Season Three Episode Guide

The Conflict (First aired: 12th September 1974) (Two hour episode)

The Government has ordered that Aunt Martha Corinne and her family, Boone, Wade and Vera, should be evicted from their mountain home because a new highway is planned to cover this land. One night, Boone, Martha Corinne's son and Wade Walton, Boone's grandson, arrive at the Walton home saying that they will fight the eviction and that they expect all Walton folk to help them. A new home has been offered to Martha Corinne, and she goes to see it on the understanding from the local Senator, that no further work will take place while she's away. She goes to stay at the Walton home, while Zeb Walton, and John Boy stay behind in Martha Corinne's home, with Boone, Wade and Vera, to protect it and make sure it is still there, and not bulldozed, when Martha Corinne returns. John Boy and his grandfather have very different ideas about how this sort of conflict should be handled though. John Boy feels that talking is the best way to come to an agreement, while the other Walton menfolk take up rifles and are ready to fight for what is theirs.

The boss of the construction company does indeed go ahead with the planned explosions and Martha Corinne returns to her home when word arrives that they have been double crossed. John Walton takes the matter to the senator and tries to get the commission to understand just what the loss of their home means to such old people. They feel that they have adequately compensated the mountain folk, but John tries to get them to understand that their land means everything to them, and that they really do not understand just why they have to leave what is theirs and their homes that they have had for many years.

After several warnings, the Walton clan barricade the driveway to the land and stand around with their rifles just waiting for the marshalls to come and remove them. John Boy still doesn't believe that shooting is the way to come to an agreement, and he puts down his rifle and races towards the sheriff's car. He is knocked out of the way, and several shots are fired by both the law enforcers and the Walton men. John Boy makes one last effort to talk, but is shot trying to accomplish this. That is all the old Martha Corinne can take though, and she orders her family to pack up and leave quietly.

Written by Jeb Rosebrook; directed by Ralph Senesky.

Guests: Beulah Bondi (Martha Corinne), Morgan Woodward (Boone), Richard Hatch (Wade), Lindsay V. Jones (Vera), Mills Watson (Blake), William Quinn (Senator Burgess), Bill Erwin (Senator Rogers), Casey Tibbs (Flagman), Harry Pugh (Slim), Randolph Dobbs (Construction Worker), Hilliard Livingston (Oldest Boy), Eddie Rayden (Youngest Boy), Paul Fix (Lucas Avery).

NOTE 1: Wade and his wife, Vera, return again during season 4 in The Estrangement.

NOTE 2: Beulah Bondi returned in her role as Martha Corinne in The Pony Cart during season 5.

NOTE 3: We discover from this episode that Henry Walton was Martha Corinne's husband and lived from 1845-1921. He was the father of Boone and Henry Jr. Martha Corinne is said in this episode to have died in 1939 and Boone in 1943.

NOTE 4: The Nelson County Drama Foundation, based in Virginia, requested that Jeb Rosebrook adapt his teleplay so that it may be performed in the theatre. From the second season publicity sheet, put out by Nelson County, Virginia they say:

"It is the summer of 1936, John Walton's cousin Boone and Boone's grandson, Wade, arrive at Walton's mountain with a call to arms. Their land high in the Blue Ridge has just been condemned to make way for the Blue Ridge Parkway, and they have been told to "pack up and relocate". But Boone's mother, Martha Corinne, is determined to stay and fight, and Boone carries a message for Grandpa, John and John-Boy: "You come up there to fight with us. You be there. Tomorrow...Bring your rifles." The play begins..."

This particular season was performed at the outdoor setting of the Mountain Cove Vineyards and Winegarden.

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The First Day (First aired 19th September 1974)

John Boy has looked forward to starting College for a long time, and now the day is here. He leaves home with all the good wishes of his family, and then gives a lift to a pretty young freshman, Polly, who has missed her ride, but things definitely don't go well from then on. He parks his car in one of the parking spots reserved for faculty members, and comes back later to find that it has been towed away. As he is a freshman, and a young man who definitely stands out as being a country boy, he becomes the target for many practical jokes by some of the upper classmen, led by Paxton. Finally, when he goes to complete his enrolment, he discovers that he has left his registration certificate at home and he must ring Ike to ask John Walton to drive down to the College with it, before a certain time. All in all he finds that College is really nothing like he thought it would be, with many of the older class members being rude, snobbish and immature.

