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Well we're back online here, with our hard drive having been reformatted after it decided to die on us. We know that it was a virus, but we're not too sure what sort. It must have been recent because I only downloaded a VET upgrade last week, and it really should have picked it up. We did decide to install Windows 98 though, so maybe all wasn't lost. I have lost a fair amount of things, some of it extremely annoying, but I guess it will all work out eventually. I'm just glad that you have all replied and asked to be re-added to the digest. I have lost many replies from last week though, so if you did send a letter in reply to the digest 31, could you please send it again for next week.

So here we are, with a mini digest and just a handful of people...I feel like we're starting all over again. Except I think maybe I started with more people! :-) I'm publishing the few letters I did manage to salvage. Have a great Waltons Week and enjoy the special Waltons marathon running. Please let me know about The Life and Times of the Waltons.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hello Karen and all, I am so excited about the upcoming Walton's week. I love when TNN has special weeks.

MY favorite episode that the are showing is The Pearls. I never laugh so hard as when Ike and OrmaLee's husband fight. I think the episode also shows what a fantastic actress Ronnie Claire Edwards is.

My favorite episode of all time though, is a tie between two episodes. They are The NightWalker and The Best Christmas. The NightWalker is eerie and exciting, but at the end you see there is nothing to be scared of. The Best Christmas is exactly as it says the Best Christmas the Waltons ever have. How can you not like that.

Thanks for asking about this Karen it makes for great conversation, and helps us see the good things about all the episodes.

By the Way, I got my Blue Ridge Chronicle this week since I am a member of the International fan club. I was happy to see, that I have another thing I share with the Waltons. I was born on the same day and year as Rose's granddaughter Serena. Neat coincidence!

Good Night All,


KAREN'S COMMENT: I liked The Pearls too. Great to see Ronnie Claire in another role. The Night Walker isn't really an episode that you hear a lot about, but it is a good one, and The Best Christmas is always a favorite. Glad to hear you received you newsletter. Mine should be on its way too then. I noticed more discussion about it on the Forum when I posted my notice. I always enjoy getting them. The English one arrived here a couple of weeks ago too. More about that next week.

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Hello: My name is Helen Marie Walker Bradley and I live in Melbourne, Fl. I would like to come to the museum Oct. 20 or the 21. Do I have to have reservations or can I just come to see the Hamner Family and the Walton Cast. I lived in Schuyler, Virginia in the house by the Hamner's till I was 6 years old. Schuyler is my home town, and I would like to come to the reunion with my husband and a daughter and her boy friend. Any inf. you can send me would be appreciated. My Granddaddy's picture is hanging in the Post Office. Schuyler was named after him. Thank you so very much.

Sincerely Helen

KAREN'S COMMENT: As you can see Helen, I've added you to the Waltons Digest, simply because I thought more people in the know would be able to help you with your request. Any letters I receive, I'll add to next weeks digest for you and others who are wanting to go. Nice to have that family connection with Schuyler.

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