WALTONS DIGEST - February 2005

Hi everyone,

I hope you've all enjoyed your Valentine's Day and been able to share some Valentine greetings with someone special. Thank you to those of you who sent me Valentine messages. They're always greatly appreciated.  There wasn't too many Valentines Day Waltons episodes, but I do recall the 1982 movie special A Wedding on Waltons Mountain, where Erin and Paul got married. Erin really was very romantic wasn't she? Perhaps for the next digest we could think about some of our special Erin episodes. I remember reading in an interview once that Mary McDonough always felt a bit in the middle of the other children. She was too young for Judy Norton (Mary Ellen) and too old for Elizabeth (Kami Cotler). Poor Erin often felt the difficulties of being a child in the middle too, and that comes out in several episodes.

I wanted to just mention a few housekeeping things related to the digest this month. All new members get the following email from me when they join, and I know that some people keep these sorts of things religiously, but I also know that mishaps can happen with the computer and so it's easy for it to be lost.  Because of that I decided it would be a good idea to print the welcome message in the digest at least once a year, just to remind people of the different procedures, such as how to send a message for the digest, and what to do if you no longer want to be a part of it. The message also has the digest archives site address, so you always know that if you miss a digest for some reason, that you can catch up by visiting there.

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Hi Karen,

Happy 2005, and hope you are well.

My favorite Goodnight is where the Walton family includes guests of their home, especially, Rose's grandchildren. Another one that comes to mind is in "The Burn Out" where everyone is separated, and Olivia starts with the list of children, and cut ins to the children saying goodnight.

Goodnight everybody!

KAREN'S COMMENT:  I still haven't decided which is my favourite Goodnight sequence at the end of The Waltons yet. I'll let you all know next month and if you still haven't sent yours in yet, then why not send it in.  If you can't remember them then go to the www.the-waltons.com site and have a browse through the extended episode guide.
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Karen, your news of the Season 2 of The Waltons is such good news to me. Do you know where or how we can order this in April?

Hope you are having a good winter. It has been very rainy here in Ohio and beginning to get cold. It is so uplifting to me to read your notes about The Waltons and keeping us up to date.

Your Ohio friend,


KAREN'S COMMENT:  Sandy you'll be able to get Season 2 through www.amazon.com and of course there are many other places selling DVDs on the Internet. You can order from amazon now. Actually because we're on the other side of the world, we're having our summer at the moment, but it's been raining just about non stop and not too much hot weather around at all. I'm glad I could share your summer last June and July.

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Thank you Karen for all your hard work for us - the Waltons fans.

My favorite good night was at the end of an episode about Baptism.  It might have been named "The Baptism"  I think Cora Beth Godsey was one of the baptised. anyway, at the end, after the good nights were said, Elizabeth said:

Eliz: Is it true that when you're baptised, your sins are washed into the Rockfish River?

Olivia: Yes it is, darling

Eliz: what happens to the water in the River?

John: It runs into (such and such) another River, and then into the sea

Eliz:  Is that really fair to the fish??

I always had to chuckle at that one.

My favorite all time episode is THE BEQUEST

That's it from snowy Massachusetts.

A hug to all,


KAREN'S COMMENT:  Marsha, that's one of them that I like too. There are some gems early on with Elizabeth asking some very innocent questions or making some quite cute remarks.

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Hi Karen,

Hello from Down Under! Do you have many readers in Australia? I'm in Sydney and would love to hear from some other locals who love 'The Waltons' as much as I do. I broke my arm last July very badly requiring a lot of surgery. All I was good for was sitting and watching the box and so once again became hooked on my favourite show. This was when I discovered your site and now enjoy all the added titbits offered by your readers. Unfortunately, The Waltons only screened series 1-3 before being replaced on cable and I am desperate for a fix. I was so happy to hear about series 2 coming out as my collection of VHS is taking up a lot of room. I would love to see all the series as there's many I have never seen. I contacted a person in the UK who has converted them all to DVD from television but of course the cost will be high. He said that due to poor response the other series would not be released. I don't know how true that is but it certainly is taking a long time to get them all out on DVD. There was someone in the States selling all 9 series on DVD on E Bay but then he quickly disappeared so don't know how real the sale was. Do you know any more about this?

 Thanks again for all your effort and sharing of news.



KAREN'S COMMENT:  Hi Leonie. No not too many members in Australia. It's never been as popular over here as it has been in the USA. Personally I don't think it was ever very well publicised. It went straight to Channel 10, which we Aussie people, know was very, very young at that time and perhaps didn't have as big a budget as 9 or 7. Just a personal opinion. When I looked through old TV Weeks and TV Times to prepare my site, I was absolutely amazed at the publicity for Little House on the Prairie, and how little mention there was of The Waltons. Even though both shows started in different years in the USA, they started out here in the same year. They really couldn't ignore The Waltons though, when it won so many Emmy's and other awards in its early years.

