WALTONS DIGEST - January 2008

Hi everyone,

Christmas certainly came upon us very quickly here and we enjoyed our celebrations with family.  My family came visiting us on the Sunday before Christmas, and then Christmas Day was spent catching up with Rod’s side of the family.  As always, we had a fun time together. 

Here we are about to head into 2008 now though.  Rod and I are heading up to Sydney for a week just into the New Year.  Tim is working up there and it will be nice to spend a few days with him.  School doesn’t go back until the end of January, but we have lots of things planned for January so I’m sure it will pass far too quickly.

I’ve just been onto Amazon to order my copy of The Waltons Season 6, which is being released on January 8th in the USA.  It will be a great start to the New Year.  But the fantastic news is that I heard on Boxing Day that Season 7 of The Waltons will be released in April…the 29th to be exact.  What absolutely fantastic news.  These later episodes are the ones that haven’t been shown on television over here for many years so it’s very exciting to be able to own them and be able to watch them at my leisure.  Have a look at the news release here TV Shows on DVD .

So…what episodes do we have to especially see from Season 7?  Well things get off to a fantastic, and very poignant start with the first episode, The Empty Nest.  This is the episode where the family pays tribute to Grandpa Zeb Walton, and also to Will Geer.  I love The Calling with Jim Bob being so unlucky in love.  The Baldwin sisters are a classic in this episode.  Boone Walton makes an appearance in The Moonshiner.  With this episode is an interesting insight into the plight of illegitimate children and how many people perceived them at the time.  And Corabeth is at her judgmental best here.  We have The Changeling, which is an episode that I am constantly asked about.  What are people’s thoughts on it?  I like The Illusion very much, for its portrayal of how racially segregated society was at the time.  Good on Verdie for having her say about it.  And who could possibly forget The Day of Infamy.  This is a heartbreaking episode, and contains none of the usual banter at the end of the episode.  We meet the lovely Leslie Winston in the role of Cindy, and we see the final regular appearances of Michael Learned during this season.  And we finish with a superb episode in Founders Day. 

I’m also including a couple of links that I found this morning.  This one Broadway Gallery - Richard Thomas is for some pictures of Richard Thomas.  There’s a lovely one of him with his wife and young son.  The next one is for a theatre La Mirada Theatre where Michael Learned will be performing in Driving Miss Daisy in February.  Maybe someone lives near there and will be able to see her show.

That’s it for me for January.  Stay warm over there.  I hear there’s lots of snow.  I’m thinking of the snow in The Homecoming here.  I love the image of John Boy leading his brothers and sisters through the snow.

Goodnight everyone,


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How funny that we're all spotting our Walton family members on other shows!  Not long ago I saw Will Geer in an episode of Bonanza!  I have also seen the actress who plays Aimee Godsey on Little House as well as several other actors.   

To comment on the years when the kids were growing up rapidly, I sometimes enjoy them more than when they were all school kids.  I find it sweet to watch Momma, Daddy and Grandma supporting each of the kids' ambitions, as well as the kids supporting each other as well.  One of my favorite "later" episodes is The Fastidious Wife.  Cindy is just about my absolute favorite add-on character.  Just perfect!  She has such a hard time deciding how to best keep her husband happy that she drives herself crazy but keeps denying it!   

Stephanie in WA

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Cindy was certainly a great match for Ben and I love her in the show too.  As you read through this digest you will find that there have been several Waltons related sightings, which is always great to note.

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Hello Karen my name is Rebecca and a HUGE fan of The Waltons. I was wondering if you could help me out in finding some old Waltons cookbooks? I have googled and found some but need to know more about where to order I have ordered some books from my local book store but I found a book titled Mary Ellen's Cook book and the Waltons Mountain Cook book if you could help me find the authors name that would be a great help. And would make an awesome Christmas gift. 

Thanks in advance, Beckie

KAREN’S COMMENT:  I have already replied to Beckie that the Waltons Mountain Museum have some listed in their store.  However I just wondered if anyone had one or more of these cookbooks and could do a bit of a review for us please?

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I think the best Christmas episode is indeed The Best Christmas.


KAREN’S COMMENT:  Absolutely!!! I trust you and Erin had a happy Christmas Donald.  It’s been fun watching the Waltons Forum during December for people who were participating in the Secret Santa over there.  Participants were to give a gift, and write a letter, from a Waltons character, to a Waltons character.  Sounded like a lot of fun.

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Hi Karen.  Thank you for all the information that you sent me.  I enjoyed reading all of it. I will get the hang of finding all these sites. 

I watch The Waltons pretty much every morning for 8:00 to 10:00.  I don't actually sit and just watch. I listen as I'm doing other things, so I'm not good a naming the episode I'm watching.  I'm not sure what season I am in but Jim Bob just found out he has a problem with his eyes and will not be able to be in the Air force as a pilot.  I enjoyed it.  I don't think I ever saw an episode that I thought was bad. 

