Hi all you Waltons fans,

I have done some work at getting some of the back issues of the digest attached to my site and will let you know when some of them are available. I will be cutting out some of the letters which repeat information so I hope nobody will take offense if I edit their work. The problem is that some of the issues are quite long and take up a bit too much space on the site.

By the way, several sites that I have visited recently have mentioned that the TV Guide (Times?) at the end of June this year had a list of the best 100 episodes of television. I don't have access to this and I was wondering if any episodes of The Waltons were listed?

Enjoy the following letters. All the best, Karen.

From Alison:

I'm so pleased to find others who like (are addicted to) the Waltons. I love them all but am particularly fond of Jason. I love all the stories about him and Toni. Am I alone in liking the second John-Boy ?

Walton birth dates fascinate me. In the first series John-Boy says he is 17 and it is 1932, hence a birth in 1915 ( before John went off the WW1?). In the episode that introduce Matthew Fordwick Elizabeth is 5, hence a birth in 1927. So by the time the Hiroshima bombing (1945) John-Boy would be 30 and Elizabeth 18. They both seem to have worn well.

Am I right in assuming that Jason is older than Mary-Ellen ? And what order do Erin and Ben come in. Erin graduates from high school before Ben ( she is next after ME) and I have assumed the family goes, John-Boy, Jason, ME, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob, Elizabeth ( all at approximately two year intervals), however the later stories seem to make Ben older.

Has there been a more recent series set in the 1962, please fill me in I would love to see them but they've yet to be shown here in the UK. My mother has recently got back from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and she says that a new Waltons story was filmed there earlier this year. John-Boy has a child and he wants the child to be brought up in the "country" away from New York. Is there any truth in this?

KAREN'S COMMENT: As many of you know, Jason is a particular favorite of mine too. About the children's order of birth...I agree with you Alison. I always get confused as to who comes first: Ben or Erin. Does anyone know? I think there is only about 18 months difference between Jason and John Boy as there is a comment to this effect in The Breakdown (I think).

What do the rest of you feel about the 2nd John Boy? Personally I didn't like him as much as Richard Thomas's portrayal, but I didn't dislike him either. It must be very difficult for a second actor to step into a role that is already been crafted by another actor.

From Arthur:

Just a question, the "Blue Ridge Chronicles" as mentioned in Digest 23, is this a regular magazine, presumably produced by Ralph? If so, should I contact him to find out how to get them?

KAREN'S COMMENT: The Blue Ridge Chronicles is the newsletter of the Waltons Fan Club that is connected with the Museum and Ralph Giffin is the editor. Ralph is also a list member but you can contact him through his page Waltons page (the official one).

From Kim:

Showing episodes out of sequence: The Walton episodes are not that much out of order but it's still a bit confusing. I mean, they stick to the right season but they mix the episodes of that season. We are in season five now and I believe there were a few episodes where John Boy was walking around with a cane.(do you know why? I don't think he was acting it) So you had an episode with the cane, then one without the cane and then a few episodes later they had another episode where John Boy was still walking around with that cane. The same goes for Mary Ellen, one episode she's married, the next she's not.

KAREN'S COMMENT: It must be very confusing at times Kim. Soon you'll have Mary Ellen having a baby before she is even pregnant. :-)) I wondered about the cane too Kim. Does anyone know? I imagine there was some kind of a mishap. I remember that in the first episode where he appears with the cane (the one with the car driving through the window I think) there is an explanation about it but I can't remember what it was off hand, but somebody on the list might know. Keep watching here!