Hi everyone,

Are you all as Olympic-ed out as I am now? Even after the closing ceremony has been finished for nearly a week, we're still getting lots of Olympic things on TV and headlines in the newspaper. In fact Rod's just called out to me that the opening ceremony is back on TV again. They certainly want to get their money's worth. Congratulations to the USA for heading the medal tally. You certainly have some wonderful sports men and women over there.

It's been a beautiful week out here. Spring has certainly arrived and we've had some lovely days this week. It's a bit colder today though, and wet again. Sydney has/is having a heat wave, with mid 30's temperature today being forecast. I saw last night that there's bushfires up that way too. It's very early for that to happen.

I recently received some tapes from a member who had very kindly taped some of the episodes which were on recently during the Waltons marathon. She also told me to watch the ads, which I did. I'm amazed that you have advertisements for orthodontists over there. We have no ads on TV for any dental or medical things. Anyway, one which I watched was The Revelation, which is one I don't recall ever seeing, and thoroughly enjoyed. It was the one where John Boy is trying to get a professor ship at Boatwright, and is helping to get a television department going. I wondered if something similar ever happened to Earl or whether it was a looking back at what might have been. I really enjoyed the efforts of Jim Bob to get the antenna connected to his TV so that they could all watch John Boy on the program. Can you imagine wires being strung up that far? Anyway it was so nice to see a new episode for me, and I really enjoyed catching up with it.

Well, I'd better get to your letters now. Talk to you all next week. Have a great weekend.

Goodnight everyone,


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Ross and everyone else,

I certainly hope you all do get down to Australia for a visit. I have sure enjoyed watching all the video and live coverage that the Canadian Networks have been doing on Australia as well as the Olympics. It sure brings memories of my recent trip in May to Australia flooding back to me like it was yesterday. Perhaps my two fondest memories that flooded back when watching the TV coverage was my first true glimpse of Australia from the plane and seeing Sydney Harbour in the first throws of a gorgeous sunrise and then seeing a reporter looking at the majestic 12 Apostles on The Great Ocean Road near Melbourne!!!!!!! I kept a diary through my trip and realized when I got home that that is exactly what John-Boy would have done if he had traveled to Australia! If any of you go to Australia I can guarantee that you will have an absolutely amazing time! Just one word of recommendation do not fly home 25 hrs from Melbourne to Toronto with pneumonia as I did, although I did not know till 2 days after I returned home and ended up in the hospital emergency ward!!!!! Karen I am so sorry we could not meet while I was in Melbourne but, maybe one day I will get there again. Or if you ever come to Canada please let me know!

Sincerely, Cally!

KAREN'S COMMENT: Perhaps we will still meet one day Cally. Since you liked the 12 Apostles so much, I must tell you about an advert they made using them. For those who think we're talking religion, the 12 Apostles are rock like formations that stick out of the ocean off the mainland. They are just like sticks of rock standing there in the water, and there's 12 of them. Anyway they had a gymnast doing backflips from one to another. They are rather spaced out, so she obviously didn't actually do it, but it looked terrific. On the same ad they have a swimmer, swimming up a really high waterfall. The ad is for Bodalla, a cheese manufacturer, and of course they get all their extra energy from eating Bodalla cheese. :-))

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If you love Avonlea and The Waltons then you will also probably love 7th Heaven, that is if you can get it outside of the US. Do you get Touched By An Angel and Providence outside of the US. These are excellent shows.


KAREN'S COMMENT: 7th Heaven is one of my favourite shows. We're waiting for season 5 to arrive, but it probably won't get here until next year, because you've only just had the season premiere. Touched by an Angel I also love. We get repeats on cable and one network carries the later series, although it's one of those ones on a Sunday afternoon that gets shifted around and cut if something better (sport usually) happens. Providence I started watching and still enjoy, but couldn't really get into it in a big way.

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Hello Karen and all,

I was shopping for absolutely nothing the other day at a store here in America called Big Lots, it is a store that has close out items, etc., and there was a big box of cd's, all Christmas related and there were about 100 or so copies of A Walton's Christmas, Together Again. They were marked at $2.99. I thought that was quite a bargain!! Less than 3 bucks for a Walton's CD...Yeehaw!!

