Hi everyone,

I have received a lot of mail about the movie and it sounds as though everyone enjoyed it. Many people have written and commented on the lack of continuity though, with it being set in the 1960's and John and Livvy only just celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary, when we fans know that they celebrated their 25th during the run of the show as they were heading into World War 2. Did this bother any of you? I welcome your comments on this.

Well over to you now, but first off is part of a message which I have just received from Earl Hamner and I thought that I would share it with you:

Dear Karen,

Thanks so much for your Easter e-mail. I am happy to report that the Walton Special did very good business indeed. It was against two good movies: A FEW GOOD MEN with Tom Cruise and THE TEN COMMANDMENTS with Charlton Heston, Moses, and all that crowd. And we BEAT them. In the overall ratings we came in the 8th show of the week. How's that for a backwoods family living during the depression. We are all elated and hope that you will be seeing the special soon. I know that it usually takes about a year for these broadcasts to reach other countries.

Earl Hamner.

From Julie:

I took more time to check out your web site again today, and I've really enjoyed it. Did you get to see the Waltons Easter special? If it didn't show there, I would be happy to tell you about it, although I'm sure you have friends who have already helped in that respect. It was pretty good, although I wondered what happened to Ike and Corabeth, and also to Ben's wife, Cindy, and to John-Curtis. Also, how could 1969, (when the program took place) be John and Olivia's 40th anniversary?? They certainly could not have been married in 1929!! And I was so surprised to see that the actresses who play the Baldwin ladies are still around! I knew Ellen Corby was still living, and it was great to see her.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Thanks for the compliments Julie. Does anyone know anything about the actors playing the Baldwin sisters? I think they are terrific characters and always laugh at their old fashioned ways. It's good to see Ellen Corby still on screen too.

From Randi:

Hi! My name is Randi Domino. Actually, my first clear memories of watching TV was of The Waltons. I have managed to get all of the specials and a few of the episodes on tape. My only problem is that I cannot make copies because I have one ancient VCR. I am 21 years old and a college student.

My personal favorite Walton is Mary Ellen. I'm not really sure why. Maybe it was because she was the first Walton I remember seeing. There was another television show called Star Games. It was like a show against show athletic competition. She was on one of the teams. I just happened to remember her name, I guess.

Something about the last few movies struck me as strange. Everyone made a big deal over John Curtis Willard being the first Walton grandchild. In the past three specials, there has been no mention of him whatsoever. Actually, in the Easter show, there is a statement about Mary Ellen having had three children. The last time anyone saw him, he must have been five or six. Does anyone find this odd or am I just losing it?

KAREN'S COMMENT: Yes it does seem strange that John Curtis isn't mentioned much, if at all. By this stage he should be having his own family too! And 3 children...remember in Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain, Mary Ellen had an accident and couldn't have any more children. Did they adopt the other two? Were any grandchildren seen at all in the latest movie? Perhaps we should all recap who had which children.

From Linda:

I am very impressed with your Waltons Home Page. I can not believe how similar we are with respect to this truly wonderful show. I have taped almost every episode aired, and find that at night, before I go to sleep, I must have my evening "fix", and tune in.

I set up my VCR to tape the new Easter special, and when I was about to settle down to a evening of the most enjoyable programming, found to my utter dismay, a program error. Hence, no Waltons!!! I can't believe how upset I was and still am. Would you know of any way, I can purchase a copy of this tape? (if one even exists).

I never watched the Waltons when they were on years ago. It was only recently, (3 years ago) that I discovered them, and it was love at first sight. I can't explain how refreshing the show is to me. It brings me such a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The way I believe life should still be. Ah yes. Though I am 44 years young, and really did not experience the era, I FEEL as though I have been there. I must have been born late I suppose. Anyway, if you have an answer re the tape, please let me know.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Well I am told that this video is available through Columbia House. Keep your eye on the digests as someone might be able to help you with their phone number or address.

From Elaine:

Did you see he Easter Walton special? I didn't know if it was broadcast there or not. I liked it. Every body lived happily ever after just like real life.

I have all my Walton Collectibles in storage right now. My husband and I are spending the next couple years traveling in motor home. I sold the house and the furniture but couldn't give up my collections. I don't have much. Sometimes I find something at an antique shop. The prices have gone up in recent years. I have the original Waltons board game, the 8" or 6" dolls of John Boy, Mary Ellen, Olivia and John and I think Grandma and Grandpa. I can't remember right now what else I have. I know about the record. I found a book that lists all the Waltons collectibles with pictures.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Does anyone else have any Waltons collectibles? I have four of the Waltons books (which I scanned for one of my pages) and I'm sure I have seen paperback books of The Easter Story and The Homecoming. Someone emailed me about the Waltons Christmas record which Elaine mentions. It apparently has messages from both Earl Hamner and Will Geer, as well as Christmas carols.

From Julie:

Hi, I have just received my first newsletter, and have really enjoyed reading it, and getting to "meet" some of my fellow Waltons fans. My name is Julie, and I live in New York City. I am married and have two children, a girl, Everett, who is 5, and a boy, Zack, who is 1.

