Hi everyone,

Hope you've all had a great week. It's been a busy one here this week, with Mastering the Arts being on at James's school for 3 nights. Each year the school puts together a celebration of the Arts and showcases work like an exhibition. There is a big art show which includes students work from Art, Graphics and Materials (dressmaking & woodwork, metalwork etc). The Home Economics students provide the eats and drinks for the main night and then there are performances from Drama, Dance and Music students. Monday had several drama performances...groups from Year 12 and solo monologues from Year 11. Each of these performances were written and performed by the students. James did a monologue and was great. :-)) Tuesday there were solo and group music performances, a couple of drama solos from Year 12 and some group dance and it was another great night. James was part of the A-Capella groups. Then Wednesday was another night with group drama (James and his Year 11 class performed a group play they had written), there were a couple of very loud bands, and some younger students doing group percussion pieces. All in all a great few nights entertainment, and a very busy time.

Tim has finished his Uni semester. He intends working to earn some money, but also wants to have a bit of a break now. He doesn't go back until March next year. James will be finishing soon too, and then has exams...such a fun time. He is looking forward to a bit of a break too.

Did many of you get to the reunion? It seemed to come up quite suddenly this year. There was also the chat on TNN with Judy Norton during the week too. Did anyone get onto that? I noticed the transcript had gone up. One of my questions made it. I put 2 in. I asked you last week what you would ask any of the Walton children. Well here's some things I'd like know:

* What did they think of their character and the situations they got into?

* What were the auditioning processes like?

* Which other child actors were also up for the roles?

Different things like that. What about you? Do any of you have any burning questions?

I also found a Love Boat episode with Will Geer in it during the week. He was playing a crusty old man (what else!!!) who found a young stowaway in his cabin and ended up being her pretend Grandpa. It must have been one of the last things he filmed. It was fun to see him in another, later role.

That's it from me this week. Goodnight everyone,


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…some branches of a family can marry and have children at different times to others, ie some marry young, while others (like my own parents) married later in life.

This is very true. In my family, my father was the third of four children, and my mom the second of two. They married in their 30's, and had me in their late 30's. My father's siblings already had children who were teenagers or older, by the time I was born. And my mom's brother had one child, a daughter, who was a teenager when I was born. So most of my cousins are quite a bit older than me - I am 39, and most of my cousins are in their 50's or even early 60's by now. Their children are the ones who are in my age bracket. (I'm not sure if the terminology for the children of your cousins would be "second cousins" or "first cousins once removed" or how that goes!)

My sister, who was born to my mom's first marriage, is 16 years older than I am. Her daughter, my niece, is just five years younger than I am, and earlier this year made me a great-aunt when she gave birth to my great-nephew Patrick. If I ever have children (looking less and less likely the older I get), what would they be to him? Cousins? I'm confused!

Family relationships are like putting a jigsaw puzzle together, aren't they!

Geri Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: A huge jigsaw puzzle, but a lot of fun too. :-))

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Hello Karen and All, It is a beautiful fall morning here in New England and I am enjoying the temperatures, so much. This is the time of year when I feel good, no aches and pains. It is wonderful.

Karen, you asked if there were any questions we would ask the Walton children in digest 40-00. Well, if I was talking to the character, like Erin, I would ask what it was like to live during the WWII. I wasn't born until 1967, and my dad talks about what it was like, but I would like other opinions. If I was asking Judy Norton a question, I would ask how hard was it to play a character that grew from childhood to a woman. Also, someday, I would like to ask RT, what was he thinking to leave a hit show after only 5 years. I know that he has said he had always planned it that way, but I still wonder.

Tammy also asked about Olivia's applesauce cake in digest 40. Well, there is a copy of the recipe in the Christmas CD booklet. We have a school bake sale coming up, and I am thinking about having my husband make it for the bake sale (I can't cook, I burn everything <G>).

Lastly, it was asked about Zeb's brothers and sisters. He did mention that he had bought up all of his families shares of the mountain because they had all decided to sell out and move away. I think he said there were 9 of them, including him. Henry, of course, was mentioned, and so was his brother Matthew. In the episode the Dust Bowl Cousins. The woman in the story was John's cousin, she mentioned that she was Zeb's brother Matthew's child. They said Matthew liked to travel or as they called it wander. That is the only other family member I remember.

Well that is it for me this week. Thanks everyone for stimulating my brain and memory.

Goodnight All, ----Jennifer

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for reminding us that the recipe is in the booklet. Let us know how your cake turns out. You might need to rename it something like "Olivia and Jennifer's never fail, I really can cook, Applesauce Cake"! By the way, a very good question for Richard, but I guess moving on really didn't harm his career at all, whereas some of those who stayed really didn't move on from the show at all.

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to recall the name of an episode in which the child of Olivia's deceased friend comes to visit and strange things begin to happen, as if the child's mother is there in the Walton's home watching over him. Could the title possibly be "The Ghost Story"? Have not seen it rerun in years. Any help would be appreciated.



