Hi everyone,

It's Christmas Eve here today, and a bit chilly and overcast. It will probably be around the same here tomorrow, although it tends to fine up a bit in the afternoons. It's been a long time since we've had a really hot day at Christmas. My shopping is finished and the gifts are all wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree, so it really does look very festive here now.

We will be going out to a restaurant for Christmas lunch...the four of us plus Rod's sister, Bernadette, and Tim's girlfriend Laura.  We will then all head over to Bernadette's for Christmas tea, which will be a barbecue. Rod's two brothers and their families will all be there, so it will be nice to catch up with everyone there. My family had a Christmas get together early in December, and we will head up for a couple of days sometime in the new year to see Mum and Dad. My brothers and I and our partners all got together last Saturday too, so that was nice as well.

No doubt everyone will have been watching the Waltons Christmas episodes which will have been airing in the USA during the past few days. I really love The Best Christmas, which seems to be an eternal favorite among Waltons fans. I also especially love The Children's Carol, which is a real Waltons weepie.  So far I haven't watched The Homecoming, but I probably will before the Christmas season is finished. I've started watching my season 4 episodes, and have so far seen The Loss, The Breakdown (fabulous Jason episode and very realistic about a slightly younger brother always having to walk in big brother's footsteps), The Emergence (very nice one with Marcia Woolery) and a real favorite The Sermon.  This one has to be one of my all time faves and I just love John Boy's sermon at the very end. There are so many lovely scenes with Grandma and Grandpa too, each sharing their own feelings with John Boy. I love Grandma pounding on the dresser then suggesting that John Boy might like to practise that. :-) When you have a look at this episode next, have a look at the little boy who is standing with Elizabeth in church. I would think that it is her real life brother. It certainly looks like him. There's a couple of good shots and I'd be interested to hear whether you agree or not.

I had read about the blooper in The Breakdown before, but never really noticed it, however it really is very noticeable! In the scene at the dance, Jason is selling tickets to the people as they come in, and Betsy comes in and chats with Jason wearing a blue dress, yet later at the dance her dress becomes quite different and is red! I'm amazed that this blooper was let through...where was the continuity person that day. The dresses really are very different.

I've just been to the Hallmark Channel site and found that they do indeed have The Waltons listed as starting on January 13th at 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. What great news for you all over there. I see that they are also screening The Christmas Box, so you'll have something to watch while you're waiting for the series to return. The episodes start with The Foundling and go through to The Roots being screened on 31st of January, which is all that is currently listed. There's a very nice photo of the family at the site too. I went to the Hallmark channel site http://www.hallmarkchannelint.com/ then clicked to bring up the USA then did a search for Waltons. It brought up a grid for January and showed when The Waltons would be on as well as the episodes playing.

Finally, as I close this Christmas edition of the Digest, I would like to wish everyone a very happy and restful Christmas break. Many of you, I know, are like us and facing a first Christmas without a special loved one at their table.  I really hope that it won't be too difficult and that the day will be filled with many happy memories of past times shared together. James and I shared one of those special times this afternoon as we were preparing things for Christmas. We did KK's for the first time in our family this year, organising who would buy for whom last Christmas day. We kept telling Rod's Mum that who she got would have to be a secret and she shouldn't tell anyone and when she drew a name out of the hat she kept saying..."oh, isn't that great, I've got James"!!!!  As you can see she didn't really keep her secret very well! It's just one of those funny, little things that will remind us of her this Christmas. That and how she used to always go down to the shops late Christmas Eve and elbow her way into the sales tables to get a bargain.

So, goodnight everyone and I'll talk to you all soon,


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Hi Karen,

Glad to hear that Tim is out of the hospital and doing better at home.  It's good that you are off from school so that you can be there to help him out if he needs anything.

Wow! Thanksgiving was here, and now Christmas is almost upon us! I love this time of the year, and one of my favorite things to do is watch The Waltons Christmas episodes. My favorite is The Best Christmas without a doubt, followed by "The Homecoming". Actually I kind of think of "The Homecoming" in a class by itself because it is the movie that started the show. I love the episode Best Christmas because it shows the entire family getting ready for Christmas, each in their own way. Even when the holiday turns out differently than expected, the family manages to have a wonderful time anyway. The fact that they are a close knit family is so clear in this episode.

I just watched "The Children's Carol" the other evening. I like this episode, but do find it to be a "darker" Waltons. There is a lot of sadness in this show, even though it turns out well in the end. Of course, that time in history in England was not a particularly happy time. The show reflects that.

Well I've rambled enough. My wish to all of you is that you enjoy the holidays, taking time to enjoy family, friends, laughter, and the true meaning of Christmas. Happy Holidays!


KAREN'S COMMENT:  I'm glad you have had the chance to watch some of the Christmas episodes. They're all very heartwarming, although I must confess that The Homecoming is not among my very favorite Christmas shows. Sounds strange coming from me? I just think that the show came into it's own by about the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons. However it is great in that it began it all and introduced some of those amazing characters who grew so much throughout the show's run.  The Children's Carol I really love. Yes, it is dark and Olivia is very tested and stretched by those two youngsters who came to stay, but the ending is just wonderful I think.