At home Jason is trying to fill the "big brother" role in the same way that John Boy had been doing for all those years, but he finds that the other children aren't making it easy for him. Miss Hunter realises that he is trying to fill John Boy's shoes, but makes him realise that just being himself is far more worthwhile otherwise that very special person, Jason, will get lost.

Written by John McGreevey; directed by Philip Leacock.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ted Eccles (Michael West), Devon Ericson (Polly), Dennis Redfield (Paxton), David Ankum (Hobgood), Jack McCulloch (Crouch), Lawrence Dobkin (Professor Ghote), Mariclaire Costello (Miss Hunter), Nadyne Turney (Miss Mansell), Joel Kimmel (Randolph), Michael Kearns (Shanks), Johnnie Collins 111 (Davis), Damon Douglas (Eubank), Kim O'Brien (Eileen), Greg Vigen (Ichabod), Tom McAllister (Andrew).

NOTE 1: The character of Paxton, the instigator of many of the practical jokes played on John Boy, returns in The Obstacle in Season 7.

NOTE 2:  We are told that it is September of 1934.

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The Thoroughbred (First aired: 26th September 1974)

The annual cross country race is coming up and some of John Boy's college friends are busy preparing themselves for it, but he is disappointed because his friend is entering a thoroughbred horse. John Boy had intended entering Blue his mule, and had started training him. All of the Walton family are very excited at the thought of him entering and the children begin enthusiastically to prepare Blue for the race.   Grandpa, having once won the race, also gives John Boy some valuable tips. The family get very upset with John Boy though, when they feel that he is taking the whole thing too seriously and he begins to start complaining about the preparation they have all been doing. John Boy finally realises that his father is right in what he says and begins to relax again. At the race John Boy, on Blue, and Selina Linville, on the thoroughbred, lead the race and many of the other participants drop out during it. John Boy finally comes in to the finish line, not only having won the race on Blue, but also Selina's heart.

Written by Michael Russnow & Tony Kayden; directed by Harry Harris.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Brendan Burns (Carl Jensen), Kathleen Quinlan (Selena Linville), Frank Janson (Colonel Linville), Jim Gammon (Mr Roswell), Glen Gordon (Professor Foster).

NOTE 1: Selina Linville is another character who will reappear in season 4, in The Collision.

NOTE 2: Grandpa states that he was the last Walton to have won this race, and that was in 1915.

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The Runaway (First aired: 3rd October 1974)

Young Jim Bob is feeling very much out of things now that Jason and Ben are among the older children at school, so he is pleased when he is entrusted to bring the school guinea pig home to look after. Unfortunately it dies during the night and nobody in the family has the time to listen to him and help him with his loneliness and sadness, so he runs away. When it is discovered that he is missing the family starts making enquiries and discovers that he got a lift into a nearby town. John manages to get hold of John Boy, who is at College waiting to attend the lecture of a well known author, and John Boy goes in search of Jim Bob. By the time that he has found him, John Boy has missed the lecture completely, but when Jim Bob tells him the whole story while drinking tea at a cafe, John Boy becomes more understanding. Unbeknownst to the two, their conversation has been overheard by none other than the admired author, and he comes over to the table to give them both some advice. Having met his idol, John Boy and Jim Bob head home to find a very welcoming and relieved family back on Waltons Mountain. 

Teleplay by Larry Bischof & Carol Evan McKeand; directed by Harry Harris.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Geoffrey Lewis (Elwood Dobbs), Ann Noland (Amy Partridge), Herb Nelson (Bennett Holmby), Gary Vinson (Sgt Stong), Jimmy Weldon (Railroad Clerk), Elizabeth Kerr (Miss Tibbs), Chris Beaumont (Greg Walker), Brad Wilkin (Boy #1), Michael Le Clair (Boy #2), Ben Wilson (college student), Kathi Sawyer (Waitress).

NOTE 1:  I think one of the most poignant sentiments comes out in the grown up John Boy's final passage. He says:

"I often remember Jim Bob saying to my father - "It's OK, next time I'll make you listen". I wish that it were in the power of all children to say that to their parents, and to know that indeed they would be heard, as we were in those wonderful days on Waltons Mountain".

NOTE 2: Jim Bob's birthday is stated as being June 13, 1924, although it is different to that written in the birth register in "The Secret".

