Hi everyone,

Happy New Year to you all. It's amazing to think that we have arrived at 2003 already and that we're back again for the Waltons Digest. I do hope that 2003 brings you all your hopes and dreams and is a happy and healthy one for you and your families.

Now, before we go into Waltons news, can I just mention to you that if you suddenly stop getting the Waltons Digest it is not usually because I've taken your name off the list, but because there is some sort of problem with the email. I have had two members in the last couple of weeks who have written asking to be put back on the list, but when I've checked, their name is still there and email has still been sent to them, but for some unknown reason it hasn't got through to them, but it hasn't been sent back to me either. Check my site from time to time because if I am alerted to email problems, sometimes on my end, I usually put a note on the site alerting you that there is a problem at my end. Alternatively perhaps you can check with your own ISP as to why my email is not getting through to you. I don't know what the solution to this is, but it seems that it's something that we do have to put up with occasionally. If all else fails, the digest does eventually make it's way onto the digest archives site which can be found at:



Now onto Waltons news. Well there isn't a lot of it I'm afraid. However I'm sure that you are all looking forward to getting The Waltons back on TV on the Hallmark Channel from January 13th. Twice a day sounds great too. I wonder whether all Hallmark channels will have access to the show, as I'd love to see it back on Australian TV. I am still working my way through season 4 episodes, but haven't had a lot of time to watch much. I've had too much to do over the holidays. Rod has been home on holidays too so there hasn't been much chance to just sit and relax in front of the TV.

How did you all enjoy the Christmas episodes? And then there was the final episode too on New Year's Eve...The Revel. One thing that I do think was a pity with The Revel is that the episode is so similar to an earlier one where the Baldwin sisters plan a reunion and nobody comes other than The Waltons. However it is a nice ending for the show to end with all the Walton gang gathered at the Baldwin home. But then that episode never seems to be the last of The Waltons to me. I always think of the final episode as being the 1982 Thanksgiving reunion movie. It seems to me that it makes for a nice tie up ending for the show.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. Talk to you all soon.

Goodnight everyone,


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Hi Karen,

Belated Christmas blessings to all, as things have been a bit crazy over her, in every sense of the word, windstorms on the west coast, and downpours of rain for days on end. Needless to say, we came out of it all unscathed!

My favorite Christmas Episode has to be when grandma and grandpa get stuck in the snow, and eventually make it back to the house where everyone frantically awaits their return.

I also wanted to mention a show RT is starring in, "Just Cause" will be airing in January, on WTN in the eastern part of Canada (just hope it hits the west coast too)

Christmas has us scattered again this year, and is as hectic as usual, so I'm looking forward to a little rest in the days to come.

I also want to wish everyone a happy, healthy, and safe 2003.

Peace & Blessings,


KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for the belated Christmas greetings Nicole. My fault though, not yours. :-)) I think Just Cause sounds a really good show, and I'll be happy if we do get it over here.

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I think that my favorite Waltons Christmas special is the one with the English Children which I am assuming is the Children's Carol? Even though it has it's sad moments in it and can be depressing at times, the ending is so uplifting and happy. And throughout it all the Waltons keep their Walton spirit. That is really what is best about it.

And Karen, I don't think that I mentioned this- I have a step cousin that has the same disease that your son had. She lives in a different province and we have only met a handful of times but she is a really nice person and it is a terrible disease.

Finally, I have a question for you Karen. Maybe I even know the answer but I can't think of it for the life of me. What does KK stand for? I am assuming that it is a secret santa type gift exchange with your family.

I hope that all of you fellow Waltons fans have had a wonderful and safe Christmas. I hope you are also planning a fantastic New Years. I am going to visit my dad in Nova Scotia (Canada) for about a week after Christmas.


KAREN'S COMMENT: It's amazing that when I write something I always just assume that people in other countries will understand but this just goes to show how wrong I am. :-)) Sorry about that Sheryl. KK over here is known as Kris Kringle. It is a secret Santa type of thing but for some reason it is just known as Kris Kringle, or KK for short. Many of the schools do it with their whole class participating, and many school staffs do it as well, which is probably how it became so popular over here. We had all of our family members on Rod's side draw out names from a hat last Christmas and that's the person we bought for. We set a limit of between $25 and $30 for each person to buy a gift so each of us got a really nice gift for that. It's much easier to buy for one person than it is to buy for about 20, which is around the number we have when we're altogether, which we are on Christmas Day. One of our nieces got married during the year and another has just become engaged. Yet another has a steady partner who is included too, so with the family growing as they do we decided this was better, and it was very successful. James is the youngest on this side of the family so it's not as if there's lots of littlies expecting presents from everyone. Hope you enjoyed Nova Scotia. I think Canada looks absolutely wonderful and would love to visit.

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Happy New Year!

Great news that the Waltons will be on the Hallmark Channel starting January 13. That's terrific.

Initially when you asked about favorite birthday episodes, I couldn't think of any. But I love the episode "The Birthday" where Grandpa has a heart attack. That really is one of my favorite episodes. It brings out so clearly the truth that sometimes it isn't the medicine and doctors that help us the most, but rather the things that help us emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Another one of my favorite episodes, and one I don't see often, is "The Visitor.". This is the one where a good friend of the elder Waltons comes home to the mountain and everyone is anticipating the return of his wife. Then they sadly find out that the older man's wife has died two years before. It's a poignant episode.

