Erin's Graduation


Erin Walton's graduation featured during Season 5, the episode "The Career Girl".  It seems that everyone else in Erin's graduating class knows just what they are going to be doing with their lives, with the exception of Erin, who seems to have no idea. She thinks of her older brothers and sister who all seemed to have a clear idea of what they wanted to do and she feels that she is strange because she doesn't. By the end of the episode though, she has found her niche and goes on from there.


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The sign for the Walton's Mountain school where Erin and the other Walton children studied.


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Miss Hunter was the teacher of Erin's graduating class.


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Naturally, Erin looked just gorgeous on the special day.


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John Boy was called upon to give the graduation address when the superintendant's car went into ditch.


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Erin had most of her family and many friends present at her graduation ceremony and the party afterwards. Here is her mother, Olivia Walton.


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Erin's Daddy, John Walton, and brothers Ben and Jim Bob.


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Newly weds, Mary Ellen and Curt Willard, were also present.


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Grandpa Zebulon Walton gives Erin a special gift from her Grandmother, who was in hospital at the time.



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