KAREN'S COMMENT: Tammy The Ghost Story is the one with the ouja board. Not sure about the rest. Someone will know.

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Hi! Just some thoughts on this week's digest. On the question of whether or not Ben and Erin can both be 12 years old at the same time--if I'm not mistaken, they can be if Olivia got pregnant immediately after Ben was born and Erin was born before Ben's first birthday (they would have both been 12 for a month or so). It's my understanding that Ben and Erin were very close in age. Either that or Ben meant that he was "at least" 12 years old when he was told that he couldn't be paid unless he was 12.

And on the topic of John-Boy's nickname--I found it funny when he called the Ike's from college (I think his first day? I can't remember the episode title) and the operator said the call was from "John" and Ike didn't recognize the caller until he finally said "John-Boy" (there was a girl sitting near whom he didn't want to hear the nickname).

Goodnight everybody


KAREN'S COMMENT: You're quite right of course. Erin and Ben may have been that close in age. Yes I remember that scene too. It's very funny.

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Hi Karen:

Now that Thanksgiving (Canada) is over we can now sit back and enjoy the beautiful colours of the autumn leaves. This one is a tough one for I would like to ask more then one question. But my 1 question today would go to Jon." While you working on the show did you ever think that your music would be published?"

Thanks for the Digest Karen

Good night everybody

Brenda Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: It would be good to know more about Jon's musical aspirations at that age. Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian members. I keep forgetting that one. Hope it was a great time for you and your families.

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Hey, this is Susan from NC. I just got back this afternoon from the Walton's reunion. It was loads of fun! Only 4 cast members were there: Jason, Toni, Serena, and Drew. Olivia is arriving tonight in Lynchburg and will be at a luncheon tomorrow with the International Fan Club. I teach school, so I had to come home today. Now, I wish I had stayed a day longer to see Michael Learned. Oh, Kami (Elizabeth) canceled at the last minute due to her father-in-law's death.

I have a question. Does anyone own the Trivia book that was for sell in Ike Godsey's store in the museum a few years ago? I think it was by a Jones man.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad to hear you had a great time. Good to hear that "Drew" was involved. I have a copy of the Trivia book Susan. Sad to hear about Kami's father in law...they seem to have had a few problems with illness and such over the past few years.

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Karen, you mention in the last digest:

Were there ever any other brothers or sisters of Zeb mentioned? There seems to have been a lot of Walton relatives over the years. Can we start listing them all?

I've been collecting the "family tree" on my web site for some time now. I start at Rome and Rebecca Lee and go through all the generations of the Waltons (whether they actually appear or are only mentioned). If people will take a look, and check for my accuracy and for mistakes, I'd appreciate. I will use anyone's additions if they can verify it with the season and episode it occurs and approximately what scene in the episode it occurs. I update my various pages as Arthur Dungate and I write the synopses for each of the episodes. We're at the end of year one, after already finishing seasons 5-9, plus the post- and pre-movies. My web site for the family tree occurs at:

The Waltons Family Tree

The detailed synopses can be found at Ralph Giffin's site:

Detailed Waltons Synopses

and also at Arthur Dungate's site:

Detailed Waltons Synopses (Arthur's site)



URL http://www.WilliamArthurAtkins.com

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks Bill, I had a quick look during the week and it looks good. I've been doing the same...collecting information when I watch and intending to use it later....if I ever get the time.

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KAREN'S COMMENT: It's interesting that the name Sprocket was never mentioned again. Yes, once he got to college he did insist on being John Walton Jr, and I don't blame him. Do you suppose Earl was Earl Boy once upon a time?

Karen, Earl did a chat on the Family Channel some years ago, and someone asked him this very question about Earl Boy. His response was "Thank, Heavens, No!" Also, I see where Richard Thomas will star in Flight of the Reindeer. I'm anxiously awaiting that one. I have the book, and it's just excellent. It's the "true" story of Santa Claus and answers all those puzzling questions about how he gets things done. It's must reading for anyone who loves Christmas stories.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Well "John Boy" was certainly a name that everyone does remember. Even if people didn't watch The Waltons they still know that there was a character called "John Boy". Can you imagine the teasing that Richard Thomas would have got from class mates if he was still at school though?

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Hi Karen and Everyone,

It's been a long time since I've written but I do read and enjoy the digests every week. You asked the question " Do you suppose Earl was Earl Boy once upon a time?" I have been fortunate to meet Earl a few times and actually asked him that question. He laughed right out loud and such a hardy laugh that my husband heard him clear across the room!

His answer was "Gosh no, wouldn't that have been awful!" I, too, had thought that's where the name "John Boy" came from but apparently not.

You also asked "What question would you ask one of the Walton children?"

There's no question I need to ask them because I grew up just like they did only during the 50's. My family grew up in a tiny town in the hills of Vermont. There were six of us children (my mother had six children in nine years) and we were very poor but didn't know it because all our neighbors were too. Most everyone grew up on farms. My mother and father loved us and we all knew it and felt it.

We lived one half mile from the school and the General Store and the church. The school was a three-room building and one teacher taught grades 1,2 & 3, one teacher taught grades 4 & 5, and one teacher taught grades 6, 7 & 8. I had five people (including me) in my class. Our meals were almost exactly like the Walton's. We ate our meals together and there was always an extra person or two at the table be it the milk tester or a cousin or a classmate. We raised beef and dairy cows and always had a large garden. I guess because I had such a wonderful childhood, and so similar to the Waltons, this must be why I love the Waltons. It's like re-visiting my childhood every day I watch them.

Thanks for the memories!!

Keep up the good work, Karen.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I guess Earl must get asked that question a lot then. :-))

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Dear Karen,

I am a recipient of your e-mail group. I have never commented but I have thoroughly enjoyed your updates about the Walton's both from you and the gang. I also love your personal updates; I love to hear what you and your family are doing, what the weather is like there in Australia and your obvious love of the Walton's. I am a married 50 year old male who has followed the Walton's from the pilot featuring Patricia Neal. I am a fanatic follower and avid TV watcher, I have all the specials on tape and am lucky to have constant re-runs here.

Our place slightly resembles the Walton homestead; with the wide frontporch and a country flavor. I am originally from the state of Maryland in the USA; not that far from Walton's Mountain relatively speaking.

Well enough babble and wasting your time but I wanted to share a special event that just occurred. My married daughter is expecting her first child and my first grandchild. She still lives in Maryland but we keep in close touch. Well today she was able to determine the sex of the baby for the first time by way of an ultrasound and low and behold we will be proud grandparents of little "OLIVIA". Needless to say, we are ecstatic about the baby and being a fanatical Walton follower, I am delighted with the name.

Little Olivia is due March 10th 2001. The Walton's will eternally follow our family now!

I just had to share this with you. Thank you for your Newsletter!

Love to you and your family from our family,

Good night Karen!


KAREN'S COMMENT: What fantastic news. I hope that little Olivia arrives right on time and doesn't cause her Mum too much grief during pregnancy. Best wishes to you all.

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Hi Karen!

In reading your question about asking the children a question, I remembered something and I now have it on here on a word processing document to copy and paste on email and send nearer to Christmas, if you want. I had to listen to my old 1974 Waltons Christmas phonograph record (no CDs in those days!) a lot of times to get it written down, but I managed. I still have my old record player but haven't used it in years. The tone was good, which was a surprise.

What I'm referring to is a marvelous soliloquy by Grandpa about what he'd want for Christmas. I don't remember hearing it on any of the Christmas episodes, and the jacket of the record says there are some surprises on it.

Maybe this was a surprise? Or was it on an episode I've since forgotten? Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know that I have it ready to send in December if you want. It took nearly a page on my WP document, so it's fairly long.

I think of you as my friend in Australia and from time to time I've told someone something of interest I read in the Digest and they ask who told me.

If they are not a Walton Watcher, I just say "my e-mail friend from Australia" -- hope all of you, including those who conntribute whatever it might have been, don't mind. You do so much for us, and I'm sure we all consider you and the rest of us real friends to each other!

Best wishes from this friend to you and to all the readers!


KAREN'S COMMENT: CJ that would be fantastic thank you. I seem to remember the record commenting on Grandpa's Christmas Message, or something like that. I'm glad you think of me as your email friend. I consider that I have made many special Waltons friends from all over the world since this page and list began. I just look forward to a time when I can meet some of you in person.

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At our Walton's International Fan Club luncheon yesterday Michael Learned asked all the Walton fans to pray for her granddaughter Lilly. She said Lilly has a rare blood disease. She did not go into many details but did ask, in a very emotional statement for prayer for her to become well again and for our help.

Please put her on your prayer lists so that maybe Lilly can go back to being the happy and playful toddler that she once was. Also remember her parents too.

Also the luncheon with Michael was great. She is a fantastic lady. The whole weekend with the celebrities was wonderful in the beautiful mountains of Virginia.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. When I hear any news I will let everyone know.


KAREN'S COMMENT: This doesn't sound too good. I guess it's in God's hands and we have to hope that the family has the strength they need for whatever the future holds for them. I'm sure many of us will add our prayers to those of fans everywhere for little Lilly and her family.

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This is just my quick two cents....

I just read on the TNN website about the reunion. It's so sad to see that not much of the cast showed up. I was just thinking that next time I go to visit my aunt in Virginia I will have to go to the Walton Museum . I hope it is close to where my aunt lives in Fairfax.

Goodnight Hayley

KAREN'S COMMENT: Sounds like a good plan Hayley.

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