The Waltons:
Fan Club Information

As I am forever being asked about Walton's Fan Clubs, I decided to add this page to the site. There are three Walton's fan clubs you can join. Please contact the club you are interested in for further information.

The Friends of The Waltons

This fan club is part of the Walton's Mountain Museum. Members are sent a newsletter every three months, and receive free admission to the Museum and a discount on all purchases. This newsletter publishes articles about The Waltons, The Waltons Museum, the Hamner family etc. It makes for excellent reading. The contact address is:

Friends Of The Waltons,

The Walton's Mountain Museum,

PO Box 124,

Schuyler, VA 22969,


The Waltons International Fan Club

This is a more recent fan club, started in 1992. Members receive a newsletter every three months and this fan club organizes a reunion at Schuyler each year, as well as other social activities. This is an excellent newsletter with lots of articles, features and interviews about The Waltons and the actors. The contact address is:

Carolyn Grinnell, President,

The Waltons International Fan Club,

PO Box 1055,

Kernersville, NC 27285,


The Waltons Friendship Society

This fan club is based in England and began 1990. This club also publishes a quarterly newsletter. I can't tell you what this newsletter is like as I haven't seen a copy however the contact address is:

Irene Porter,

Waltons Friendship Society,

Riding Gate House, Riding Gate,

Wincanton, Somerset,

BA9 8NG,


The Walton Legacy

The following is some information on a video called "The Walton Legacy" which has been produced and is available for sale. It is a documentary about Schuyler, Earl Hamner and the Hamner family. It contains some interviews with some of the cast members and some of the people from Schuyler. I have a copy and highly recommend it to all fans.

If you are interested you can obtain further details from:


WVPT Public Television

298 Port Republic Road

Harrisonburg, VA 22801

Alternatively email Tracey Jewell, the producer of "The Walton Legacy" at <>.