Julie :)

KAREN'S COMMENT: Wow you certainly found a bargain.

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I'm enjoying the discussion about Elizabeth and Jason. I remember an episode that showed Elizabeth and Ben being close, which you didn't see too much of either. I can't remember the details now, but Elizabeth was sleepwalking, I believe, and wound up on a Ferris wheel, and Ben got up on the Ferris wheel and got in the seat beside her and was holding her while she cried. I remember being very touched by that moment because you very seldom saw scenes with Ben and Elizabeth together; Elizabeth always had scenes with Jim Bob or John Boy, but for some reason, not many scenes with her other brothers.

Another comment I might make is how impressed I've always been with the way the show gives equal time to all the children, right from the beginning. None of them are "in the background" so to speak. On "Little House on the Prairie," the youngest sister, Carrie, very seldom had anything to do (except run to the outhouse, which seemed to be a running joke on the show); even after she got older, they didn't give her very many lines or any episodes that really focused on her. When she was little, I can think of only two that were about Carrie - one in which she fell into a well, and one in which she encountered her fairy godsister (so both Greenbush twins got to be on screen together). And the youngest sister, Grace, was born so late on the show that she was too small to have any episodes that focused on her before the show ended.

Or on "The Partridge Family," (a comedy, but still a show about a family), the two youngest children, Chris and Tracy, hardly ever had anything to do. You saw Chris playing the drums and Tracy playing the tambourine in the songs, but they very seldom had any lines or anything to do except be in the background as "the two littlest kids." Their characters were basically wasted because they never got to do anything.

But on the "Waltons," every one of the seven children had lots of lines in each episode, and each child had two or three episodes a season in which the plot revolved specifically around that child, so right from the start, the viewers got to know each of the seven Walton children as a unique and wonderful individual character; nobody was pushed into the background with nothing to do. That's what makes this show extra-special!

Geri Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes you've made some good points too. The little ones did have some very good storylines. Speaking about the relationships between the Walton siblings...which ones did you enjoy and why? Plenty of scope for discussion there.

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While Johnboy had some outbursts like he did when the girl in The Spoilers said his stories were no good, and in The Statue when he found out that Ike had told the Baldwins he was writing a story about them, it was Ben who actually flew off the handle-when confronted with the evidence that he had wrecked Johnboy's car (The Lie) and wanting to boss Cindy around (The Outsiders).


KAREN'S COMMENT: John Boy certainly could get angry. Another time was when he went chasing around after Jim Bob ran away, causing him to miss the lecture he had been looking forward to.

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Hi, I am new and I misplaced your direction on how to post, so I hope I am doing this correctly.

As for Richard Thomas, he is a host of a TV show here in the USA on Cable channel PAX. It is called Its a Miracle. For those in the US it is like Unsolved Mysteries that Robert Stack used to host. Only the stories tell about heavenly miracles of people and such.

Thanks for this newsletter.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Just send your mail to me Beth, like you did. :-))

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Hi everyone! In last week's digest I mentioned an episode in which I felt Elizabeth and Jason "bonded" .. this is not one I have seen recently or have on tape, so I can't remember the title of the episode. The scenario is that this woman comes to Waltons mountain to substitute teach, knowing that she has cancer I believe? There was a big to do with Corabeth because this woman wanted to teach about the miracle of birth, being pregnant, the birds and the bees stuff, etc.....it was a much later episode. When she finds out that her friend /teacher has this fatal disease is when she is comforted by Jason. Yes I guess it is one of those "of course" he would be comforting her moments. Also I'm very sure that the actor who played "Mike" a friend of John Boy's who has returned from the war, is not the same actor who played Derek Pembroke the troubled painter. They both have similar features, and good looking! That's all for now! Take care!


Hello again Karen! Has anyone ever posted twice? This will be real quick ... the episode I referred to in my first post about Elizabeth and her new teacher Hazel, who has a terminal illness will be on October 20 .. you can find a small descriptions of the episode on the TNN web site! That's it!


