Mary Ellen and Curt's Wedding Album


Mary Ellen meets Curtis Willard when Dr Vance moves from Waltons Mountain, and the community gets together to advertise for a new Doctor.   The episode is The Wedding, a 2 hour special from season 5.  There is a love/hate relationship from the word go.  Mary Ellen had quickly become engaged to another doctor she worked with, David Spencer, but with Curt's arrival on the mountain, she finds that she needs to spend time with him as he learns about the mountain people.   Mary Ellen, along with other town people, find Dr Willard so blunt that he is offensive, but Mary Ellen is quick to add that he is a very good doctor.

Erin is aware that there are feelings developing between the new doctor and her sister, and when she intercepts a note from Curt to Mary Ellen, she is quick to burn it. Dr Willard then disappears mysteriously with money which was raised to by medical equipment and the note contained information on where he could be reached. Fortunately no harm is done and when Curt arrives back at the Walton home, complete with the medical equipment he has bought, he yells out his marriage proposal to Mary Ellen in front of her family.

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Mary Ellen asks Curt if he thinks his unromantic proposal is really a proposal at all.


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Curt's reply to Mary Ellen is that it is the only one she will get from him.


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And so the couple were married at the site of the first Walton homestead...that of Rome and Rebecca Walton on Walton's Mountain.

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The Reverend Matthew Fordwick officiated at the ceremony.


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The couple making their vows.

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Proud parents, Olivia and John Walton, watch as their eldest daughter is the first of their children to marry.

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Also watching were Mary Ellen's very proud grandparents, Esther and Zeb. Grandpa looks like he is remembering his own wedding day.

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John Boy was Curt's best man. He and Curt had become friendly, especially since John Boy had seen Curt fighting the mining company he had worked for, in court, trying to get better, healthier and safer working conditions for the miners.

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This photo shows Erin as Mary Ellen's bridesmaid. Mary Ellen and Erin seemed to become closer as the two sisters grew up.


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Other guests at the wedding included Ben and Jason, Mary Ellen's brothers...

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... Jim Bob and Elizabeth, with their cousin Corabeth Godsey.

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The Baldwin sisters, Mamie and Emily, and Nurse Nora were also wedding guests.

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Curt gives Mary Ellen a wedding ring as a token of their love.

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And finally the groom gets to kiss the bride!


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