The Mego company made a set of dolls based on The Waltons characters and these are very much in demand today, especially those in their boxes. Now I have to say that I collect dolls and personally I think these are the ugliest dolls I have ever seen. Unfortunately I don't think they resemble the characters at all, as do their costumes, and the names are wrong too! Having said that though, I know that many people do collect them and value them in their collections. They are certainly bringing a reasonable price when sold.

Marks on the back of the dolls say "Mego Corp. Lorimar Inc. 1974".

There are three sets, each with two dolls in the box. There are "Grandma and Grandpa", "Mom and Pop" and "JohnBoy and Ellen". Now as any true Waltons fan would know, "Mom and Pop" should be "Mama and Daddy" and, of course, "Ellen" is really "Mary Ellen"!