Hope your holidays were merry!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I always think that it's quite funny when someone got sick on The Waltons, because Grandma would always run off to make some sort of poultice or home remedy. Probably they worked very well too. Rod's Mum was always a great believer in poultices too, and the two of them would have loved to have sat around comparing ideas I'm sure. Does anyone have real old family remedies that work? Rod's Mum used to swear by mustard poultices for colds and chest infections. They smelled just awful!!!!

The Visitor is probably an episode that although it doesn't get spoken about much, really is a wonderful episode. I think you really get to see the love between Grandma and Grandpa in this episode too. I always have to laugh as the lady (can't remember her name) starts mopping the kitchen floor, only to have many of the Walton women come hurtling through while it's wet. I think only women or men who do that job can understand just how exasperating that can be especially when the offender has dirty shoes!

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Well, It is 10pm Christmas Eve and I am here on the putter reading email and chatting with friends. I got a nice Christmas gift in the form of an email with a .jpeg of a sonagram of my soon to be niece. Due date is Feb 28th(?). Looks so cute. You could see an elbow and her feet. We will be celebrating Christmas this weekend as we are in for a really big snow storm and brother and sister inlaw do not want to drive in it. Don't blame them. So they are going to wait until this weekend.

They have other events near us this weekend too so that makes it easier.

My Sister in Law is a professor of English. She has off until after the baby is born. Her last class was last week. She will be doing things for her classes at home until after the baby is born and she can put her in daycare at the college. Which is kind of nice.

So I guess I am getting a couple of Christmas gifts this year.:)

Unfortunately there are no eps of the Waltons on for some reason. I loved all the Christmas eps.

Merry Christmas to all on the list. Happy New Year!


KAREN'S COMMENT: How exciting to have a pic of the little baby already! I gather you're sure it's a little girl? I hope your Christmas was a really nice one Beth. Pity there was no Waltons on to brighten your day.

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Karen and all,

I will have returned from "Waltons Mountain Country" by the time this is in the Digest. I plan on driving to Schuyler and stopping by the Waltons Mountain Country Store before driving through the Shenandoah Valley and lodging in Roanoke,Virginia,for the night.

It's my Christmas journey to Waltons Mountain,postponed from mid-December. I really feel like that I shall be dropping in on the Walton family. I am excited about this trip.

As it will be New Year's week as well, I'd like to wish you,Karen,and all the posters a very happy and prosperous 2003. God bless and see you next year (in the next couple of weeks probably,LOL).


KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes, I'm a little later than I had expected getting this digest out. I hope you had a great pilgrimage to Waltons Mountain Patrick. Isn't Roanoke mentioned somewhere in The Waltons?

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Hi again Karen,

RT was in The Christmas Secret, which aired on CBS Christmas night. I liked it, as I was home early from Christmas gatherings and it was a nice surprise to come home to. It also starred the actress who played Robbie Hanson's wife on "Providence" (aired on Friday's on NBC, and since been cancelled, so I'm told, in the US)

It was involving family life, something RT is extremely gifted at.

Hope you had a blessed Christmas!


KAREN'S COMMENT: I was thinking that this was another RT movie that I'd missed out on living here in Australia, however it's not. :-) The Christmas Secret is also known as The Flight of the Reindeer, a movie which aired on Foxtel over the Christmas season, but I haven't watched it yet. It's on the tape with The Christmas Box, so I think I can see a RT marathon in my future. Speaking of sightings though, I caught up with Mary McDonough's appearance on Picket Fences the other day. She played the part of a Lamaze coach for Laurie's (Marlee Matlin) baby. We're coming to the end of Picket Fences here so I'll have to find something else to watch instead. It's been a good series. We didn't watch it first time around.

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Glad to hear that the Waltons are moving to Hallmark.

Had a good Christmas unfortunately my good friend had to work part of the day so we missed the usual Christmas eve-day party but had lunch at their friends house .

Did get to tape both The Spirit as well as The Best Christmas. I haven't had a chance to look at them yet as I have also taped last Sundays episode of American Dreams (one of the best network programs to be carried in a long time) as well at the always hilarious Christmas Story and the old Scrooge 1951 version which was shown Christmas eve on WGN.

Richard Thomas was in another Lifetime movie this past week with Brooke Shields--- Stalking Laura.

Also John Ritter was in another Lifetime movie as well A Child's Wish


KAREN'S COMMENT: Some interesting actors in A Child's Wish I see...Sarah Chalke, Anna Chlumsky and Tess Harper. John Ritter is certainly doing well for himself at the moment and also does some very interesting things.

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Karen it's nice to hear all the latest news. I've just come back from Christmas hols in Cornwall, England. Guess what was one Christmas day on TV. The Waltons after they were famous. Bringing us up to date with all the family as they are now.It was great to see them. John boy looks just the same.So glad I saw it as I missed it when it was on in October.

They all went back to the old house and John boy talked of the episode when he did his last show and stood out side the house and heard for the last time Goodnight Jim Bob, Goodnight Jason etc. They showed this clip and I had to hold back the tears.

Bye for now, always loving The Waltons.


KAREN'S COMMENT: What a lovely surprise for you David. There are lots of people in the US as well as the rest of us around the world, who are very jealous.

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Someone has emailed me during the week about an interview they saw with Mary McDonough, who said she has ankylosing spondylitis. Did anyone else see this interview? Apparently AS is an arthritis of the spine, and strikes younger people.

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