Hi everyone,

I've spent my first week of the holidays enjoying the Olympic Games on TV. Probably got to see much more than I would have if I went too. I thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony, and hope you all did too. Lots of Australian things there, and thank goodness, not a kangaroo in sight. Not that I don't like Australian wildlife, but I don't think they really need to have kangaroos jumping around everywhere.

I've been watching the gymnastics avidly. A pity Australia didn't do better, but it really hasn't been the best competition for some of our girls. USA have had some good performances though, and Spain was the one team which I thought could take either Australia's or the USA's place in team finales, and all credit to their team. They have improved immensely too.

I've also enjoyed the equestrian events. A US man won the individual 3 day event I was watching today, and it has been a very exciting competition, especially the cross country part. The swimming has been great too.

In between these sports though, I have had some time to get the digests onto the Internet site, so if any of you are missing any, we are currently up to date. Thanks very much to Dot P., who seems to save everything, and was able to send me the ones I didn't have after the computer problems.

Onto the second week of the Olympic Games...

Goodnight all,


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<< I guess many people would feel the same about another, different John Boy joining the family too. Certainly it would have been far better for the original Curt to return. Maybe he didn't like the script? >>

Actually, I meant for the character of Curt to be "brought back from the dead", even if the same actor played him. It didn't seem right for Curt to come back at all, because in real life, if somebody dies, they usually don't suddenly turn up alive again years later; that kind of thing only happens on soaps. So even if Tom Bower had returned in the role of Curt, I think it still would have felt like the producers were "breaking faith" with the fans by letting us believe Curt was dead all those years and then suddenly having him be alive again after all. It was too much like "Bobby in the shower" on "Dallas." They asked us to believe Bobby never really died because "Pam dreamed the whole thing." That worked on "Dallas" because "Dallas" was a soap, and soaps always stretch the limits, but on a real-seeming show like "the Waltons," it just didn't feel right.

Geri Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: It's strange that we can accept it in one genre but not in another, although I have problems with soaps too. :-))

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In regard to "Christy" - the TV series was based on a very good book by Catherine Marshall, which was the partly fictionalized story of her mother's experiences teaching children in the Great Smoky Mountains. Anyone who enjoys Earl Hamner's books would probably enjoy this book too; it's quite good!

Geri Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thank you for the info Geri Ann.

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In response to the "Christy" series inquiry: The original 21 hours (19 episodes and two were two hour shows) is being shown again on the cable channel Odyssey. This is not in very many markets and my cable does not have it so I don't know when it started, or is to start, but it was to be this fall before the PAX network shows their three new movies of Christy in November. Only four of the original cast members were able to return for the movies. There are five new actors for the starring roles for Christy, Miss Alice, David, Fairlight, and Ruby Mae. The main cast member to return is Stewart Finlay-McLennan, with his perfectly acquired Scottish accent, starring in the part of Dr. MacNeill. I think I read that he was originally from Australia, but he is a very popular actor in the U S for those who loved him on Christy 6 years ago. There has been quite a discussion about the cast

for the new movies on their forum recently. The new movies have their own site of www.christy.tv now, with pictures of the new cast, etc.

Another wholesome show that PAX is now showing again at 5:00 on Saturday afternoons in the eastern time zone is "Little Men", based on Louisa May Alcott's stories. How good it is having some decent programming return for a while for families to enjoy together! I hope the new ED show with Judy Norton will be that type, too.

I'm enjoying our coverage of the Olympics. Three channels on my cable are covering them quite nicely, all NBC affiliated channels. Some are taped, but I noticed they made mention about the government deciding to move time ahead early just to accommodate live TV broadcasts from Sydney. Here in the eastern time zone, with our "daylight" time still on, there is now a 15 hour time difference. This morning I watched some live broadcasting. Your country, Karen, has done a fantastic job over these Olympics!

Donald Nelson mentioned seeing a dress twice on The Waltons. For those of us who have watched this program many times over we've noticed the same clothing turning up in other episodes, and sometimes on different people. I noticed a dress that turned up on Erin which had once been on Mary Ellen, for example. But, the passing down of clothes from one child to another was not an unusual thing during the depression, or even in later years. I remember in the early1970s my six year old saying she hoped she'd grow fast so she could wear favorite things that were her sister's. My younger son coveted his brother's shirts, too. My girls, who are now adults, are still trading clothes sometimes, even though they live three states apart. They visit each other several times a year and recently a granddaughter has grown to the same size and gets into the trading act with her mother and aunt.

