Hi Waltons Fans,

Happy New Year. I trust you all saw the new year in safely and didn't get up to too much mischief. It's amazing to think that it's 1999 already. Where did 1998 go?

I'm off to Sydney for a few days this week so the next digest won't be for another two weeks time. They'll be back to the normal one per week by February though. Please continue to send you contributions to me though so that we will have a nice big letter for the end of January.

The Waltons in Australia has just begun the third season this week. You'll never guess what our first episode was though. No it was NOT "The Conflict"! We had "The Song". Can you believe it? They pick the episode which aired nearly at the end of the season. Oh well. We had John Boy graduating in season 2, but then finding him back at school later in the week too. Mind you we've completely missed "The Easter Story" and "The Bequest"...don't ask me why. Very confusing for us Australians that's for sure. I have found a list of the episodes with their production numbers and this seems to be the list Foxtel are following.

I just had a look at a Little House on the Prairie page which has been around for quite some time now, and whose face should appear there but Richard Thomas. You might like to have a look. It's a photo from "Beyond The Prairie: The True Story Of Laura Ingalls Wilder". You can see it on:


Keep your comments coming in. I always look forward to all of the letters, comments, information etc which comes in from all over the place. By the way, all of the digests from 1998 are now up on the digest archives site. You can catch up on any you might have missed at:



Talk to you all again in a couple of weeks.

Goodnight everyone,



Just a quick note to Donald's question as to whether Harley's pardon was among the final papers signed by President Roosevelt. I remember the episode clearly, and John says that he was able to get the matter before Roosevelt and it was one of the last things he signed before dying.

By the way, I'm a big tennis buff, and my ears are beginning to point toward the Australian tennis season. It usually provides a rollicking start to the year of professional tennis in some fairly brutal conditions. Is your heat humid or dry?


KAREN'S COMMENT: I'm glad you could clear that query up. It's been well over 10 years since I've seen many of the later episodes. The tennis season is well under way here, with the Hopman Cup and various other tournaments being played in the other states. It all leads up to the Australian Open, and as you probably know, the weather does get VERY hot around then. Down here it is a fairly humid heat, although Sydney is more so. It does vary from day to day though.

Good digest full of new info this week Karen!

Arthur did mention to the loop members that the BBC did not allow radio transmissions during the war. Very interesting fact indeed. I guess the Walton's screenwriters were not accurate on all their information! I am sure those who follow historical facts will find many more errors. I don't seem to notice them at all. I don't have that keen eye!


KAREN'S COMMENT: No I tend to miss things like that too, Cindy. There's been a few pointed out lately. They're always interesting I think.

Hello from Geri Ann in Phoenix, Arizona.

Someone asked about the whereabouts of a lot of the supporting actors on the show. I, too, would love to know about that. Especially Michael and Marshall Reed, who played John Curtis as an infant and toddler, and then the little boy who played him at about age 6 in the initial reunion movies in the early 80's. (That same little boy, I think, was in "Little House on the Prairie" at the same time.) And the little red-haired baby who played Virginia as a baby, and then the red-haired girl who played her at about age four or five in the early 80's reunion movies. I'd love to know where all these children are now! I always thought the Reed twins were just adorable as John Curtis. It's so strange to think that wherever they are, they're all grown up now!

KAREN'S COMMENT: These children are probably grown up and almost in College by now. It would be fun to know more about them.

I believe some of the old Nanny and the Professor fans might have a picture of David Doremus somewhere? Had a very good Christmas-it had been very cold for 2 days earlier in the week and there was ice on Wednesday. Then it cleared out Christmas eve and it was delightful on Christmas day. Was invited to my friends townhouse for Christmas dinner however there was a confusion on the time and so I arrived at 2pm and the turkey wasn't ready. So we watched 2 football games until 5pm when the turkey was finally ready. Got to get some wonderful pictures of the townhouse as well and then the dinner was wonderful. Before leaving I got to see Day of Infamy and part of the Children's Carol, although I had seen both the week before. Then when I got home after 7pm I saw the Spirit, which I had also seen the week before

Glad to hear there is another Waltons Fan in the Dallas area. Duncanville where Rona lives is about 18 miles southwest of where I live-I live in the north part of town in an independent municipality called University Park

Donald F Nelson

KAREN'S COMMENT: An old Nanny and the Professor picture would be great. There are a couple on the Internet but they only have the adults in them that I've seen.


While doing some web surfing tonight, I came across this TV Guide site that has Vital Stats of ' 50s, ' 60s, & ' 70s Classics. And they have the Waltons listed.


Based on a piece, it says...

" Jon Walmsley (Jason Walton) married Lisa Harrison, whom he met on the set of the series. Harrison played one of John Boy's girlfriends."

Now I have a question: Did Lisa Harrison play a girlfriend of John Boy? And if so, what episode did she play in?



KAREN'S COMMENT: We'll have to ask our fans who have databases about this one I think, but I suspect this is wrong. My recollection was that Lisa appeared first as Jason's girlfriend.

Hi Karen,

Last Sunday viewers in the UK and Ireland were treated not only to our weekly 'fix' of 'The Waltons', but also to the feature-length 'A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain'. Even though this is one of the early follow-ups, the inaccuracies are already evident. It is the story where John Curtis's 'invisible friend' turns out to be Grandpa.

At the end of the movie, Earl Hamner's voice-over refers to John Curtis as 'the great grandson he never knew'!! But Grandpa was alive when John Curtis was born, and actively canvassing or the baby to be called Zebulon after himself.

Tricia Slattery

KAREN'S COMMENT: I see what you mean Tricia, but I've always interpreted that to mean that Grandpa died when John Curtis was so young that he never got to know him. You could definitely be right though. I love that reunion actually.

Hi there everyone,

It's nice to know that someone out there is having a warm Christmas. The weather here has been wet , miserable and blowing a gale! I was glad to know that I'm not the only one who spotted the Australian accent coming from the 'English girl' in the episode of the 2 orphaned cockney children ! It was a little off putting at times, as was the way the girl phrased things like 'me and Pip thanks you marm.'! Not one of my favourite episodes !

We are actually getting 'Day of Thanks on Waltons Mountain' this Sunday (2 Jan) after 'The Celebration'. It's billed as a Premiere showing on terrestrial TV so I can't wait.

I spotted the guy who plays Sheriff Bridges in a war film the other day but now I can't remember the name of it.

We had another showing of 'It's a Wonderful Life' (James Stewart) over Christmas and in one scene Grandma turns up! I'm sure she was also in the 1940's version of Little Women (June Allison etc) as a housekeeper (when Jo goes to New York). Any other observations out there?

Well, I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Ours was nice and quiet. It's lovely having the children off for the holidays. No rushing around, no school run and no running them around to all their after school activities for 2 whole weeks. Bliss!

Bye for now,

Baz , England

KAREN'S COMMENT: I actually thought the young girl did a fairly good job with her English accent, although I did notice her lapsing into an Australian one at times. I know she had a coach for that part, as I've read that in an article about her. No doubt though, you would tend to notice it more, just as we notice those actors putting on Australian accents and cringe at many of them.

Hello everyone! I am new to the list and happy to be here! I just recently started watching the Waltons and quickly grew to love it! I especially like the character John Boy because I too want to become a writer.

I had a question maybe someone could answer. Ashley Longworth Jr. was recently on a episode I saw and I couldn't help but think that I've seen him somewhere before. Does anyone know who plays that character??

Looking forward to "reading" you! =)


KAREN'S COMMENT: Welcome Nicole. Ashley is played by Jonathon Frakes of Star Trek fame...now do you know him? He's certainly been a busy actor. Check him out at: