Erin and Paul's Wedding Album

Erin Walton meets Paul Northridge in the episode "The Lumberjack" (season 9) when she literally bumps into him as she is leaving Ike Godsey general store. Paul has already had a run in with Ben Walton though, so things are a little tense when Erin invites Paul home for dinner. Romance blossoms though despite the differences in the couple's backgrounds, and Paul finally pops the question in "A Wedding on Waltons Mountain" (movie special 1982).

Trouble is looming though, when Ashley Longworth Junior reappears on the mountain. Paul is jealous as Ashley tries to win Erin's affections again.  Finally Ashley shows his true colours to Erin though as he tries to sabotage the Walton's lumber business, and seeing Ashley in such a bad light makes Erin realise that Paul is her true love.

Here are some favourite snaps of Erin Walton's marriage to Paul Northridge.

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Here is Paul father helping Paul to tie his tie in preparation for the wedding ceremony. Paul always calls his father "Sir" but his father asks if finally he can be called something else, so Paul then calls him "Pops" instead.


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A lovely moment for Erin is when she is surprised to find her Grandmother standing at the bottom of the stairs at the Walton home, waiting for her to finish getting ready, Especially since Erin's Mama, Olivia, was unable to attend the day. She was back at the Arizona clinic still trying to beat tuberculosis.

Grandma tells Erin "I love you".


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Proud father, John Walton, has Erin on his arm as they prepare to walk down the aisle at the Walton's Mountain Church.


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Ben and Cindy's daughter, Virginia Walton, makes a beautiful flowergirl at Erin's wedding. Here she is throwing petals down before Erin walks in.  Page boy was John Curtis Willard.


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Having completed his page boy duties, he sits on the knee of Mary Ellen's new beau, Jonesy, and prepares to blow bubbles with his gum. Jonesy is trying to take it out!


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Here we can see Daddy, Grandma and Virginia at the church, with Jim Bob and Jonesy sitting behind them.


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After a rocky romance with Erin being torn between Ashley Longworth Junior and Paul Northridge, Paul finally gets his Erin to the alter.


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Finally Erin and Paul make their wedding vows before their family and friends.



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