Hi everyone,

What another hot week it's been here. I really do keep wondering what's wrong with the school authorities, that they don't seem to realise that February is really our hottest month...just after we all head back to school. Of course our long school holiday ends at the end of January, and this years January really wasn't very hot at all. You feel sorry for the poor little 5 year olds just beginning school too. Some of them get so tired in the hot weather. I was reading a story to one grade in library the other afternoon and one little girl nodded off just sitting there. I think it was the heat and not that she found me incredibly boring. :-))

Actually we have a policy at our school that when the weather gets over 35 degrees Centigrade, or even near that, the children don't even get to go outside at recess and lunch times. Rather they play quiet games inside in the air conditioned rooms. Parents can even decide whether they want their children there or not too, and can take them out of school when the heat gets that high, so we have parents coming in to collect children nearly all day some days it seems, or the classes might be very small to start with. Thoughts on dealing with the heat have certainly changed since I was at school that's for sure!

One Waltons thing that I did notice and meant to add last week though was that Kami and her husband have been blessed with another baby. I think I spotted it last week on the Forum. Go to www.the-waltons.com then follow the links to the forum. I'm assuming its correct information. Anyway all the best to Kami and her growing family.

There's been a couple of newspaper articles recently which Shirley in Canada has alerted me about. She has kindly scanned these and put them onto her web site. You'll find the links in a letter from her just below this message. Thank you Shirley for doing this and making them available for us all to read. I find it especially interesting as I would never get to see things like this if it weren't for people like Shirley making them available to us. The one about Eric is particularly nice with some lovely photos of his little girl and his wife to be. I really loved the way he talked about his daughter in the article. She is obviously very precious to him and it really comes across to readers.

There won't be a digest next week because I am heading away to Sydney for the week. There is a big International Gymnastics competition running along with our national competition and we decided to go up there for it. The cost of Olympic tickets was huge (about $280 per session and up) and we felt that if we applied for tickets that we probably would have got seats up in the rafters, and the little gymnasts (being as tiny as they are) would look like ants to us :-)) so we decided that these events on this week would give us a better chance of seeing world class gymnastics in a more satisfactory way. It's called the International Gymnastics Test Event and it will be held in the stadium that Sydney will use for the gymnastics later this year. I doubt we would have got seats at the Olympics anyway as there were so few available, which really annoyed me as very few people follow gymnastics in Australia, but it's one of the glamour!!! sports so hence the demand.

One more thing before I close this week. On this list we all share lots of our joys with each other, but very few of us really talk about the bad things that are happening in our lives. I have received a few letters recently from list members who are unwell or who have family members who are unwell, so I'd just like to wish everyone, and especially those who are going through a difficult patch at the moment, all the best, and reassure them that all of us here on the Waltons Digest list wish them and their loved ones, a very speedy recovery. My thoughts, as well as many, many others from all around the world, are with you all. I hope those of you who need them, can just feel all those positive vibes floating all the way over to the other side of the world to you!

Well that's it from me for this digest. I'll talk to you all again in 2 weeks time.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen,

I have been compiling a web page on the Homecoming and I am hoping to get it done before Christmas this year. I still never found out what the three missing scenes from the TV movie from that are in the Video tape. Someone said something about there being 8 children in the line at the beginning of the movie when they are walking towards the barn. I have checked this out with the TV movie and the video tape and there isn't any eight children (only 7). Also the scene when Olivia is in the store and the Baldwin ladies are there. And I checked both and no parts were cut out from the TV movie too. And then there is part about Mary Ellen and John Boy in the barn, again I didn't find any part missing.

It is getting late, so I'll close for now. We got a lot of snow here this last week and I heard we may get a lot more this Monday.



KAREN'S COMMENT: Thank you for the Valentine greeting Shirley. Now Shirley raises something that I'd never heard of before. Does anyone have a very original, from TV copy, of The Homecoming that could clear up her questions? My copy has each of those parts she mentions.

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I saw the ET tribute to the Waltons by accident.. couldn't sleep and turned on the TV.. It was really a neat little show (though I was watching it at 1 a.m.) It had a little bit on each of the family and it was clear that each one did think of the other as real family -- gee, so many were uprooted from their own families to do the show and so it was only natural they would have bonded.

That is also where I saw them record the Christmas CD... It was a show I wish I had known was on sooner and at the earlier time as I know the granddaughter here would have loved to see it. But now I know that ET is doing specials at 1 a.m. so I have been staying awake... that is one hour that I can enjoy TV without anyone wanting to change channels (hubby can sleep right through it and snore away hahaha).

Saw part of one on Gilligan's Island and found it interesting to see a line of clothes that Mary Anne is producing for handicapped people....@ weeks ago it was a special on Mary Tyler Moore show.

Back to the Waltons, John was deeply religious and he did quote scripture a few times (gee he learned it at his grandma and grandpa's knee -- BUT -- he did not feel the need to be in Church on Sunday mornings).

I always enjoyed the show where John Boy did the sermon..... and then the one where the Negro came to the Mountain to start a church and was going to raise the money by his prize winnings as a boxer... what a stir that caused all....