Have a good viewing week, everybody! C J

KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes, it would have been a normal thing for the older girls to pass down clothes to younger girls. My mum used to even pull her own old dresses, and coats etc. apart and remake them into clothes for me (I don't have any sisters). I would love it when my Nana used to make me a new dress each birthday and Christmas, because they were new! Problem was that my birthday is so close to Christmas that I would get two summer frocks, then had to have Mum's sewing for winter. I still remember some of those clothes too. We are getting Little Men here too, and I like it a lot. Only 2 seasons though I think...not a long run.

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Hey Everybody,

Hope all is well. Karen- enjoy vacation!! Back to work and school here. Olympics are looking great, glad Karen can see it live. The US got to a great start. Oh, for Hayley- I remember Christy. It reruns on PAX. Kellie Martin is now on ER and Tyne Daley <sp?> is on "Judging Amy" now. Anyway, I think it's a great show, I remember watching it frequently. I heard about that movie, What Love sees. I'm sure RT did a great job, and I'll be looking for it again on Lifetime. Take Care,


KAREN'S COMMENT: It is wonderful to finally get things live here. If you find it frustrating that you are having to watch things at odd hours during the night/early morning, then you know how it usually is for us. LOL The internet is so great though...we're getting scores for the gymn even before we see it on TV. Fantastic.

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Hi Karen: Good to hear from you. For the fans asking about the Waltons, it will be a reunion Oct.21-22. at the museum in Schuyler, Virginia. It opens at 10 Sat. morn. We just talked to the Lady at the museum, and six of the cast members are already to be there, and some of Earl Hamner's Sisters and Brothers will also be there. As for the lady who thinks I made a mistake about talking about my Iopener, it is the best thing that was made since peanut butter. It has the key board, and screen, and hooked to a printer. We can pick up anything we want to. We send cards and lots of emails. It has opened a whole new world for us. It is hooked up to our telephone. It has only been on the market since March 2000. They are running out of them. When you see one, you want it. Take care and enjoy the Olympics...Marie

KAREN'S COMMENT: I must confess Marie that I didn't know what it was either, however it is so great to see you getting into it like you have. They say it's easy for young people to learn to use computers, but older ones often are more resistant. I know my parents are. They keep asking what they'd use it for!!!!!

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Karen, Hello. One of your correspondents this week wrote about having an iopener. It is a very basic computer that just allows the user to browse the web and send email. They just started selling them here in the states a few months ago. They don't have a printer or any software, but they are supposed to be very easy to use and they only cost $99. Just thought you might like the info. Also, the Olympics are stunning. Australia has much to be proud of regarding this event. The opening ceremonies were fantastic and I am enjoying learning a little bit about the country and its culture.

Thanks again for your work with the digest. Nanette

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for this Nanette. Glad you're enjoying the Olympics. Sydney, and Homebush are looking just spectacular on TV here too.

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Australia is so beautiful. It's wonderful watching the Olympics and knowing that I know someone who lives there and talks about it all the time. i just finished watching the women's triathlon, what a finish and so close for Keely. What an athlete she is. Thanks for all the updates.

The Walton's specials were great. I taped as much of them as I could and I hope to watch them in my leisure times. The Life and Times special is great. Does anyone know the episode when John Boy plays an instrument, I think it was a dulcimer, and it had his first girlfriend in it. He sings a pretty song in it. I was hoping to tape this episode if I get a chance.

Thanks for all your great newsletters, Karen., Kathy in CT

KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes, this episode is The Love Story. It's gorgeous and RT does a great job of playing for Jenny.

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Hi Karen

Just wanted to drop you a line to congratulate your country with the superb opening ceremony of the Olympic Games!! It was truly magnificent and I was glued to the TV!! We in the UK thought that you all did a terrific job with the Millennium celebrations when we saw Sydney and the Harbour Bridge illuminated so wonderfully with the firework display there, that should have told us that we were in for something spectacular with the Olympics!! This is day one and we have been watching the cycling and the swimming and the atmosphere has been just terrific!! What I am so impressed with is that although Australians' of course support there own sporting countryman they are also so thrilled when the rest of us do well!! It is so refreshing after Olympic Games where the host country only are interested in their own athletes, in fact I have seen reports from very large countries (who should know better) where they ONLY report on their own and where they came so if you happen to be a visitor there you don't get to find out who won the gold only where their guys came!!!!!! Well done AUSTRALIA you are doing a wonderful job! May the whole Games and the closing ceremony be just as special!!!!!!

