The Arrival of Aimee Godsey

During "The Great Motorcycle Race" in season 5, we discover that Ike and Corabeth Godsey are adopting a baby and they expect a phone call to collect it very soon. The nursery has been prepared and all is ready for the baby. At last the phone call comes and the two "expectant" parents charge off to collect their new baby boy, promising to call in at the Walton home to show him off.

When they arrive for their visit though, they have a young girl with them, Aimee (spelt the French way) and not the baby boy they had been expecting. They introduce Aimee as their new daughter and later explain that the baby's mother had changed her mind at the last minute, and although they were disappointed, young Aimee stole their heart as she was just sitting "forlornly" on her bed. Her parents had been drowned in an accident some time before. Esther Walton says that Aimee is certainly a girl who could use some mothering. And so Aimee came to live on Walton's Mountain with the Godsey's.

Things didn't go too smoothly though, as Aimee realised when she saw her nursery/bedroom that Ike and Corabeth had really wanted a baby and she says that Corabeth is funny around her, rather stiff and not really herself. The two do come to understand each other though, and so Ike, Corabeth and Aimee become a real family.


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Corabeth answers the phone to get the news that their baby is ready to be collected.


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Aimee, as she is when she is first introduced to the Walton family.


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Ike and Corabeth explain to Esther and Zeb Walton, how the baby adoption fell through, but how Aimee stole their hearts.


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Aimee shares her fears, with Elizabeth, that Ike and Corabeth don't really like her and that they wanted a baby instead. She tells Elizabeth in disgust that she has bunnies on her bedroom walls, and that all the toys are for a baby.


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Mother and daughter finally come to a understand each other and discover that they need each other. They are seen here sharing some private thoughts and their first hug.



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