I enjoyed the Waltons during its initial run, and re-discovered it several months ago on the Family Channel. I try to catch it as often as I can!

Karen, I think the web site is great; how many people do you have on the mailing list? I am curious to know how many fans there are out there! Keep up the good work!

KAREN'S COMMENT: Hi there Julie. There are currently 35 members on the list, and it is growing daily. I also receive a lot of mail from people asking and commenting about things other than the Waltons list so there are a lot of fans out there.

From Brenda:

I just want to say that I am enjoying this mailing list and everyone's comments. I want to respond to a few of them.

> KAREN'S COMMENT: I have often wondered what the countryside is like around the real >"Waltons Mountain". Is it like we see in the show?

Karen, no actually the countryside is different than what we see on TV. Mountains in the eastern US are different than those out west. The vegetation is different and eastern mountains tend to be thickly forested. Mountains out west have fewer trees and a drier climate. I think mountains in the east are more beautiful; folks out west might disagree though.

From James:

My name is James Kearney, and as you may have guessed from the surname, I am Karen's son. Unfortunately for me, I am the youngest in the family, at age 13. I became aware of The Waltons towards the end of last year, when we had the show come on to television. The main reason that I started to watch it was that my mum, Karen, really enjoyed the show, and as we have a lot in common, I thought that I might give it a go.

The first episode that I ever saw was The Anniversary, where Olivia buys a telephone as a surprise anniversary gift for John. I decided from then that The Waltons was to become one of my favorite shows.

I have quite a few outside interests other than The Waltons and the Internet, such as music, movies, and a variety of related areas. In case you're wondering, my e-mail address is different from my mums as I grew tired of sharing an address with my family, and quite often having mail read by others. So now I'm a member of Hotmail.

Anyway, I have to go now.

James Kearney.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Well as you can all see I have a son with a great deal of good taste!!! Some of you may notice that James was mentioned on my page. It was he who did the background tile for me. My other son Tim is definitely NOT a Waltons fan, but he did show me how to put the page together and has made a lot of suggestions for it, so I guess I just have to accept his odd TV tastes. :-)

From Shirley,

My name is Shirley and I have been a fan of the Walton ever since they first appeared on TV. I am a mother of two smart and loving boys. I myself grew up with a family of seven children, just like the Waltons. I never grew up with any grandparents around, so watching the Waltons and seeing Grandpa and Grandma Walton was a delight to me. At this time we don't get the Waltons on any of the channels here in Ottawa, Canada, but maybe some day it will return. Besides the grandparents I had a great liking for John Boy and felt he was my brother too.

My oldest brother was more like Ben, while my oldest sister was more like Mary Ellen. My youngest brother was a dreamer like Jim-Bob, while my youngest sister was like Elizabeth. My sister Joan was like Erin and Jason seemed more like myself, while John Boy is so much like my brother Jerry.

The Homecoming has been a favorite in our family for years and a year never goes by without seeing it.

I was lucky to see the latest movie called "A Walton's Easter". It brought tears and joy, just seeing the Walton family again. It was great to see Grandma once again.

I so much would have liked to know what John Boy named the babies.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Were there any clues as to what John Boy may have named those babies? I know they mentioned babies names when Toni and Jason were having theirs in A Walton Wedding.

From Dot P:

I live in a small town north of Toronto, Ontario (Blue Jay Country). I am married and have four children and six grandchildren.

I started watching The Waltons in 1984. I was in Hospital and after serious back surgery. I was unable to sleep, because of pain so I watched TV and The Waltons were on. I was hooked. I had missed them when the series was on because I worked afternoons at the local Hospital. When I got out, I went to research the author. The more episodes I saw the more I became addicted. My children teased me a lot and said "We don't stop for tea, Everything stops for The Waltons. We haven't had any reruns here for quite a while. I have bought all the books and video tapes I can get my hands on.

We have been to Schuyler twice but I just learned about the museum since I got my computer a few weeks ago. I also learned that they had a reunion at Schuyler on March 1. If I had only know a day sooner, we would have gone. All the cast and Mr. Hamner were there.

I corresponded with Mr. Hamner for a few years but because of circumstances, I didn't get back to him. He sent me a complete list of all the episodes and the dates they were aired.

I enjoyed The Easter Story on Sunday, but I could not get over how different everyone except Richard Thomas, looked since the last one in 1993. About the time lapse, I think it should have been their 50th anniversary. That would have made their wedding in 1919 and John Boy (Mr. Hamner) born in 1923. If his mother was alive, she would have caught that, as she was the Technical Advisor on the series. The only other thing that was disappointing was there were a lot of the main characters missing. Especially Ike and Corabeth. Does anyone know what they are doing? I mean the actors or course.

I watched the interview on Rosie and I thought I would cry when Richard Thomas told the story of the Vietnam POW, who told him that they did the goodnight thing to keep track of who was still there.

Well my biggest hope is to meet Mr. Hamner someday. I came close one time, but he had gone to Canada fishing. God willing I will .

By the way are there any other Canadians on the list?

Sincerely Dorothy.

KAREN'S COMMENT: Does anyone know what the other actors from the series are doing now such as Ike and Corabeth? Let us know if you do.