Mary Ellen and Jonesy's Wedding Album

The wedding of Mary Ellen Walton to Arlington Wescott Jones 3rd came about after her first marriage to Curtis Willard ended.  She had been notified that Curt had been killed in the Pearl Harbour attack only to find some time later that he was alive, but quite a different man. Curt asked for a divorce.

So Mary Ellen's second marriage took place in the second of the 1982 movie specials, Mother's Day on Waltons Mountain. Jonesy had been introduced to us during season 9 and the romance blossomed and finally the young couple became husband and wife. Jonesy got along very well with Mary Ellen's young son, John Curtis, and called him Johnny.


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The happy couple celebrated their wedding reception at the home of Mary Ellen's family, the Walton home. Here Jonesy is toasting their future together, and thanking a fairly shady car salesman who sold him a bomb which broke down and led him to meet Mary Ellen.


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John Curtis, Elizabeth and Jason at the wedding reception, where both Elizabeth and Jason are trying to talk John Curtis out of another piece of wedding cake. Elizabeth asks if John Curtis wants to become as fat as Santa Claus, and John Curtis's happy reply is "Yes!".


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Also enjoying the reception are newlyweds, Paul and Erin Northridge, and Cindy and Ben Walton. Cindy is quite pregnant with their second baby.


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Guests Ike and Aimee Godsey are discussing her art abilities with the Reverend and his wife. Aimee comments that she doesn't "do religious art". We later find that she prefers the little clothed body of Elizabeth's boyfriend, Drew.


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The new bride, Mary Ellen Walton, chats with Corabeth Godsey at the reception. I believe that Corabeth is asking about the honeymoon plans for after the nuptials and that she shows some disdain when Mary Ellen happily informs her that the happy couple are going camping.


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Ike, Aimee, Elizabeth and the minister's wife enjoying the reception.


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Jim Bob "decorates" Jonesy's car while Aimee flirts with him.


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Time for John Curtis to say goodbye to his Mum, as she and Jonesy head off on their honeymoon.


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Together the happy couple set off in their car, "decorated" with signs and tins.



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