Hi everyone,

What a week it has been over here! Very hot and humid for a start, but some thunderstorms too. Tim has been very sick and yesterday had a blood test for glandular fever. He has picked up quite a bit though today, and we're just waiting to see what the results will show. All his symptoms point to glandular fever, but the doctor originally thought tonsillitis. Anyway it's good to see him wanting to get up and around a bit because he has hardly moved off the bed since last Monday.

James finished his exams this week and is now looking forward to a bit of a rest. His final exam was Wednesday, but then he had a singing exam yesterday too.

On Wednesday, myself and many other staff members took our years 4, 5 and 6 children into a huge mass, which celebrated the Jubilee. It was FANTASTIC. The church organized it for students of Victoria (Years 7 to 10 were also there) and it was held in a new football stadium here in Melbourne. There were 70,000 students and teachers there and the kids just loved it. We took the train into the city and hopped off at the stadium, and just went straight in to our block where we were sitting. Anyway it was a wonderful celebration.

I was searching for something on the Internet this morning and I came across a site that was an AUS/US Dictionary. It reminded me that not so long ago we were talking about words or sayings that are different in Australia to the USA. It's fun anyway. Have a look.

A bit of sad news came from a couple of list members this week. Have a look at "Nashville no more". (MTV to revamp Nashville Network into National Network)(Brief Article)


I notice it was written at the end of September this year, so it will be interesting to see how long it takes to get the new shows/look take to be phased in. Maybe someone else will pick The Waltons up. The one quote there that provides for some hope though is: "We'll look at what performs on the schedule" before making cuts, Scannell said. Maybe The Waltons is a show that performs well for them.

In the meantime, get out your tapes for the upcoming shows, so you have plenty there to enjoy if/when it goes off the air. You've got the double episode of The Conflict on Monday...brilliant show that one. Thursday sees a whole pile of Thanksgiving episodes airing:

Thursday, Nov. 23

9 a.m. (repeats 11 p.m. ET/PT) -- The Life and Times of the Cast of The Waltons

This documentary features highlights from the series as well as biographies of many of the actors who brought the Walton family to life.

10 a.m. (repeats 5 p.m. ET/PT) -- "The Thanksgiving Story -- Part I"

As Thanksgiving approaches, John-Boy (Richard Thomas) has an accident at the sawmill and his vision is blurred.

11 a.m. (repeats 6 p.m. ET/PT) -- "The Thanksgiving Story -- Part II"

As Thanksgiving approaches, John-Boy (Richard Thomas) has an accident at the sawmill and his vision is blurred.

noon -- "The Heritage"

John-Boy (Richard Thomas) decides the family's heritage is worth more than a considerable sum he is offered to sell Waltons Mountain.

1 p.m. -- "The Fulfillment"

An orphaned child (Tiger Williams) visits the Waltons and also finds adoptive parents (Victor French and Ivy Jones) who love him and accept him as part of their family.

2 p.m. -- "The Departure"

John (Ralph Waite) takes a job as a master machinist in Norfolk, despite Olivia's (Michael Learned) misgivings.

3 p.m. -- "The Cloudburst"

Waltons Mountain and the surrounding area is in danger of being sold for mining.

4 p.m. -- "The Prophecy"

John (Ralph Waite) attends his 25th high school reunion.

5 p.m. -- "The Thanksgiving Story -- Part I"

6 p.m. -- "The Thanksgiving Story -- Part II"

7 p.m. -- A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

The Waltons reunite in their rural Virginia home for a fateful Thanksgiving in 1963. Times have changed for this close-knit family, and they reflect on their lives and values amid the backdrop of the recent assassination of President Kennedy.

9 p.m. -- A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain

11 p.m. -- The Life and Times of the Cast of The Waltons

There is a very interesting article on the luncheon with Michael Learned. Check it out at this link http://www.country.com/tnn/program/program-waltons-f.html then go to Lunch With Michael Learned. Do read it. She talks about how she really didn't want the role, but goes on to say that:

"It was a gift to me," she said, referring to her Waltons role, as she continued "that part was a real gift from God. ... Sometimes something just has your name on it, because I certainly did everything I could not to get it, and God said 'No, you're getting it,' and it turned my life around."

How glad we all are that she did win the role, and accept it. I found it fascinating that she mentioned that they struggled, at times, with the script, and wanted the scripts to be more realistic. To me they were. The children squabbled, the adults each had their own idiosyncrasies, but in the end it was the fact that they loved each other so much that they stuck together and were a family unit. I can understand Michael wanting to branch out and do stage work though after so many years.

Well I think I've rambled on enough this week. Have a wonderful week everyone, and a super Thanksgiving celebration. Enjoy your time with family and friends. They're all precious.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen,

I subscribe to a daily list from a place called The Learning Kingdom. It's basically a calendar of historic events. Today their "Person of the Day" was Earl Hamner. I'm not sure what is meant by "Person of the Day" - is November 10th his birthday? Here is the quote:


Earl Hamner, 1923-

His boyhood home is known to millions as Walton's Mountain.