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Thursday, Billy Barty who starred in The Carnival episode had his biography portrayed on A&E, and later that evening John Ritter played the part of an Episcopal Priest on a Lifetime Movie, Holy Joe. Hope The Waltons fans got to see at least some of both!

Joseph Bonaduce was Danny (Dante) Bonaduce's father.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thank you to those people who wrote and said that Joseph Bonaduce (writer of some Waltons episodes) was Danny Bonaduce's (Partridge Family) dad. I hadn't really noticed his name as being connected with The Waltons before. I also thought that he was more of a comedy writer than a dramatic writer.

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I haven't written in a while but the past couple of weeks have been hectic on us. We had an ice storm here in North Carolina that left more than a million people statewide without electricity. We lost our power as well. We have a gas log fireplace and that heated our house in the absence of electric heat and had plenty of flashlights and candles as well as a gas grill to cook on so we made it.

I want to reiterate my most profound sympathies on the passing of Rod's mother. I also pray that Tim's recovery continues smoothly.

On The Waltons Christmas shows, I'd have to say my favorite episodes were "The Best Christmas" and "The Spirit". The Walton family had to deal with a winter storm that knocked out their lights, a scenario similar to ours recently. Grandma and Grandpa had to sleep in a hotel lobby. Yancy detained Ben because he didn't want to be lonely on Christmas Eve. Of course, the highlight was when Harley and John-Boy rescued Fanny Tatum and her niece,trapped in a car that had plunged into icy water. Despite all this, Olivia still managed to have her best Christmas after all.

In "The Spirit",Jeffrey befriends an escaped German POW. He learns from Paul about different Christmas traditions and is taken in by the Walton family as well when Jason reminds John that a German boat rescued John-Boy when he was missing and that not all Germans were like the Nazis.

To you Karen and all who post here, have a Merry Christmas and remember the child in a manger Who came for you and me.


KAREN'S COMMENT: I really liked The Spirit too. Shows just how non judgemental the Walton family were when they accepted an "enemy" into their home. I hope all your storm problems have passed by now Patrick. Tim is well on his way to recovery now, although his wound is taking some time to heal properly and completely because of the medication he is on to suppress the Crohn's disease.

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Evening Karen:

Glad to hear that Tim is at home and recuperating just fine. My all time favorite Walton Christmas episode is the when they take in the 2 English children during the Blitz at the beginning of WW2 and Jim Bob is talking to England by wireless radio.

That's all for now

Brenda Ann

KAREN'S COMMENT: As you can see from the posts this week Brenda Ann, that episode is a fave with many of us. :-))

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Hi Karen,

My favorite Christmas episode was "Best Christmas".  I just loved that episode. It was odd that everyone seemed to have something happen to them that Christmas.

As for birthday episodes, I can only think of a few: Air Mail Man (Olivia's birthday), Grandpa has a heart attack and birthday on one and Elizabeth turns 13 on another. They really didn't have many birthday episodes but could you imagine how many they would be if everyone got to celebrate at least one?


KAREN'S COMMENT: Very true Donna. We'd be going forever. I remember that Grandma also had a birthday coming up when she was having hearing problems and the children were going to buy her one of those big ear hearing things. Forgot what they're called but my Dad remembers one of his Aunt's or Great Aunt's having one of them.

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Hi Karen,

I've enjoyed getting my first few issues of the Waltons Digest. Thanks for putting this together! I've been teased for being a Waltons fan for so many years that I was beginning to think that I was the only one left! I never had access to the Internet until recently and I'm so happy to have found your web site. My family and I (we have three boys) live in the Himalayan Mtns. of N. India where we work at a Christian International school called Woodstock School. We've been here for almost 9 years now and really love living here. We have lots of "Waltons Mtns." around us. I'm sorry about your son's Crohn's disease. My younger sister has the same ailment and has been in and out of the hospital a few times for treatment. I guess she's learned to just live with it. I'll keep Tim in my prayers as he recovers. I look forward to the next issue of the digest. Thanks again,


KAREN'S COMMENT: Glad you're enjoying being a part of the digest Paul. My niece is over in Nepal at the moment, doing some work there with children, and really enjoying it. She's due back in Melbourne in February.  Haven't many of us been teased about watching The Waltons, but everyone seems to know of the show. It's not like you say you're a fan and they say "What show's that???" They all know about Goodnight John Boy too! Wonder how that is. I'm sure some of the mockers are secret Waltons fans!!!

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In answer to the question about Joseph Bonaduce, a writer on "The Waltons", yes he is the father of Danny Bonaduce,who played 'Danny' on "The Partridge Family". Joseph Bonaduce has also written on numerous other shows, including "All In The Family".

Danny is co-host of a syndicated TV talk show along with Dick Clark and others called "The Other Half", sort of an all-male version of "The View", an all-female gabfest here in the U.S.


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for confirming this Patrick.

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