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The Romance (First aired: 10th October 1974)

When John Boy discovers that Olivia has a talent for painting, he encourages her to take a night school art class. As they are held in Charlottesville, John Boy teaches her to drive the car. When she begins her classes she really enjoys them, and is particularly excited when the class organises to visit an art gallery one day. However, she is also finding that she is her instructor is not just interested in her art. He has in fact, fallen in love with her. When she realises this she stops going to the classes. He comes to visit her on Waltons Mountain and she tells him that her life is there, on Waltons Mountain with John and their children…that is where she belongs and where she wants to be.

Meanwhile Mary Ellen is seeing a boyfriend who has aspirations of becoming a doctor. When Mary Ellen tells him that she too would like to study medicine, she finds that, not only does he disapprove, but Grandma is also vehemently against the idea.

Written by Hindi Brooks; directed by Ivan Dixon.

Guests: David Selby (Joshua Williams), Biff Warren (Don Millman), Roger Price (Mr Evanston), Iris Korn (Mrs Hallet), Ysabel MacClosky (Mrs Riddle).

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The Ring (First aired 17th October 1974)

Mary Ellen has a date to attend the college dance with a friend of John Boy's. In preparation she buys a second hand evening purse to go with her dress. After she takes it home though, she and Erin discover that there is a valuable amethyst ring inside but they decide to keep it a secret. The previous owner Mrs Breckenrigde, however, has missed the ring and made inquiries as to the purse's whereabouts. In the meantime Mary Ellen has decided to wear the ring to the dance, which she does, and she promptly loses it when she takes it off to wash her hands, but she doesn't realise it until after she returns home. John Boy, his date, and Mary Ellen then return to the college to find it locked up. They retrieve the ring by going in through the toilet window but they are caught on the way out. Mary Ellen ends up returning the ring to its original owner, and is ashamed of all the trouble she has caused.

Written by Nigel McKeand; directed by Philip Leacock.

Guests: Kathleen Cody (Audrey Butler), Ted Eccles (Mike West), Adrienne Marden (Mrs Breckenridge), Cindy Eilbacher (Martha Rose), Roy Engel (Vernon Rutley), Jason Johnson (Arthur Jackson), Deborah Newman (Girl Student), Alpha Blair (Girl Student), Leigh Webb (Tedrow), Jay McKenna (Boy Student).

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The System (First aired 24th October 1974)

John Boy has been tutoring a football player who is at Boatwright University on a scholarship. This young man, Tom, has an ambition to become a lawyer and return to his hometown to help his people. During his crucial exam however, which he must pass to remain at the college, he is seen by John Boy, looking at the work of another student. John Boy has been told that there is an "honor code" at the University and it is the duty of any student who sees such instances of cheating, to turn the offending student in, or to risk being failed himself because of it. John Boy is in a quandary though, because he has seen Tom cheating, but doesn't want to find himself disqualified because of it, yet he doesn't want to turn Tom in. He can't ignore it because another student witnessed it too.

John Boy offers to defend Tom at the hearing, claiming that the system is wrong, and it should be the University staff, not the students, who should be responsible for finding and reporting those who cheat at exam time. He is persuasive enough to have Tom's charge reduced and he is suspended, rather than expelled.

Jason is facing a quandary of his own when he spots Ben secretly smoking. Jason approaches Grandpa for advice and Zeb takes Ben fishing, begins smoking himself and offers one to Ben. He makes sure that Ben smokes the cigarette "properly" and Ben becomes so sick that he is cured of smoking forever.

Written by Jeb Rosebrook; directed by Harry Harris.

Guests: Richard Masur (Tom Povich), Jacques Aubuchon (Victor Povich), Dennis Redfield (Council President), Tom Lacy (Dr. Emory), Don Matheson (Coach), Glen Gordon (Faculty member), Tim Haldeman (Townsend), Stuart Taylor (Council member), Barbara Litsky (Council Secretary).

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The Spoilers (First aired 31st October 1974)

A former New York stockbroker and his family move to Walton's Mountain, to experience the country life. That is Mr. Hanover wants to experience the country life that his father always remembered, but the rest of his family doesn't! Erin and Charles Hanover become attracted to each other, but he tries to take advantage of her, and John Boy has to contend with the daughter, Alicia, telling him how to best write his novel. Basically the Walton family find the Hanovers too snobbish for their liking, with the exception of Ted, who is happy to work hard. Olivia in particular finds the Hanover children a bit hard to take, especially when they show disrespect towards her.