At the age of six, Earl Hamner wrote a poem telling of his little red wagon filled with puppies. Entirely fictional, the poem was published in the Richmond "Times-Dispatch" newspaper.

That event set him on his way to a memorable career as an author. But unlike his first fictional work, many of Hamner's later efforts were closely based on his real-life experiences as a child growing up in rural Virginia.

Perhaps the most successful was a story titled "The Homecoming," on which a TV special of the same name was based. The program was so popular that it inspired a long-running series called "The Waltons." For eight years, the award-winning series featured Hamner's actual voice as narrator.

In addition to "The Waltons," he also wrote episodes of "The Twilight Zone" and the TV pilot for "Falcon Crest."

More about Earl Hamner:


The Walton's Mountain Museum is in Schuyler, Virginia:


I also wanted to comment on cousin calculations by Jim Barber. His definition of first, second, removed, etc. was not correct. First cousins are people whose parents are siblings (brother or sister). Second cousins are first cousins' children. Third cousins are second cousins' children.

As an example, I'll use your children, Tim and James. If they have children, these children will be first cousins to each other. I'll call Tim's son Timmy and James' son Jimmy. Timmy and Jimmy are first cousins. If Timmy has a child, he or she will be a second cousin to Jimmy's children. Removed cousins are simply cousins off by a generation. Timmy's child is Jimmy's first cousin once removed. Timmy's grandchild is Jimmy's first cousin twice removed.

In the Waltons' situation, since Zeb and Henry (Martha Corrine) are brothers, John is first cousin to Boone, Henry's son. Boone is Jim-Bob's first cousin once removed. Wade is Henry's grandson and Jim-Bob is Zeb's grandson, therefore they are second cousins. I know it's complicated to explain but it's actually quite simple.



KAREN'S COMMENT: It does sound complicated, but as you say, it's really very simple. :-)

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Have been interested in the discussion lately regarding the correct pronunciation and /or spelling of the Walton family ancestor. In the episode that is titled "The Love Story"( I believe), John-Boy and Jenny are at the old chimney at the old homestead on top of the mountain and they discuss the Walton pioneers. John calls Jenny "Becky Lee" and she calls him "Roan". It is difficult to distinguish whether she is saying Rome or Roan but being from the South and knowing Roan is a traditional family name, I would assume that is the correct name.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I still think it's Rome but would need to get the tape out again, which I will do this week, however, I did check in the book The Waltons (Weverka) which is based on The Love Story, and the scene you mention is in there and it's Rome. In order to write those books I would have thought that Weverka probably had access to the scripts so maybe there's the answer. There are a few episodes where Rome is mentioned...can we think of any of these to check out? I think Founder's Day may be one.

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Hi Karen,

I took a trip down to Virginia in July with my two girls to see the Waltons Museum. We really did enjoy it. But it was smaller then what I though it would be. But it was still great to visit. The rooms are set up just like on the show so it was really neat. I read on the digest on how Jerry from Florida was going to visit Virginia. We had stayed in Stauton while we were there. It's about a hour drive from the museum but it was a nice town to stay in.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thank you for your feedback about your trip Kathy. I'm sure it will be helpful.

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While listening to the radio the other day, I heard an interview with Michael Learned. She is appearing in New York City, on Broadway in a play called The Best Man. It has gotten excellent reviews and I hope to get tickets to it for my mothers Christmas present (she is a BIG fan). Anyway, Michael talked very fondly about her days with the Waltons. She stated that she left the show because she became bored and sought different projects.

However she didn't count on having become so attached to the show and the cast members. She used to wake up in the middle of the night crying because of nightmares of the cast getting together for a reunion and not inviting her! She has recently gotten together with Richard Thomas and has just done a breast cancer benefit with Ralph Waite. Thought you might like to hear what's up with Olivia!

KAREN'S COMMENT: It's always great to hear what our faves are up to.

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I realize this conversation took place several weeks ago, yes my walton e-mails stacked up, but I really appreciated the whole once removed etc discussion. I had never been able to figure it all out, and now I understand...............Amazing what you can learn from your newsletters. :)


KAREN'S COMMENT: Don't worry Donna, you're still topical. As you can see from this week's digest we're still talking about it!

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KAREN'S COMMENT: Just one last thing from me this week...I had an email discussion with someone recently about some Waltons dolls and other Waltons toys she had, and it prompted me to have a look at Ebay again, something I hadn't done for some time. I was glad that I did though, because I came across a Waltons Store, which I had never seen before or heard of. It is absolutely fantastic. Was anyone the very happy bidder on this item? You can still see it at:


Also does anyone own the Waltons house by MEGO which was supposed to go with the dolls? I'd be interested to know more about that too. Amazing that I'm still finding new things!!!

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