Erin Moran

Erin Moran, in her role as Joannie Cunningham, with Scott Baio. Picture courtesy of the Nick at Nite web site. To visit the Nick at Nite web site, go to:
"The Song" was an episode which aired during season 3, and guest starred Erin Moran as Sally Ann, the young girl who inadvertently caused trouble between Ben and Jason because she made Ben very jealous by singing with Jason.

Erin was born in Burbank, California, in 1960 and by the time she made this episode of The Waltons she had been acting for several years and had already had two continuing roles in television series. She made her first television commercial and the age of six, and later went on to join the cast of Daktari from 1968-69 in the role of Jenny. She began a regular role on The Don Rickles Show in 1972. During her early years she often guest starred in shows such as The Courtship of Eddie's Father and Family Affair.

She also went on to make several movies and telemovies such as How Sweet it Is!, 80 Steps to Jonah, The Watermelon Man and Lisa Bright and Dark. Finally she won the featured role of Joannie Cunningham in the hit series Happy Days and she as the series went on, she was gradually billed as a co-star. In 1982 she left Happy Days for a short time to star with Scott Baio in a Happy Days spin-off called Joannie Loves Chachi. Unfortunately the show wasn't a success, and she returned to Happy Days for its final year. The last Happy Days show ever featured the wedding of Joannie to Chachi.

Since the demise of Happy Days, Erin continued to guest in several series including Murder She Wrote and Hotel. She also appeared in a couple of television movies such as Twirl and Galaxy of Terror.

Erin seemed to drop out of sight for some time then, but re-emerged during the 1990's to add another couple of appearances to her list…a guest role in Diagnosis Murder and another in Dear God.