It's cold here I think it is warm where you are but I'm not sure. 

Look forward to hearing from you and please know that I will always be polite. 

How many members are there? 

Thanks again


KAREN’S COMMENT:  I think it’s fun to have The Waltons on in the background so you can listen.  Makes it seem like you’re listening to a series on the radio!  I think you’ll find us a fairly well mannered group Jean.  I don’t have to take issue with this bunch very often. J  As to how many of us there are.  The Digest goes out to 360 people, many of whom I feel I have known as friends for a very long time indeed.

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Hi Karen, 

Just a quick note to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you again for the wonderful Waltons Digest. I can also report an unexpected Waltons sighting. I had the opportunity to re-watch one of my old movie favorites, The Reivers. It's based on a William Faulkner novel and starred Steve McQueen. Lo and behold, but the grandpa was played by none other than Will Greer. He was a bit more silent, but still possessed that grandfatherly love! 


KAREN’S COMMENT:  Hi Jim.  Always great to hear from you.  Now I haven’t ever heard of The Reivers, but checked it out on Internet Movie Database and sure enough, there was Will Geer as Boss.  It was made in 1969, so just before The Waltons.  But…did you notice that Ellen Geer, his daughter, was also in it.  Her role was Sally.  Speaking of Ellen, I didn’t know she had been in Desperate Housewives in 2007 either.  Great to see her on screen.

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I haven't written for a while, and I want to let you know I still enjoy the Digest very much. Thanks for keeping it going!

I have just received the most wonderful Christmas gift and I wanted to share my delight with all my fellow Waltons fans. My dear husband got me a CD of "The Waltons Christmas - Together Again". It has been a busy Christmas Day, and I just got the chance to slip into a quiet room and play it. It is just like having a warm, cozy family Christmas party! He also got me Season 4 of the show, as I am building my collection of the Season DVD's.

As the discussion of Waltons actors and actresses in movies and programs other than "The Waltons" is one of interest to me, I would like to add that I have seen Ellen Corby appearing as a character actress in so many things that it would be hard to name them all. It is amazing, really, to be watching an old movie, and suddenly see her familiar face! She truly had a long and successful career. I particularly like the part she played in the movie "I Remember Mama".

I hope everyone had a Happy Christmas, and I wish all a Happy New Year,

Mary Ann

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Don’t we love our partners for supporting our passion for The Waltons?  What a thoughtful husband you have.  I hope you enjoy watching Season 4.  With Ellen Corby, she had a very distinctive voice I think too.

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Hi Karen, 

I would like to join the list. I hope it is still going.  I think I was on it back in 2000 because I kept a copy of a comment I made regarding the Walton Christmas CD being at a local store. Don’t know what happened after that. Anyway, the internet has come a long way since then. Either still can't find anything, or bombarded with info.  I’m most interested in David Harper. Talk about nothing on the net :(   Only thing I found most recent is a listing saying he's an  "Art Dealer and Artist in Los Angeles" -- and that's dated 2004. 

Would appreciate any info you could give and any links to some sites you find helpful.  

Thank you, 


KAREN’S COMMENT:  David Harper has always been a very private person, especially since withdrawing from show business.  Apart from the information you found I have not much more to add.  However, have a look at this recent story and video clip: The Waltons on the Today Show

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I want to join for I love The Waltons TV show.  Why did they have to change Dr Curt to another person?  Do you have anything about the first Dr Curt that married Mary Ellen in The Waltons.

Also are there any CDs of Jon Walmsley singing the songs he sang on The Waltons?  I watch The Waltons on Hallmark.  Somehow Grandpa Waltons (Will Geer) is kin way back to my husband.  His grandmother was Winnie Geer.



KAREN’S COMMENT:  Barbara, interesting family connection there. I don’t know a lot about Will Geer’s family history, but somebody might.

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Hi Karen

I suppose you will receive lots of emails regarding this but I had to write anyway.  Last night Ralph Waite was on a show shown here in America called Cane.  It is a hourly program about two rich families feuding with each other, typical American drama these days!!!  Ralph Waite appeared two times as  a priest.  He does not speak in either appearance but at the end of the show their is a wedding ceremony, you do not see the priest performing the ceremony but it is Ralph's  voice.  You can't miss his voice.  It was so good to see him. 

Someone wrote that they had his address if they read this I would like to have it. 

Enjoy that warm weather!!!!! 

Have a blessed holiday season. 


KAREN’S COMMENT:  Great Ralph Waite spotting Jean.  You can write to Ralph at:

      Mr. Ralph Waite
      8840 Wilshire Blvd.
      Beverly Hills, CA. 90211

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