WALTONS DIGEST January - 2009

Hi everyone, 

Happy New Year to you all, and welcome to 2009.  It has been a very busy time over the Christmas and New Year period for us here in Melbourne as Rod and I have been working hard to catch up lots of jobs that needed to be done around the house.  We now have a lovely, freshly painted living/dining room which looks great.  We’ve also been busy organizing some tiling which has needed to be done, and we’re getting new carpet right throughout the house.  Lots of cleaning has been done, including what seems like millions of windows washed, and general clearing out.  We intend starting 2009 clean and tidy.  Knowing us, it won’t be as tidy by the end of the year.  I really would love an attic like The Waltons had in their house, but here in Australia, most homes don’t have them.  We have garages and sheds which seem to store all and sundry.

Although the Digest is a little later this month, I can tell you firstly that Season 8 was released this week (January 6) and mine is on its way here from Amazon.  Secondly, we have news that Season 9 will be released on April 28. 

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Kathy, everything you’ve said is so true.  I think Olivia would love that present.

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Hi.  I also love the Christmas Carol but what I like the most is the carol that they sing at the end.  It is so joyous and heartwarming brings tears to my eyes every time. 

We are decorating the tree here today and getting ready for Christmas. A new baby in the family this year, my nephew's son Gavin six months old.  He looks exactly like my brother.  One more joy for a year that has had so few for so many.

I wonder if anyone saw Ralph Waite on an episode of CSI the other night.  I also saw him when he was on NCSI about a month ago which was mentioned in a previous addition to Waltons digest.  Yes, he is older but is still the same voice those kind eyes.  It is great to see him in so many things this year.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas may peace and joy fill your homes now and for the coming year.

Jean from Michigan

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Yes, Ralph continues to pop up from time to time.  Great to see him still working.  I hope your Christmas was lovely, and that your little bundle of joy enjoyed his first Christmas with all his family.

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More on watches and clocks – So many times a small subplot will arise and suddenly you remember as in The Bequest that recently aired on Hallmark Channel. Grandma decides to use some of her inheritance to get Grandpa’s watch repaired. So now we know for a fact that Grandpa carried a watch. But I’m still waiting to catch sight of a clock in the house.  I now remember in The Minstrel when Mary Ellen runs off with the traveling troubadour, daddy John spends the night searching for her, returns to the house just before dawn. Olivia wants him to get some sleep but he sits up while she sleeps. Just after day break he looks at the clock on the beside table and wakes her. Why I didn’t remember there was a clock in their bedroom I’ll never know but isn’t it funny how such things that we take for granted were actually luxuries during the depression and right afterwards. No one would ask why a family had no clock on the fire place mantle back then because no family could afford one. Come to think of it – did the Baldwin sisters have a clock in their house? Such a magnificent estate would have probably sported a grandfather clock in the foyer or parlor.  Certainly Curt Willard would have had a clock in his doctor’s office. Mary Ellen is seen timing a patient’s heart rate but now I can’t remember if she was using a watch or looking at a wall clock. Curious, curious…….the more we watch the more we watch for what we miss seeing the last time, which is usually the umpteenth time at least for me. I can’t get enough of the Waltons or TAGS. 

Goodnight all,

Harriet, the nut from Mayberry

KAREN’S COMMENT:   Now that you’ve mentioned watches and clocks you’ll have us searching for them with each episode Harriet. LOL Yes, whilst they were a luxury, many watches would have been handed down from father to son.  I am certain that the Baldwins would have had a Grandfather clock in their house.  Keep watching for them!!

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Hi Karen, 

It's my turn to respond to your monthly newsletter.  My wife and I and my son, Aaron, watch one or two episodes per week.  We just started season #7.  Season #6 was basically without Grandma Walton.  What piqued our interest was the amount of episodes in which Grandma Walton was not mentioned or referred to as being in the hospital.  It puzzled us why the writers did not keep her more in touch with the audience.   

Jon out of Kalamazoo, MI 

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Perhaps it is puzzling.  She is mentioned in many episodes, but perhaps they’re earlier in her illness.  I suppose if they really weren’t sure whether Ellen Corby would be well enough to return to work on the show, it may have been a bit difficult to know what to do at the time.

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Greetings of the season to all of the digest members!!  Here in Virginia, in mid-December, it is.....raining.  Oh well....we don't often get a white Christmas, and I suspect this Christmas will be a green one too.  If we get snow, it is usually in January or February. 

