Sian Barbara Allen

Sian (behind), with Patty Duke, in You'll Like My Mother. It's interesting to note that this film was made in 1972, and also starred Richard Thomas.
Sian Barbara Allen was born on July 12th, 1946, in Reading, PA. She was the actress who stole John Boy's heart, and the hearts of many Waltons fans, in her role as Jenny Pendleton. She appeared twice on The Waltons: in "The Love Story" and in "The Thanksgiving Story". It's interesting to note that both episodes were nominated for various awards.

Allen was most active as an actress during the early 1970's, when she appeared both in films and also on television movies and series. Films she made included You'll Like My Mother and Billy Two-Hats.

She also appeared in several television movies including The Family Rico, The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case, Scream Pretty Peggy and Eric. She also made guest appearances in shows such as Bonanza, Alias Smith and Jones, The Rockford Files, and Hawaii Five-O.

It was in 1973 that she was nominated for a Golden Globe award, for the most promising new actress. As the 1970's finished though, Sian seemed to have retired from acting and was enjoying a more private life.