Written by Caryl Ledner; directed by Jack Shea.

Guests: Linda Purl (Alicia), Mark Miller (Ted Hanover), David Gruner (Charles), Barbara Carson (Susan Hanover).

NOTE: Linda Purl would return to Waltons Mountain in season 5, this time to break Jason's heart in The Heartbreaker. She would play Curt's sister, Vanessa.

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The Marathon (First aired 7th November 1974)

John Boy is on his mid semester break from College and meets a girl in a bookshop, Daisy. He decides to enter a dance marathon as her partner. The marathon is to go for 7 days and Olivia is against it and puts her foot down, telling John Boy that he cannot do it. As she puts it the event is "a trashy thing where people make spectacles of themselves". A defiant John Boy does indeed go ahead with it though, leaving Olivia to realise that John Boy is old enough to be his own person and that it is time to let him go. After three days of marathon dancing though, John Boy has had enough, leaves Daisy to finish the contest with another young man, and returns home with his parents, to Waltons Mountain.

Written by Nigel McKeand; directed by Ralph Senensky.

Guests: Deidre Lenihan (Daisy), Bernie Barrow (Bracket), Charles Haid (Fred), Joyce Jameson (Helen), Ellen Moss (P.M.), Lennie Weinrib (Spanky), Don Miller (Steve), Lindsay Workman (Mr Patterson), Brad Trumball (Radio Announcer).

NOTE: The character of Daisy reappears in season 5 when John Boy goes to New York in search of his missing novel, and again later in a couple of episodes in season 8.

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The Book (First aired 14th November 1974)

John Boy joins a writing class at school, but seems to feel as though his writing is immature and not really up to the standard of the others. So when Olivia submits some of John Boy's stories to a publisher, after seeing an advertisement for work to be submitted, he becomes very excited and lets the class know that he has successfully submitted some stories. He receives a letter back saying that they would be interested in publishing these stories and asking for more. When the first copies of the book are finally sent to John Boy though, a bill has been enclosed. They publish anything so long as the person will pay!

John Boy is further embarrassed about the situation though, when a radio interview is set up to interview him as a new writer who has made it. During the interview he explains the circumstances of his published book and also the disappointment it has been.

Meanwhile Jason is playing his new harmonica in Ike's store, when he is "discovered" by the agent of Bobby Bigelow, who invites him to audition. Jason does indeed get the job and continues to play for Bobby Bigelow's band whenever they are in town.

Written by Joseph Bonaduce; directed by Harry Harris.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Mayf Nutter (Bobby Bigelow), Paul Jenkins (Professor Parks), Granville Van Dusen (Mr Andrews), Robert Sorrells (Caspar Tice), Garry Walberg (Mr Guffy), Gerald McRaney (Tim Collins), Julie Rogers (Miss Webb), Gene Massey Jr (Mr Carpenter), Bruce Reasman (Mr Tattock), Kathy Cronkite (Miss Barstow), Melisa Mahoney (Secretary).

LOOK FOR: Country singer Mayf Nutter whocontinued to appear in the series from time to time, as Bobby Bigelow.

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The Job (First aired 21st November 1974)

John Boy needs a job to earn a bit of money, but at the same time it must allow him the freedom to attend his classes at college. Reading to a blind girl seems like just the job for him. Ruth, the young blind woman, has become blind only fairly recently and she makes it very difficult for John Boy to get to know her. No matter what he suggests to help her to break out of her shell, she rejects his offers of friendship. The last straw comes though, when John Boy gives her a small gift which Mary Ellen has spent time deciding upon, and Ruth becomes hostile, seeing this gift as an act of pity. John Boy loses his temper and gives her a piece of his mind, and she begins to realise just what she is doing to herself and those around her who care about her.

She arrives on Waltons Mountain to apologise to John Boy and to take the first steps towards going out and is invited to their picnic. During their picnic, Elizabeth walks along the railing of the bridge over the pond and falls, and Ruth tries to save her.

Written by Nigel McKeand; directed by Ivan Dixon.

Guests: Elaine Heilveil (Ruth Thomas), Peggy McCay (Mrs Thomas).

