Hi everyone, Here we all are with another year of digests and Waltons news stretching out ahead of us. Great to see so much interest in the show still around out there. Will The Waltons ever be forgotten? Not if we have anything to say about it, that's for sure.

Now, just a couple of little housekeeping matters. Firstly all of the digests to date are now on the digest site. Go to Waltons Digest Archives and you'll find a list of digests according to the year. Simply follow the links from there.

The second thing is that I fly off to Sydney on Tuesday morning for a week, then will be heading up to see my Mum and Dad after that, so there will be no digest for the next 2 weeks. Look out for one towards the end of January. You can continue to send your emails though, just don't expect a quick reply. :-))

I've just had a look at what's on TNN in the way of The Waltons, and there's still some good episodes coming up to help you stay warm over your winter. The Monday episodes (most of them anyway) are episodes from the later seasons, while the other weekday ones are from the early seasons. I watched one the other day, The Remembrance, where Cousin Zadok arrived. What a funny man he was, but a terrific episode. Some of the clan thought he was a little crazy, but in true Walton style, all he told them turned out to be true in the end. Sissy Spacek also makes her return as a guest on Monday too, in The Odyssey. A great episode. The Separation is also fun, when Grandma and Grandpa have a huge misunderstanding, and then you've got The Prize with Grandma arguing that her quilt should have won the prize at the fair and Olivia's cooking has a little "spiritual" help. It seems you'll just have to sit down and watch them all. LOL

On to your letters now. Hope you're all enjoying the new year. It's pretty sunny and hot over here at the moment. I'll talk to you all again in a couple of weeks.

Goodnight everyone,


John Boy received the dulcimer from Jenny Pendleton. It had belonged to her father that died, I believe.

Karen, thank you for all that you do. I'm hoping you have a happy and prosperous New Year! God Bless!

KAREN'S COMMENT: Well you're partly right. He did receive the dulcimer from Jenny after her father had died in The Love Story. Look further down for more information. :-)

Hi Karen,

The other night I was watching one of our shows that we watch on TVLand and it was (I think) Emergency 911. I forget now what show it was, but there was a bunch of kids on it and I saw the young Jason Walton. I was wondering if anyone saw it?

How was everyone's Christmas? Mine was great.

Talk later. Take care,

Mary Ellen of Texas [one day it will be from Virginia]

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for this one Mary Ellen. It could well have been him but I can't confirm that. Does anyone know? Speaking of sightings...we are getting the first season of Judging Amy over here during the summer (an excellent show, I might add) and so far I have spotted Mariclaire Costello (Miss Hunter) in an episode and more recently, Richard Gilliland (Jonesy), both of whom still look much the same although both have grey hair now!


I saw Ike Godsey in the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks (which was terrific). During the family Christmas dinner scene, Ike is at the table. He's probably an uncle. He has a few lines.

Barbara from Connecticut

KAREN'S COMMENT: Not a movie I've seen, but yes, he certainly is in it.

Many thanks to Viv for sending the cute snowman card. I used it to send New Year greetings to some other people. We were supposed to get up to 18 inches of a blizzard type snow storm overnight (December 29/30) but only got 6 here in the Mid Atlantic U. S. One friend I sent it to lives in sunny California so I told her I was sending her a snowman since she couldn't build one of her own.

Happy New Year to one and all Waltons folks, too!

About the dulcimer: It is an ancient instrument and said to be an ancestor of the piano. According to my old World Book Encyclopedia, it was probably invented in Persia or Arabia. It was flat and had metal wires stretched across the top which were attached to adjustable tuning pegs on one side.

The strings were struck with a small wooden or cork-covered mallet. On newer instruments a keyboard mechanism was substituted for the original mallets/hammers to produce the clavichord, and from that instrument the piano developed. The clavichord had a soft metallic sound and metal pins struck the strings when its keys were pressed. The clavichord was popular from about the 1500s to the 1700s. The Harpsichord is an adaptation of this instrument, too.

"C. J."

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for the background to the dulcimer. It makes a pretty sound. John Boy seemed to pluck the strings rather than hit them, but I could be wrong.

"The Homecoming" is available at a web site called Christian Bookshop for 11.95 plus S&H. That's were I got mine.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks Donna. A few people have been asking me about where to buy it. I always send them to Shirley's site The Homecoming Website.

Dear Karen,

I don't know the origin of John-Boy's serenade to Jenny, but the words are: "I'll plant me a red and rosy bush. I'll plant me a willow tree, To tell to all who come this way That she has forsaken me" When they first went to the site of the old homestead on the mountain. When she left he sang this verse: "Oh, hush you, lest you break my heart For never will I cry. Ten thousand lovers have already parted, so why not you and I?" He had borrowed the first one from 'Old Man Dawson" who made it, and Jenny bought one from Mr. Dawson as her parting gift to John-Boy.

Did anyone remember that Jim-Bob was given an accordion (concertina?) from Zuleika Dunbar?

KAREN'S COMMENT: How right you are...the dulcimer came from Old Man Dawson. John Boy explains to Jenny in his room, that he can't afford to buy one so he borrows it from time to time, and then he sings the first part you mention. I didn't realise that Jenny sang a second verse later though. I'll have to go back and have another look.

I believe that it is 2001 in Australia now. Hope things are going well for you. Had a near computer crash Friday night but was able to turn the computer off in time and then let the scan disc take it over and find out what the problem was with the files. Hope that corrects the problem Fortunately I didn't lose some of the items in the files before I had a chance to transmit them.

I believe they are well into the first season of the Waltons now. I haven't been able to see any reruns since The Love Story was on last Wednesday. Hope to hear from the Forum member in Finland about the videos. I believe the Homecoming video is still available from the museum.

The book John Olvey put together is TWENTY FIVE YEARS WITH THE WALTONS. He does admit however that there are a lot of typographical errors. He hopes to have a new one put together before too long but I don't know how soon.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Now this book is completely different to the Trivia book that I mentioned. I haven't heard of this one. Does anyone have it?