Sorry I don't have any Waltons news this time! we have no re-runs until

later in the year!!! :(

Best Wishes, Mave

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks Mave. Aussies definitely love their sport. Mind you, I don't know about sportsmanship. I was watching the cycling the other night where Australia did win gold, and there was a crash right near the end. The commentator said something along the lines of "Oh no, a crash...oh well, Australia's not involved in it!" One of the riders seemed quite hurt too.

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My name is Luke and I am 12 years old. I like the Waltons a lot even though its not cool to admit you watch it. I've been watching for over a year but I don't tell my friends I watch it. I live in New York city which is cool most of the time but I would like to live in a big house in the country like the Waltons do.

Are there any other kids out there who watch the Waltons?


KAREN'S COMMENT: Luke, I'm sure that even if there aren't too many kids on the list, that many would still watch with their parents. However, we do have a few younger people, so stay tuned. You're not the one and only. :-))

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Hello all,

No news today, but in response to Donald, I noticed that the dress Elizabeth made in the Yearning was also worn in A Decade of the Waltons. I don't know if it was a clip of the Tribute or just part of the initial Decade show. All I know is that she has worn that dress a few times. Its funny to know that the Yearning was shown exactly seven years before I was born....Oh! I just thought of something...Is it just me or have any of you noticed that Elizabeth wasn't very close to Jason? She was very close to John-boy, The girls too of course, Ben and Jim-Bob made fun of her sometimes but that still makes them close to her. Also her and Jim-Bob used to play together.

But, I haven't seen an episode yet where she and Jason have actually been close. Does anyone know of any?

Just a thought...Hayley

KAREN'S COMMENT: Good point Hayley. I don't remember an episode which showed Elizabeth and Jason being really close. Definitely Jim Bob would have been closest to her I think, and John Boy too, but not Jason. Maybe others can think of some.

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I am glad to say that yesterday I received the Waltons Mountain Museum newsletter and it included the write up about you, Brenda, Alex and Marca, and the Forum. It is an excellent summary of the Walton events on line!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad you mentioned that Donald. As yet I don't have either this newsletter, or the WIFC one, so I guess they're both still on their way to me.

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Hello All,

Just wanted to let everyone know about the Christy series of 1994.Well, it was filmed here in the Great Smoky Mts. of East Tennessee in my back door as a matter of fact. I had a cousin that was one of the child actors on the series. Jason Debuty is his name and he played the little boy that has the string tied to his ear in the beginning show. He was in several episodes. Also in the Thanksgiving episode if you will notice the Turkey calls used in the show, my husband made those calls. One is made from the wingbone of a turkey, and some are box calls.When the series was being taped somehow they got wind of my husbands calls and contacted us and bought several calls. I think they bought and gave them as novelty gifts also. While it was being filmed we were running into the actors quite often. Once at Krogers doing some grocery shopping (The lady that played the lady evangelist in the series, I can't think of her name right off.) Thought you all might be interested in this bit of info.

I wished they would start the series again. It was good clean entertainment.

Goodnight all. Patsy

KAREN'S COMMENT: What a wonderful connection with the show Patsy. Thanks for sharing it. We'll all listen out for the calls now. :-)) You must live in a beautiful part of the country.

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Hello Karen and All,

Karen, your country is putting on a great show! We are enjoying it here in Vermont. Also, thanks for answering my son's questions!

Sorry everyone, for thinking it was Nancy Mckeon as the judge on Ed. My mom had mentioned that she thought it was her too. Guess we are going deaf in our old age.

I wanted to let everyone, who is looking for the Christmas CD know, that there are several up for sale on ebay. Some are going cheaper than what it would cost on amazon.com.

Thanks for doing such a good job Karen,


KAREN'S COMMENT: Good to have the Ebay tip. Always a good spot for Waltons stuff.

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Hi Karen, and Everyone!

Another good gold the US, but I'm sorry to hear about the injuries for Australia last night. But on to Waltons..... Did anyone catch the ABC Special the 70s last night? They did a program of tv throughout the 70s from the museum of tv and radio. Anyway, they mentioned The Waltons, and had a short interview with RT, about what he thinks worked for The Waltons.... etc.

There was also another RT movie on Lifetime last night, but I'm afraid I missed it. I believe it was one of Alyssa's fav. Anyone see these? Well, Have a great week everyone.


KAREN'S COMMENT: US is doing very well in the medal count. Do you remember when the USSR used to get huge numbers more medals than anywhere else in the world? Haven't times changed? I'm not sure what injuries you mean Viv...I must have missed something. Sounds like a good program you caught.

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