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The Departure (First aired 5th December 1974)

When John decides that he needs a change in his life, he decides to seek some adventure by leaving Waltons Mountain to work in a Norfolk shipyard. Whilst in Norfolk, John is staying at a boarding house run by Mrs. Champion. Unfortunately there is another man there who feels that John is vying for the attentions of Mrs. Champion and he causes problems for John. When John doesn't arrive home for the weekend, John Boy drives over to look for him and John finally decides that he is better returning to Waltons Mountain, where he truly belongs.

Written by Joanna Lee, directed by Ivan Dixon.

Guests: Joanna Moore (Mrs Lara Sue Champion), Panos A. Christi (Stavros), Anne Loos (Hester White), Jack Garner (Mr Gary), Seamon Glass (Clerk), Kelly Gilmore (Lady #1), Colby Haines (Lady #2), Don "Red" Bealle (Bartender), Bob Braver (Sailor #1), Louis Elias (Sailor #2), Jimmy Don Moore (Donovan).

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The Visitor (First aired 12th December 1974)

The Waltons help prepare the house for the return of an old friend of Zeb Walton's, Mason Beardsley. He and his family had left Waltons Mountain five years before. When he returns though, it is without his wife. He says that she will be joining them shortly and continues to make plans of things they will do when she arrives. When Mason's son arrives though, he says that his mother has been dead for two years but his father had never accepted her death.

Written by Kathleen Hite; directed by Ralph Waite.

Guests: John Beal (Mason Beardsley), Madge Sinclair (Minnie Doze), George Garro (James Lee Beardsley).

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The Birthday (First aired 19th December 1974)

Just before Grandpa's 73rd birthday, Zeb has a mild heart attack, and his doctor advises rest. Grandma has bought two tickets for a lecture on Tahiti, which is to be given at Boatwright University, and refuses to believe that they will not be able to go. It seems though that Zeb just loses the will to live. The Doctor says that he is recovering, but Zeb considers that he will never recover and even goes so far as to ask John Boy to go and select a tombstone for him. Both John and John Boy are very angry with him, telling him that they don't want him to just waste away. To try to bring him back to the family, the Waltons set a tent up outside among the flowers and trees that Grandpa loves. Even though the Doctor disagrees with their plan, they go ahead and move Grandpa's bed and Grandpa out there and slowly he starts to recover and take an interest in the family and the world once more.

Having missed both his birthday and the Tahiti lecture though, they give Grandpa a belated birthday cake, and John Boy arranges to borrow the slides to show the whole family and reads the lecture for them.

Written by Nancy Greenwald; directed by Ivan Dixon.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Rance Howard (Dr McIvors), Brion James (Henry Ferris Jr).

NOTE 1: We are told that it is the spring of 1935.

NOTE 2: Rance Howard is the father of Ron Howard, who appeared as Seth in "The Gift", and later went onto Happy Days fame and into directing and producing movies.

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The Lie (First aired 2nd January 1975)

Trouble occurs for Ben when he makes friends with Nancy, a young girl whose mother ran away when Nancy was very young. Nancy tells Ben that her mother isn't dead, as the Waltons Mountain people had all thought, but rather she has been  living in Charlottesville. Although Nancy had been told by her father not to ever visit her, she asks Ben to take her. Ben borrows John Boy's car and takes her to Charlottesville, but while they are visiting, a young couple steal the car and go for a joy ride. Whilst the car is stolen, the driver hits another car causing some damage. All this has happened unbeknownst to Ben, since he and Nancy are with Nancy's mother in a cafe.

The Sheriff approaches John Boy about his car, and naturally enough he denies having been in Charlottesville the previous night, but they discover the damage to his car when they go to look. Ben owns up and says that he did secretly take the car, but will not tell where nor whom he was with. Erin helps him out a bit when she tells John Boy that Ben has been seeing Nancy, and John Boy finally sorts out what had happened.

Written by Hindi Brooks, directed by Jack Shea.

Guests: Cindy Fisher (Nancy Madden), Warren Kemmerling (Eustace Madden), Hersha Parady (Victoria Madden), Don Barry (Deputy Sheriff), John Pearce (Waiter), Tom Henschel (Boy), Susan Blu (Girl), Ric Militi (Ira), Stuart Lee (Orin), Peter Neilson (Donny), Tim Wade (Man in Car).