I haven't read the digest in the past few months.....just busy I guess.  But I did want to comment on favorite episodes.  First, I can't pick just a few.....so many of them are favorites!  Usually though, my favorites come from the earlier seasons, when all the family lives at home and John Boy is still there.  I do love The Best Christmas.  That is my favorite Christmas episode, although I also like The Children's Carol.  Obviously The Children's Carol is a very different type of episode.  I do like that it shows a time in history that was very difficult for so many people.  It shows clearly how the events in England affected the children, but also the Waltons.  One of my favorite episodes is the Thanksgiving episode where John Boy gets hurt.  One of the reasons I love this episode is that the opening scene is so much like fall in Virginia.  But I love that they prepare the meal for days in advance, and that it is a large group of family and friends that gather at the table to celebrate.  I have ALWAYS loved The Homecoming.  The warmth and closeness of the family is never more evident than in that episode. 

As for watches being carried or worn by members of the Walton family, the only one I remember is Uncle Cody in "The Courtship".  It was given to him upon his retirement from the bank that he worked at.  I would imagine that John and Zeb would NOT have worn a watch (especially a pocket watch) since they worked daily with machinery, and something like that would have easily gotten caught up in the machinery.  My dad never wore a wedding ring because he often worked with machinery and he'd had a friend lose a finger due to his wedding ring getting caught on a machine.  Lost a finger because of it. 

I hope that the new year is a blessed one for all of you.  I wish for you good health, good friends, good times, and peace.

Nancy in VA

KAREN’S COMMENT:  I still didn’t get to watch The Homecoming again.  Thank you for your thoughts on the Christmas episodes.  We’ve had quite a lot of rain in December thankfully, which has helped our reservoirs, but out water levels are still really low.  Did you end up getting snow?  I would love to have a Christmas with snow.

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Hello everyone. Just wanted to say I noticed season 8 at Wal-mart last night and grabbed it up! Had to watch the first episode last night. You can definitely see the 80's hairstyles everyone has and the clothes certainly are more hip. Of course it doesn't seem the same without everyone, but it is still great and I will always enjoy watching. Take care everyone.

Tonya- from Florida

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Excellent to hear that you’ve got season 8 Tonya.  Interesting about the clothes and hair.  I’ll be sure to watch for that.

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I've been watching The Waltons since it was first shown on TV many, many years ago.  I am 75 years old (young?), was born in 1933 and do remember some things about the "Great Depression".  It was called just The Depression then.  Every once in awhile I would find an episode shown on Cable TV but, for the most part, do not see it anymore. 

When I saw it at Walmart last year, I was thrilled; however, as the price was prohibitive for a retiree, I simply asked my daughter for it for Christmas and she gave me seasons 2 thru 6.  I found the first season on Amazon.com and found the 7th season this past year at Walmart.  I couldn't find where there were more than 7 seasons and couldn't remember if this was true.  However, I recently found your website and realized there are two more seasons!  I just purchased the 8th season yesterday and can't wait to view it.  I have just recently been viewing all the DVDs again and am now in the 7th season (last disc) and can hardly wait to see season 8.  Do you have any idea when the 9th season will be available and is that the final season?  I can't remember . . . . Also, are the 3 Specials to which you refer on your website available on DVDs?  It's so good to talk to someone as enthusiastic about The Waltons as I am!  I'll be waiting for the Walton List each week.

Thanks for taking the time to run this website!


KAREN’S COMMENT:   We’ve had quite a number of new members over the Christmas period so welcome to all of our new people.  Glenda, I’ve added your email as way of an introduction for you.  What a lovely gift from your daughter for you.  Yes, Season 9 will be April 28, and yes, it’s the last season.  The later telemovie specials are yet to be released on DVD.  I hope you enjoy being a part of our group.

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I wanted to send this to you about the lady that wanted a cross stitch picture of the Walton house (Eve) – if she had a picture of it – all she needs to do is send it to the following place and they can make a cross stitch pattern out of it.  I did this for a baby picture once and it turned out great.  Could you pass this information along to her?  http://www.crossstitchphoto.com/index.html - Thanks a bunch.  I enjoy reading your digest every month – thank you for making it available to us Walton fans!  Tricia

KAREN’S COMMENT:  Tricia, this is brilliant of you.  Thanks so much for the website.  Eve, I hope you can finally get your cross stitch going.

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