Earl Hamner has had many books published, including The Homecoming, the book which the first Waltons movie was based on.

Bantam Books published three Waltons books, which were novelized episodes of the show. Each of these books were written by Robert Weverka. These books stay fairly close to the storyline of the script are twined very cleverly together. They are titled:

"The Waltons" (1974) which combines the episodes of "The Love Story" and "The Reunion".

"The Waltons: Trouble on the Mountain" (1975) which combines the episodes of "The Typewriter" and "The Separation".

"The Waltons: The Easter Story" (1976) which novelizes the episode of "The Easter Story", where Olivia is stricken with polio.

Whitman Books published a set of six novels based on the series in 1975. Each one seems to be an adventure revolving around one of the six younger Walton children and they are very much written in the same style as the series. The books are "The Bird Dog", "The Puzzle", "The Penny Sale", "The Treasures", "Up She Rises!" and "The Accident". Although these books are based on the series, and use the characters from the series, they do not draw upon any of the episodes.

There were also a small collection of very simple picture books, mostly based around Elizabeth. Two such books are: "The Waltons and the Birthday Present" published by Little Golden Books, and "Elizabeth and the Magic Lamp", which I think may be a Whitman book.