KAREN'S COMMENT: Occasionally people do post more than once Judy. The episode you refer to is The Idol. Lots of good episodes coming up too.

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Dear Karen,

My name is Greta and I am 12, like Luke. I am a big Walton fan although I don't really talk about it with my friends much. A couple years ago I wrote some fan mail to the cast and I got a letter back from Judy Norton!! That was really exciting. It's nice to know there are other kids out there. Also, I remember some episodes where Elizabeth is close to Jason. Founders Day, when Elizabeth kind of " inspires" Jason and the episode where Elizabeth wants to run away to Arizona to be with John and Olivia and Jason catches her as she is waiting to catch the bus. He talks to Elizabeth and promises to drive her to Arizona himself. I forget the name of the episode. Hope that helps!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'd forgotten about Founder's Day, but I remember that she and Jason did talk about his music. Glad you're on the list, and enjoying The Waltons Greta. :-)

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Since someone mentioned Christy (and Avonlea, one of my favorite shows!) I thought I might mention the new Christy movies coming to PAX tv this November. I believe there are going to be three movies in all. Very few of the original cast are returning, Christy, David and a few other characters are played by new actors, but Dr. McNeil is returning. Go to www.christy.tv to get more info!


KAREN'S COMMENT: It sounds like a good series of TV movies.

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I saw Ellen Corby in an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show" playing a con artist who tricks Barney into buying an old car. So funny to see her as a different character but with the same "tartness." Then, the next morning, I was flipping through the channels and came across a Jerry Lewis movie called "The Family Jewels" from 1965. He was a pilot giving a group of five older ladies a flight on his small plane. I laughed to myself and said, "I'll bet Ellen Corby is in that group of ladies!" SHE WAS! It was too funny. It seems I can't turn on the TV these days without seeing her (or a Walton's cast member) in something! :0)

Also, regarding the discussion about Jason and Elizabeth's relationship. I have always liked Jason the best out of the Walton boys, with the exception of John Boy, because he was so sensitive, thoughtful, and gentle. I am sure there are many instances where he was close to Elizabeth. Along with those already mentioned, I seem to remember that in the episode toward the end of the last season when Elizabeth is held hostage, when she was finally released, she ran to Jason. I might not be remembering it correctly, but that's what immediately popped into my mind. Can anybody else remember?

And to Silvia in California, Christy did not marry anyone in the first series. It ended with a cliffhanger where she was torn between the doctor and the reverend. In the last of the three movies that they are making now, she will marry one of the two fellows. The first new movie airs Nov. 19 on PAX TV. Also, I loved Avonlea! Is it airing now at all? I'd love to see it again.


KAREN'S COMMENT: It's nice to see a revived interest in Christy. It's a shame it only ran for 2 seasons. I'm dying to know who she'll marry.

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Hello all!

I just recently thought of something...Umm you know Jim-Bob and Aimee's little on-again /off-again romance? Well aren't they cousins if Cora-Beth is a Walton cousin? Even though Aimee is adopted it is a little strange...My theory is that they decided to downplay the fact the Cora-Beth is a walton after Aimee got back from boarding school.

After asking about Jason being close to Elizabeth, I saw "Founders Day" and I saw that in the middle of the night when Elizabeth comes downstairs she sees Jason struggling with his song and gives him advice. It was sort of a close moment between them I suppose.

Did anyone notice that in the new TNN commercials TNN stands for the NATIONAL network rather than the NASHVILLE network? Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I don't think so....I think maybe TNN is trying to appeal to the whole country rather that just Tennesee. LOL

Goodnight all


KAREN'S COMMENT: I actually loved the romance going on between Jim Bob and Aimee. Since Aimee was adopted I don't think it would have been a problem. We do seem to forget as time goes on though, that Corabeth is a Walton.

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Hello Waltons fans,

I just want to let you all know that I have recently updated and moved my Waltons webpage. The new url is http://webpages.marshall.edu/~irby2/waltons/. Please stop by and visit, and when you do, I hope you'll take the time to sign my guestbook.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for letting us know of the change Brenda. I'm sure you'll have lots of visitors dropping by over the weekend. :-)

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