Linda Watkins

One episode of The Waltons which always seems to be listed among Waltons fans favorite episodes, is "The Journey". This episode, which opened season 2, won an award and several nominations for best direction. Linda Watkins, in her role as Maggie McKenzie, the elderly lady who tricked John Boy into driving her to the sea just once more before she died, helped to make this episode such a memorable one.

Linda Watkins was born in Boston, on May 23rd, 1908. She studied her craft at the Theatre Guild and subsequently went on to become a major theatrical star. Her first stage appearance came in 1926 in The Devil in the Cheese. Throughout her acting career, she appeared in a great many well known plays, including The Wild Duck, Hedda Gabbler, and The Skin of Our Teeth. She also spent some time touring in Europe in 1945, for U.S.O. with the play Here Today. The play toured for eight months, and played in France, Germany and Austria.

She began her film career in 1931, appearing in such films as Good Sport and The Gay Callabero, but she never really achieved stardom, so she returned to the stage until the late 1950's. She made several more films from then on, including From Hell It Came, As Young As We Are, The Parent Trap and finally, Huckleberry Finn in 1974.

Miss Watson also made several other television guest appearances, and could be seen on such shows as Bonanza, The Munsters (playing Lydia Gardner), Gunsmoke (several times), The Investigators and Perry Mason. Linda Watson died in 1976.