Sally Boyden

This photograph of Sally shows her in a 1983/84 production of The Sound of Music, where she played the role of Liesl.
The young Australian actress, Sally Boyden, began her show business career when she was discovered by the producers of a very popular variety show called Young Talent Time, at the age of 7. This was in 1974, and she continued to sing and dance on that show until she left in 1976. By then she had appeared weekly on television, performed at live concerts and recorded a very successful record album.

After Sally left the show she was asked to screen test for a joint US and Australian produced movie called Barnaby and Me. She won the role and appeared in the movie with Sid Caesar and Juliet Mills. Following her success in this movie, she decided to try her luck in America, and won roles in Lassie - The New Beginning and, of course, The Waltons, where she appeared as the young refugee from London, Tess, in "The Children's Carol".

Roles in other movies quickly came her way, and she made The Little Dragons and the musical movie The Adventures of Holly Hobbie. On this film she also recorded the title song with the Billy Joel Band.

Returning to Australia, Sally went on to make television appearances on very popular Australian shows such as The Sullivans and Skyways, a mini series for children called Come Midnight Monday, and another Australian movie, Dead Man's Float. In between she found time in her schedule to appear in stage productions of Peter Pan (playing Wendy) and The Sound of Music (playing Liesl).

Not long after this, she left Australia to live in London, and tried her hand at writing songs. She was signed as a songwriter for EMI and went on to write several songs for David Cassidy, Leo Sayer and Shakin' Stevens. She also went on to feature as a singer on one of David Cassidy's albums. I believe that she is still successfully writing songs, and living happily in London.