister comes to visit Ike; Elizabeth, feeling left out of the lives of her family, decides to run away.

11 a.m. -- "The Threshold"

Jim-Bob builds a TV set so that the family can see John-Boy's slated experimental television project; Rose's crash diet raises complications for herself, the family and a friend.

Noon -- "The Carousel"

The death of Cindy's father reveals she's adopted, and a search for her real parents ensues. Due to the lack of attention from Drew, Elizabeth looks elsewhere for romance.

1 p.m. -- "The Prophecy"

John Walton is apprehensive and out of sorts as he contemplates his participation in the 25th Anniversary of his class reunion. Thoughts of himself as somewhat of a failure, while other members of the class have gone on to worldly success, begins to change as he pitches in to help.

2 p.m. -- "The Quilting"

Mary Ellen stubbornly defies her grandmother when she rebels against a solemn mountain custom.

3 p.m. -- "The Shivaree"

Olivia Walton arranges a warm, family wedding for the daughter of an old friend and her city bred fiancÚ, but a fun loving mountain custom threatens to stop the marriage.

4 p.m. -- "Grandma Comes Home"

Grandma returns to Walton's Mountain and Elizabeth joins the 4-H Club.

5 p.m. -- "The Calf"

The sale of a newborn calf for nine dollars creates such havoc in the Walton family that efforts to recover the animal develop into a major project.

6 p.m. -- "The Rebellion"

The Walton women are up in arms as a rebellious spirit strikes Olivia and Grandma.

I don't know that I think these are necessarily the "top ten" episodes, however there are some very nice ones in there. I really think that I'd have to go for Grandma Comes Home, but I also particularly like The Quilting and The Pearls. Which one will you be voting for and why?

Just before I go, I must apologise to any of you who have sent me mail which I haven't replied to yet. I will! It's a particularly hectic time at the moment, with Book Week having just started yesterday. Being in the library, Book Week is a really big thing during our year. At school this year we have a performing group coming to the school, performing some well known books, and a Book Fair will also be on during the week. The children and their parents are invited to come and buy some books from the selections we have. There have also been lots of class activities based around the 6 shortlisted picture books and lots of artwork has also been completed during the term. Much of this will also be on display during the week. It is a fun week, but very time consuming.

Keep you letters coming in. Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen and all,

I agree with you about the virus situation.  Deletion is the only cure when folks don't get the message!  And, I've also found the cutsey illustrations I get sometimes, too, annoying.  Glad to hear someone else is on the same wave length as me about that.

How wonderful of Marion Hamner to have written and settled the ages thing once and for all!  And, how grand that she tunes in to read all our musings each week.  Very generous and typically Walton-ish courtesy to all comers, bless her heart!

Time always flies by too quickly for me, but I can't wait for the special Waltons programming on our TNN network the end of the month!  Sure hope our cable stays on for tapings.

Thanks again, Karen, for all your efforts and best regards to all!

"C J"

KAREN'S COMMENT:  Yes it's always great to hear from Marion.

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Hi Karen

How are you today?  I am a bit down as I haven't been able to watch any waltons this week. Hopefully next week.  

Just a quick note, I did get to see the epsiode where John and Olivia are going to be debt free and Ike buys bad refrigerators and John and Olivia bail them out.  I thought it was real interesting because in that episode Cora Beth comes to the picnic and faints when the preacher brings John Boys old girlfriend Marsha to the party.  Olivia was very supportive of Marsha, despite the fact that she really did come to the party dressed skimply for that era.  Olivia had a change in character there, but interesting.  And she was angry at Cora Beth.  It seemed that Olivia had mellowed with age, do you think part of that was that grandma wasn't around to make her more conservative?  Just curious what you think?   Have a great day, and good night Karen!!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'd need to watch that episode again. Olivia is a funny mix though. She is quite angry at many of the things Corabeth does and says, and seems to think more about the person, in this case Marsha, than she does about the actions, even if she does disapprove. Don't know if that makes much sense. I have recently seen The Illusion, where she is obviously cross with Ike and Corabeth's insensitivity to black people, especially since Verdie is with her, and she is also cross with Corabeth for calling Daisy's daughter a "love child". In fact she is very non judgemental about Daisy.

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Hello Karen, my name is Jeanne Juarez and I live in San Jose California. I finally received your newsletter and I am thrilled.  It took a long time for me to get it (the joy of computers) anyway I have watched The Walton's for years.  It has only been a few months since I have found the different websites on The Walton's.  I had no idea this show meant so much to so many.

The Walton's have given me so many hours of television viewing to appreciate. I can't believe that there are still episodes I have never seen.  I have never seen Erins wedding so I have my calendar marked.  I love all of the characters especially grandpa, Johnboy, and I think Corabeth is a hoot. She is a very talented actress I loved it when she played the role of Ormalee.

Well, I don't want to take up to much of your time but THANK YOU so much for taking the time to do this digest.

Goodnight Mary Ellen, goodnight Johnboy, goodnight Jim Bob, goodnight Karen,


KAREN'S COMMENT: You should have seen the internet sites when we first got it connected...not one! Very disappointing. We certainly have come a long way in a short time.

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Hi everyone!  Last night, while waiting up to watch the meteor shower, I happened upon the last 5 minutes of the show "The Outer Limits."  I was so surprised to see Ralph Waite on it!  It looked like a recent episode. Does anyone watch this?  Could you tell me if he is a regular character on this show or was it just a guest appearance?

Speaking of added scenes that weren't in the script, I can remember an episode where John Curtis is sitting on John's lap at the supper table. At the end of the scene, John Curtis starts talking about "Pat."  John ad-libbed about Pat being a neighbor down the road and everyone around the table is laughing.  This is a cute scene and one I'm so glad they left in.

Karen, could you tell us what dates the Olympics are and when the Opening Ceremonies will be?  Are you going to attend any events?

By the way, the meteor shower was spectacular!  Did anyone else watch it from anywhere else in the country or around the world?


P.S.  It is always nice to read the letters from Marion Hamner Hawkes!

KAREN'S COMMENT: Outer Limits is another show I've never heard of so it was off the the Internet Movie Database www.imdb.com to find out. He is listed as being a guest in an episode called Small Friends (1999), playing Gene Morton. There's a nice scene in one of the 1982 specials, I think the Thanksgiving one, between Elizabeth and Virginia. They're making soup, and it seems to be unscripted too.

As for the Olympics, they start on 15/9, with the Opening Ceremony at 6p.m., our time. I think we're about 14 hours ahead of you, but I'm not all that sure. There's an official site set up at www.olympics.com. No, I'm not going to any of the events. It's being held in Sydney and we're in Melbourne so it would mean a plane trip up. The only sport I'd be really interested in is the gymnastics, and the tickets are so expensive that I think we'd be better off at home in front of the TV. Our cable station is putting on 2 extra channels which we've subscribed to and they're showing Olympics 24 hours a day, and channel 7 is too, so we should get good coverage.

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Attention Richard Thomas Fans:

I just received word that Richard Thomas will appear in the play "Tiny Alice" at the New York stage (off-Broadway) at the Second Stage Theater in New York, NY.  The opening date is in Mid-November 2000.


Second Stage Theater

307 West 43rd Street (at 8th Avenue)

New York, NY 10036

Box Office: (212) 246-4422

You could also read more about the review of the 1998 play (which RT appeared in) by visiting the link below:


I hope many of you in the East coast get to go!

Take care,


Richard Thomas Fan Forum


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for the information Alyssa. I hope some people can get there. Sounds like Art did really well over in England too, and he hopes to return next summer apparently.

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