Grandma and Grandpa - Married 50 Years


The episode in season 2, The Heritage, is all about a salesman seeing the beauty of Waltons Mountain, and making a very generous offer to John Walton, to buy the Walton home and the mountain. During this episode, many of the family members, especially John and Olivia, John Boy and Zeb and Esther, reminisce about what their mountain home means to each of them. As John Boy says, their home, the mountain, and the family members are all part of the heritage which they will pass onto future Walton generations...a heritage that he fears that Jim Bob and Elizabeth have only really just begun to experience.

Needless to say, the episode ends happily, with John having decided against selling out. His parents, Esther and Zebulon, have a party at the end, with their family and friends, to celebrate their golden wedding anniversary

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Zeb and Esther sit on their mountain, reminiscing about their 50 years together, each describing what the mountain has meant to them.


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John Boy takes some time to visit the old chimney on Waltons Mountain, the site of the home of Rome and Rebecca Walton, the first Walton settlers on the mountain.

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Zeb and Elizabeth visit the family cemetary to tidy some of the burial plots.  Zeb tells John that he and Esther always expected that they would live here on the mountain until their deaths, then be buried in this cemetary.

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Grandpa shows family and friends that, depite his years, he can still dance with the best of them.

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Grandma watches on, probably wondering if her "old fool" is going to be able to safely complete his dance!

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Finally he allows her to join him on the dance floor.

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John Boy looks on thoughtfully, as his grandparents dance together, comtemplating their 50 years together, and also his own family's future on the mountain.

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Jason and friends are happy to provide the music.


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Friends, family and Blue, all share in the festivities of the Golden Wedding Anniversary Party.


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