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I'm so excited about the release of The Waltons Season 2 coming out in April.  Karen, as I read about your trip to Schuyler, I was reminiscing about my own trips there. I have been to Schuyler three times and each time ceased to amaze me!  It is so beautiful there. When I tell people about my trip to Schuyler, I always love to mention about me taking my shoes off and going barefoot on Waltons Mountain just as the Walton children did.  Speaking of beautiful, I am from "Beautiful Ohio" and to Jocelin from Ohio: I now live about 12 miles from the Ohio River and Wellsville, my alma mater, and where many of the pottery (past and present) industries are. If you see any coffee cups stamped Wellsville China, chances are my dad put the handle on them. He started to work there in the very early 1930's until their closing the doors.  Across the river from Wellsville is The Homer Laughlin Pottery in Newell, West Virginia, who is world known for their fiesta ware.  So what part of Ohio are you from, Jocelin?

Back to the Waltons--My favorite good night is from "A Day for Thanks on Waltons Mountain".  It goes like this:

Earl, The Narrator: "There is in the wonder of childhood the magic of believing the all-entrusting sensitive mind that reaches out to be touched.  Our Grandfather's long presence on this mountain made him live on in the lives of the family who cherished him, somehow even unto a Great-Grandson he never knew. Blessings need not always be understood, only deeply felt.  That Thanksgiving Day in 1947 became a day of release and discovery. I'd come home again, and home was still here."

Elizabeth: Daddy?

John: Yes Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Do you remember the last time we were all together, before Grandpa died and before Mama got sick, before John Boy left home for the first time?

John: It was up in the mountain, wasn't it? Last time we were all together, we had a picnic.

Jim Bob: We sang songs just about all night long.

Elizabeth: I think that was the happiest time I can remember.

Jason: (starts to sing) Let me call you sweetheart  (the others join in) I'm in love with you. Let me hear you whisper that you love me too. Keep the love light glowing in your eyes so true, Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you.

This episode starred Robert Wightman as John Boy.  I love Richard Thomas, but this delightful and gorgeous actor played a wonderful John Boy.  Does anyone else agree?

Good night everybody,

Etta, A Walton Fan in Ohio

KAREN'S COMMENT:  I always think of music as being a very special part of The Waltons, and I loved that episode...in fact both where they sang Let me call you sweetheart...  We could also have people discussing their favourite music episodes too. There were a lot of them as well. I have to agree with you Etta. Schuyler is just beautiful.

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Dear Karen,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful information in the digest.  I am so excited about season two, what took them so long?  I know other shows have many seasons released quickly.  I hope they come faster now.  I am also excited about Earl Hamner's new book.  I will be in line for both of these new items.  I love getting the newsletter in the mail.  It always cheers me up so much.  I thank you for all the hard work and effort of keeping us all informed.

I wanted to add write now, one of my favorite "Good Nights".  I am sorry I can't recall the name of the episode but I know that you will recognize it.  It is the episode when Harley is going to be sent back to prison and John goes to President Roosevelt and gets a pardon for Harley signed at the last minute.  The Waltons and all the local people go down to the train station in the middle of the night in the dark to pay their respects to their President.  As they are standing in the dark the lighted train goes by.  In the window you can see the President's casket and the four men from the different services watching over him.  And in his wonderful voice, John (Ralph Waite) says "Good Night Mr President."  That was the most moving for me.  I will sign off now. 

Take Care Karen. 

With much affection,  Kathy

KAREN'S COMMENT:  Kathy, indeed what did take them so long??? I really don't know the answer. Don't get confused about the book Kathy. It's about Earl Hamner, not by him. However I'm also looking forward to it. I agree that that episode is extremely moving and such a wonderful ending.

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Hi Karen!

My name is Marie and I live in Sweden. Are there any other Swedes here? I live in a city called Lidkoping. I have been getting to Digests so far. :)

Have been a fan of the Waltons since February 2003. Just LOVE  the Show. Love this Digest too! :)

Anyway, I would like to tell everyone here which is my favorite goodbye. It is from the episode "the Lie"

Elizabeth: Daddy?

John: What d´you want, Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: When I grow up, can I marry you?

John:´Fraid I´m taken, honey!

Olivia: Goodnight, Elizabeth.

Hasn´t every girl sometime had that in mind. There is a special bond between fathers and daughters.

Goodnight, everyone!


KAREN'S COMMENT:  Oh yes, what a lovely memory. I love that one Marie. Thanks for reminding me of it. Any other Swedes? Let us know please!

