While the show was screening, there were many types of Waltons merchandise appearing on the market, some of which is quite collectible today, especially some of the bigger items, such as the Waltons house. Thanks to one very kind visitor, who has a big collection of Walton's memorabilia, I am now able to show you far more items than before. Thank you Joan, for the beautiful clear photos of your collection, and for allowing us all to share them.

Books based on The Waltons

Waltons Record and Lunch Box

Waltons Dolls

Paper Dolls

Coloring Books and Activity Books

Waltons Game and View-Master

Waltons Playset and Truck


There are also other collectibles which I am still finding out about. One is a set of cards which came with chewing gum, each one with a scene from The Waltons on one side and a small piece of a scene on the other . Once the entire set was collected, the cards could be put together like a jigsaw puzzle, to create a big picture of The Waltons.

I have also discovered that there were a set of cigar bands based on the show. Each one had a different picture of one of the Walton family members.

Joan, the lucky owner of most of these fabulous Waltons items, told me that she found the magazine "Toy Shop" particularly useful, and has bought most of her things from dealers advertising in it. Another great place from Waltons memorabilia is Ebay Auctions on the internet. Do a search for "Waltons". I have also used several other places for books and magazines. You could try THE WORLD OF TV TOYS, TV GUIDE Specialists and Classic TV Books for vintage magazines. I've bought from each one very successfully. As for the books, have a look at Bibliofind Book Search and do a search for "Waltons". This will tell you of all the used bookstores who have Waltons books in stock. I have used a couple of stores chosen from Bibliofind to buy some of my Waltons books. Finally, have fun with your collecting, and don't forget to look around your local area too. You never know what treasures you might find.