The Waltons Playset

The Waltons Playset is a playset of the Walton home. It was made by Amsco and was made of fiberboard and was diecut. The child had to assemble it themself. It included the Walton home as well as the family members, with plastic stands, the truck, the seesaw, the porch swing and a rocking chair. It is this playset which is pictured here.

There also appears to have been another Waltons house produced, this time by Mego, in 1975, and it was designed to be used with the Mego dolls. This one was called "The Waltons Farmhouse" and was made of chipboard. It was 24" tall and 35" long. It also had several pieces of furniture and a plastic radio.

The Waltons Truck

This is a die-cast metal replica of the Walton family's pick up truck.