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I love reading your digest.  It makes my day!! I tape the Waltons daily & watch it when I get home & eating my supper.  I live in Ohio, I am 57 yrs old & have 16 grandchildren 8 girls & 8 boys ages 18 to 1 month. I have written to you before re my daughter & her family that live in VA and my son in law works in Newport News!! I along with the other wish they would come out with more of the Waltons on DVD. I have Little House from 1 to 6 and would love to have the complete seasons of the Waltons.  That program is so calming & peaceful after working on a computer all day.  I look forward to your digest!! Keep up the good work & bless you for being here!!


KAREN'S COMMENT:  Have you got the latest Little House DVD Nita? Season 7 was released this week. I'm working my way through my collection at the moment. I've just started on Season 3. Must say that I'm not noticing the children growing up from season to season as much as I have on The Waltons.

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I was just surfing the net looking for information on the Waltons series.  I thought that maybe there might be some kind of information about the series since it was shown for so many years.  I am pleased to say I was able to watch most of the series when it first aired and I am disabled now and have been able to catch up on the series on our Hallmark cable channel.  It takes me back to my early teens when it started and just gives a great feeling to know that there are actually others that enjoy the shows as much as I do.

My family is from New York, and my daughter, who is going to be 23, is also interested in the series.  We plan on taking a road trip to Virginia once the weather is nice enough.  So we were reading through some of the information in this site and found out there is the museum to see.  Maybe someone would be willing to share with us any other places to visit while we are there and things to see.  I am really looking forward to this trip so whatever information would be so much appreciated.  Also I would like to be included in your mailing list and is there any kind of chat where you all get together once in a while to actually get to talk with one another.  Since I am new to this, any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

KAREN'S COMMENT:  I've added your letter by way of introduction to the Digest. If you visit my site you'll find a link to a report about my trip to Schuyler last June. Maybe that might help you. There are lots of people on the list who have been as well so maybe some of them will write and I can include their tips next time.  I can also recommend visiting Brenda's Waltons Forum. There's a link to it from Ralph's www.the-waltons.com site. You'll find lots of action there, and probably some more information about Schuyler if you ask.

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Hello everyone!

I have kind of a silly high school-ish question for you. I was watching today's episode "The Woman", where a young female poet was to be shown around the town by John-Boy. My "dirty-old-man" of a husband comes walking by just at the point where John-Boy unlocks the motel room and grabs the young lady and kisses her. My husband pipes up with, "Are they gonna 'do it'?" I screamed: "This is the Waltons- NO WAY, that didn't happen back then!" But the more I thought about it...dark, quiet motel room, two passionate young people...hmmmm....

So, what do you guys think? Did they 'do it'???

P.S. same episode- the saleslady helping John buy a "store-bought" dress for Olivia is "Old Rose" from Titanic, the movie.

Julie :)

KAREN'S COMMENT:  I honestly don't know Julie. Perhaps that's its charm, like the gentleman he is, John Boy doesn't tell!!! It's nice to be able to claim Old Rose as one of the Waltons family isn't it?

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A little something you may want to put in your next Digest.  I met Jon Walmsley this past Saturday at an antiques and collectibles show in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  I asked him about the possibility of a new reunion movie.  He said there had been some discussions but nothing really came of it.  I kind of got the impression that he thought it was not going to happen.  He also reminded me that the last movie had been in 1997.  I hadn't realised it had been that long ago.


KAREN'S COMMENT:  Nice that you got to meet Jon at the show. Yes the last one was 1997 and I think maybe it's getting a bit long between them now. Still it was some time between 1982 and 1993 too, so maybe. Was he there to sign photos and things, or selling music maybe? Tell us more Michael.

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BITS AND PIECES:  Here's a new section of the digest, where I'll put a variety of links and other things about the Waltons which pop up from time to time. If you find any please send them in and I'll include them.


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I like your Waltons website and thought I'd mention another possible site to mention for the first season DVDs. I ordered it from www.deepdiscountdvd.com for $29.89 with free shipping (USPS 5 to 10 days).

Thanks for sharing all your info on the Waltons. It's a wonderful series I hope to enjoy with my kids.



KAREN'S COMMENT:  Well there's another possibility to explore as a site for getting your Waltons DVDs.

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Now, we're hardly talking about a reputable or widely-read source here, but it's still fun.

KAREN'S COMMENT:  Now here's a little snippet that James dug up for me about Michael Learned lamenting the fact that English actors seem to be the only ones being given the opportunity to play older parts. I think she's probably right really.

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Hi. Would you know the name of the song Zadok asked Jason to play on The Remembrance episode?

Thanks, Joe.

KAREN'S COMMENT:  Anyone know this?

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Finally here's a link to an article on Richard Thomas, who as we all know is currently playing on Broadway. Has anybody seen it?


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