John and Olivia - 25th Wedding Anniversary


During the course of the show, John and Olivia celebrated to marriage milestones.  The first in The Honeymoon, when they celebrated their 20th anniversary by having their rather belated honeymoon, and the second in The Silver Anniversary, where they celebrated 25 years of marriage.

During the later telemovie, A Walton Easter, they also hit another milestone, with the family getting together once more, to celebrate their 40th anniversary.


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With John and Olivia Walton's 25th wedding anniversary fast approaching, both are going out of their way to keep their gifts a secret from one another, but at the same time get them organised. Olivia's gift to John is a telephone, a huge surprise to him when it rings and it's Erin on the other end.


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Part of John's surprise is to talk his wife to the photographer and get their photograph taken together. Here are some of the results.

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Jim Bob has his own surprise organised, with this 25 stuck on the Walton roof. Unfortunately he had so many light globes that he blew the fuse to the house.  Grandpa and the children had their own surprise which backfired too, when their planned surprise party didn't go ahead because the happy couple never arrived home! Instead, Grandpa realised that John had planned a surprise of his own up on the mountain, and the family packed the party up and set off to find John and Olivia.


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John had surprised Olivia with a gazebo on the top of the mountain. He had also supplied a record player for dancing and some champagne. Very romantic.


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With cake, Jason's music and their family around them, John and Olivia happily look back on their 25 years together.



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