KAREN'S COMMENT: Carole I'm intrigued about your comment about so many of the actors being uprooted from their family to do the show. Can you explain that please? I'm imagining you mean the children. The Fighter was a great episode. Mama and Grandma didn't like him one bit because he was a fighter, but their tune certainly changed when they discovered he was also a preacher.

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Dear Karen:

I enjoyed hearing of your heat wave. We in NJ still have snow on the ground. I am a teacher with a daughter at VA Tech and another (my Walton fan) still in high school. Previously, we could view The Waltons @ 1:00 (impossible except for snow or holidays), 5:00 and 7:00, M-F. It was great because we were certain to catch at least one show a day. Now, the 7:00 show is off. Such disappointment! In your discussions of the great faith exhibited in the show, one thing has always bothered me. On at least a few occasions, the children were "punished" by having to memorize Bible verses!! Being a Catholic(12 years of Catholic school), we never viewed memorization as a punishment. What message are we sending? Is it still used in such a way? So much for my "dissent". Love the show and I long for the simplicity of it's lifestyle. This has been brought on by our frequent travels through the Blue Ridge's on our way to and from Blacksburg(Tech). We hope to make a side trip to the "homeland" of the Waltons. I'm still new at this. Thank you for your time and effort.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Nice to hear that you can still get the show Nina. You'll just have to tape and watch at 7.00 :-) Yes I can also remember the punishments of bible verses to be learnt being shown, and I remember some of the children being told to go and read the bible as punishment, but again, it was probably just the time they are portraying. I doubt very much that it still goes on today. As for the Catholic slant on memorization...I did not attend Catholic schools, but I have seen and heard that Hail Mary's and other prayers were given in the past, as punishment for sins committed. As I say though, it is outside my childhood experience, and certainly does not go on today, but wasn't this (if indeed it did happen) similar?

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Good Morning Walton fans,

It snowed again here in central Virginia yesterday, so once again my yard is completely white. Hope that visual picture cools you down a bit Karen! How interesting it is to think of Karen sweating from electricity rationing, and here we are shivering from cold and snow! Anyway, the episode called The Venture is the one in which John collapses from pneumonia. He is working day and night to finish the new mill because he has a huge order that he must finish soon. He owes money to the bank for all the equipment he bought and must make a payment soon. I would imagine back in the 30s it was unusual to owe money to a bank. The Attack is the episode in which Ike has a heart attack. This is a later episode but I don't know which year it was in the series.

In the last digest, someone mentioned the TV show "Apples Way". I remember it, and remember that I liked it alot. Somewhere I believe I read that Earl Hamner, Jr. had written it too. Anybody remember if this is true?

Have a good day!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I would love some snow about now, but I think instead we'll be getting rain. We've had the air conditioner going since we got up this morning, it's been that hot. I think they said it was a low of 24 degrees C overnight...that's pretty warm. Now I don't now whether Earl Hamner Jr. wrote it as well...he may have done and someone may know...but he and Lee Rich were the Executive producers. It was also created by Earl. It only ran for nearly 12 months from 10 Feb, 1974 to 12 Jan, 1975. It starred the following people: Ronny Cox (George Apple), Frances Lee McCain (Barbara Apple), Vincent Van Patten (son Paul) [one of Dick Van Patten's sons], Patti Cohoon (daughter Cathy), Franny Michel & Kristy McNichol (daughter Patricia) [Michel was replaced in Sept 74 by one of my favourites, Kristy Mc. I loved her in Family], Eric Olsen (son Steven) and Malcolm Atterbury (Grandpa Alden Apple). It was meant to be a modern day version of The Waltons I've read.

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No it wasn't a heart attack-he was struck by lightning in the Baptism episode when he went out to get the lumber to protect it from the rain, and he was so soaked that he came down later with pneumonia. Remember Olivia was happy because she thought he might be able to go to Church instead of going to work on Sunday---Did any of you however note what Earl said on the Waltons Legacy that John eventually got baptized?

Sian Barbara Allen (Jennie Pendleton) was at the time of the episode The Love Story and The Thanksgiving Story dating Richard Thomas. I have the clippings from the teen magazine that your fellow Australian Kaz Walton sent to me last spring.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes I have the same cuttings and it does say that Sian and Richard were dating. I think I've read it in other things too.

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Hi Karen *and everyone"-

Just wanted to comment on the religious makeup of the show. I think everyone who was a regular character on the show was religious in their own way. I believe that is how Mr. Hamner wanted to show it. Even Yancy had a soul!! There were no "bad" people on that show.

Last week when Rev. Fordwick came to town, John-Boy mentioned how is Grandmother thought dancing was "sinful". Last I heard of THAT…Grandma danced with the best of them since then!!!! Either it was a real "statement". or probably, the writers just "forgot"

Well, tonight is Erin's Wedding. Looking forward to seeing it. (Our cable was out the last time)

Karen, I enjoy hearing about life in Australia very much! If it makes you feel any better, it is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That is pretty hot in Feb. but then I live in Houston!


KAREN'S COMMENT: On The Baptism they showed both Yancy and Ben being baptised. I wonder what made Grandma think dancing was sinful?

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