Hi everyone,

It's always a great week when I receive something from any of the Waltons Fan Clubs in the mail, and this week's post was no exception. I received the Blue Ridge Chronicle from the Waltons International Fan Club (contact: Carolyn Grinnell, PO Box 1055, Kernersville, NC, 27285). I hope that's all the details anyone needs, as I'm not at all sure what all the letters, numbers etc mean!

Anyway there's a beautiful wedding photo of Eric Scott and his new wife Cindy on the front, as well as two articles and lots of smaller photos inside, including a small one of Eric's little girl Ashley. What a sweet girl she looks. On the wedding theme, there is also an article on Erin's wedding, including photos.

Another article is a double page spread on The Homecoming, with some lovely small photos of the cast and the article talks about how The Homecoming came to be from book form, to a special telemovie, Christmas special. Apparently a professional actor had been hired to be the voice of Earl Hamner, but it was decided that he didn't sound quite right, so the director just popped Earl in front of a microphone, and the rest, as they say, is history. Can you imagine anyone else doing the narrations? I wonder who the rejected actor was.

It's timely then that I can advertise that one of our Digest members, Shirley, has developed her own site, paying tribute to this wonderful movie that we so love. Shirley has been with the digest since it started, I think, or maybe soon after, and has become one of my many Waltons friends. Anyway, I have really enjoyed visiting her site, and I hope that you will too. The children look soooooo young. I love the television sequence of The Homecoming. Fantastic. Well done Shirley. The URL is http://www.angelfire.com/tv/homecoming/ so go visit and have fun. By the way, a few of you have been asking me about where to buy the video. Shirley has listed quite a few online places to help you.

Since we're on the theme of Christmas and The Homecoming...what are your favorite Waltons Christmas moments? There's quite a few over the series so how about we discuss some of them until Christmas. Just send along your memories.

Talk to you all next week. Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen,

The weather here in Texas was a little cool the day after thanksgiving but the rain had stopped around 4 am here and the sun came out that morning and it was a fine day to go shopping.

I finished putting my Barbie collection on the internet and thought I would finish reading and writing my e-mails.

I want to say how much I enjoy the Walton's digest. I was wondering could you tell me how to find the TNN web page. I tried but don't think I went to the right web page. I would e-mail them and ask them not to take the Walton's off. I believe the Walton's going off would be a sad day for all the fans.

I think that is what is partly wrong with our kid to day not enough good family shows. Not enough shows that show moral values and a good family home no matter what the circumstances are.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Kathy the URL ishttp://www.country.com/tnn/tnn-f.html for TNN, then if you go to the bottom of that page you'll get a link that says Questions? Comments? If you click that you'll get a form where you can send comments. Maybe that would be best.

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Hello everyone,

Well, its been awhile too for me of not writing to the group. How has everyone been doing? I watched The Waltons on Thanksgiving. It was great. I could not get my VCR to work or I would had taped it. The last time The Waltons was on I got to see well I forgot the name of the episode but it's where Elizabeth that things going on in her room like the rocker rocking or things just happen. Now, that was pretty good. And this time where John Boy got hit in the head by the belt (I think) and then he had to have surgery. Well, I had not seen that one either. Well, I must go now. Just wanted to stop by and say hi.

Take care,

Mary Ellen

KAREN'S COMMENT: Two people in a row from Texas!

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Dear Karen,

I would love to write to tnn to ask them to keep the Waltons on the air, but I don't know what their e-mail address is. It doesn't even give it on the web site. Do you or anyone else on the digest know how to contact them? Thank you.


KAREN'S COMMENT: See the reply to Kathy's letter above for instructions on how to comment on TNN.

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HI, We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with our large family here in New England.

I was thinking how many actors/actresses portrayed more than one character-for instance: Tom Bower; Morgan Stevens; Sissy Spacek; BonnieClaire; Peggy Rae; Lyn Carlin; Edward Fram.

How many characters were played by two people, such as: John-Boy; John Curtis; Virginia; AJ Covington; Curtis Willard; Aimee Louise Godsey; Fannie Tatum.

Do I have some of these right?

Some time ago I ran across a Trivia page, but cannot locate it again. Anyone know? Anyone else like to play?

* who was given a flute [KAREN: recorder maybe?], by whom, in what episode? How about the fiddle? the piano accordion?

* when and where did lightening strike?

* When and where did a meteorite fall?

* Who played Matthew Fordwick, Hank Buchanan, Tom Marshall, &Hawthorne Doolittle? What did they have in common?

* What year did Grandpa Zeb's grandpa settle on Walton's Mountain?

* What was Grandpa's favorite hymn? What poem did he quote on several occasions, and who wrote it?



KAREN'S COMMENT: Ruth I've got some trivia questions on my site, but TNN also have some I think. Go to http://www.country.com/tnn/program/program-waltons-f.html then go to the Waltons Trivia Game link. Once you've finished there are a few others to play. How about some answers to Ruth's questions?

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Hello all:

I am a new member and am excited to find this site. What brought me to find a Walton site was I bought the Walton's Christmas Cd and was so excited to play it. It is a wonderful cd for those of you that have not heard it. It reminds me of the way things were back when the Walton family were growing up and it has only 1 or 2 songs that I know. Hearing the family sing and tell stories is so wonderful and it brought tears to my eyes at the end when they all did their goodnights, especially to Grandpa. I think at the time the cd was recorded that Grandma had not passed away. I just want everyone to know and to get the cd, it is wonderful.

Patty from Maine

KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad you liked the CD Patty. I'll have to get mine out again.

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Dear Karen,

Enjoying your newsy letter that you send once a week. We, here in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA, did have a great Thanksgiving. "Our" Australian did ask my husband for our daughter's hand in marriage on Thanksgiving Day, so we have loads to be thankful for. We watched the first episode of the "Snowy River" series, which we checked out from the library. We did not understand the connection until we saw the credits, and I am not sure how I had missed the fact that Earl Hamner had a hand in the series. I kept wondering why you had it on the site. We thoroughly enjoyed it and now off to the library to get episode 2. By the way, in a sharing time after the Thanksgiving meal, my 26 year old son played, as his contribution, Grandpa's Christmas Wish from our old vinyl LP record, and it was moving to see this big guy get all sentimental over what family means and the hope that we "all will be together" this time next year, safe and sound. A true moment of love and hope. Thank you for your good wishes and work...Leathea

P.S. My daughter, Corrin Marie, who was named Corrin for the aunt they always mentioned on the show, Martha Corrin, will be visiting the to-be inlaws in Sydney this Christmas, so you will have a big piece of our hearts there in your lovely country then...:-)

KAREN'S COMMENT: What wonderful news for your family Leathea. Congratulations to your daughter and her Australian fiance. I'm sure she'll love Sydney, but it's usually very humid at Christmas time. It will be a big change to the Christmas she is probably used to. We're going up in January again. I'm glad you found Snowy River. Until I was told, it was news to me too that Earl Hamner had had a hand in it. He has been out here a couple of times to work on it too. It was a great show. I think he worked on it to about the third season, but I'm not sure.

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Dear Karen, Last night my teaching partner came in with an early Christmas present, the 1999 Waltons' Christmas CD. I had looked high and low for a copy, the Amazon.com site mentioned on the museum site only offered it through auction, and I cannot pay $15.+ for a CD. He found it a bargain store. I left after teaching school and bought 3 more copies of it for my children and my to-be Aussie son-in-law. It is not the old one, but it is very nice. He found it at Big Lots...if anyone has had no luck like me, they might want to check at their local Big Lots. Do you have a copy? Let me know...Leathea Drello, Kennesaw, GA

KAREN'S COMMENT: What a find for you. A few people had asked me where they could buy it, so maybe there's a lead. I do have a copy.

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Hello Karen and All,

I have been busy here getting ready for Christmas. I have my trees up. Yes, I said trees, I have 3. One is a family tree in the family room, One is a Disney tree with just Disney ornaments in the dinning room (Disney is my other passion), and my husband Star Trek tree (his passion) in the Living room. Then, there are nutcrackers everywhere (another of my passions). It took the whole Thanksgiving weekend to get it all up. It was fun.

A friend of mine stopped by on Monday, and had never seen the Waltons, so I introduced him to the mini-marathon that TNN has on Monday. He enjoyed it, and I believe he will be watching it again.

In the last digest, you asked which paper dolls I have. I have both the boxed set and the book. I love dolls of any kind, so these were a must.

Well, I must go. It is a weekday and I have 3 people to get ready and get out of the house.

Goodnight Everyone, ----Jennifer

KAREN'S COMMENT: The nutcrackers sound fun to collect. I have my eye on both paper doll sets. I collect dolls as well, and as you say, they are definitely a must. Your house must look really festive with 3 trees. Ours doesn't go up until this next weekend, because my birthday comes first. :-)) Yes, folks, I am a year older on Friday, but then we will get very Christmassy.

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