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The Matchmakers (First aired 9th January 1975)

This episode introduces Corabeth Walton, John's cousin from Doe Hill. She arrives to visit on Waltons Mountain following the death of her mother, telling the family she will only be there for a short visit, but she looks as if she has moved in and taken over John Boy's room. Ike Godsey seems to be very attracted to her. They are both very different. Corabeth is a city socialite who likes the high life, while Ike is the mountain general store keeper. Poor Ike feels very awkward and shy around Corabeth though, but still he proposes to her. Although she accepts, both parties are very apprehensive about their forthcoming "nuptials" and have second thoughts. Both eventually overcome their nerves and do get married.    

Erin is also stricken with doubts about herself during this episode. She tells John Boy that she's in the middle...not the eldest, yet not the baby, and doesn't really know what she is. John Boy tells her to look in the mirror and tell him what she sees. He then tells her to dress herself in a pretty dress and do her hair up nicely and takes her into town to have her photo taken, so that she can see herself as others see her...a beautiful young girl. While she is at the photographers waiting, she meets Rebecca, who is very self conscious about her looks. She helps Rebecca to style her hair and both of them end up with lovely photos which the photographer wishes to put in a competition. Erin is so pleased with her photos and John Boy's boosting her self confidence that she is able to unselfishly be thrilled to hear that Rebecca won the competition.

Written by John McGreevey, directed by Jack Shea.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Walton), John Ritter (Reverend Fordwick), Audrey Berindey (Rebecca), Lanna Saunders (Mrs Cook), Jon Locke (Beldon).

NOTE: This episode marked the first episode introducing the character of Corabeth Walton, who subsequently became Corabeth Godsey.

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The Beguiled (First aired 16th January 1975)

John Boy meets Sis Bradford, a very pretty Boatwright student, when he has to swerve his car to avoid crashing into her. As a result, his front tyre is damaged. She seems to have very little concern for anyone other than herself, and doesn't understand in the least, the financial hardship that buying a new tyre will cause for John Boy. They meet up again when the two of them are discussing chemistry with their professor...John Boy because he is in danger of failing the course due to lack of understanding, and Sis because she hasn't attended any classes.

Sis notices John Boy's notebook sitting on the seat in his car and takes it…the very book that he needs to study for his exam. When John Boy notices it missing he is absolutely beside himself.

In the meantime Jim Bob's new friend Danny seems to have almost moved in with the Walton family. He is having problems at home with his father who always thinks that he's in trouble, and Jim Bob tells him that with all the kids at the Walton home, he doubts that they would notice one more. Sis arrives at John Boy's home, complete with a peace offering of a new front tyre, and she offers to take Danny and Jim Bob to Danny's house. When the two boys are occupied with something else, she pops John Boy's missing book into Danny's schoolbag. He discovers it at home and his father marches him back to the Waltons to return it and apologise to John Boy for stealing it, even though he claims he didn't. Jim Bob says that he actually saw Sis actually putting the book into Danny's bag, and so the real culprit is revealed.

Written by Kathleen Hite; directed by Ralph Senensky.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Darleen Carr (Sis Bradford), Beeson Carroll (Tom Comley), Glen Gordon (Professor Whitley), Nora Marlowe (Mrs Brimmer), Willie Aames (Danny).

NOTE 1: Willie Aames would very soon appear in a new show called Eight is Enough as Tommy Bradford.

NOTE 2: Darleen Carr would also go on to appear from time to time as Jeannie, the daughter of Lieutenant Mike Stone (Karl Maldon) in The Streets of San Francisco.   She is the sister of Charmian Carr (Liesl in The Sound of Music). Darleen was also one of many backing singers employed for the movie, to help to "fill out" the children's voices during their songs.

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The Caretakers (First aired 23rd January 1975)

When John suggests to Zeb Walton that he should take life a little easier, especially after his recent heart attack scare, Zeb becomes angry. A friend of Zeb's then asks him to "house sit" for him while he's away, so Grandma and Grandpa leave the Walton home to live in the friend's home. Unfortunately the falling out comes at a time when John needs Zeb's help the most though, as he has a big lumber order to fill, so John is forced to hire an extra worker. This worker proves to be more hindrance than help though, and doesn't last very long. In the meantime Zeb and Esther are finding a big house by themselves very boring but they are stubborn, and won't admit that they would rather be at their own home again. They do finally return home after John visits them and tells Grandpa how much he is needed.

Written by Richard Carr; directed by Ivan Dixon.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Ronnie Clare Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Britt Leach (Easy Jackson), Nora Marlowe (Mrs Brimmer), Dan Priest (Henry Townsend).

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The Shivaree (First aired 30th January 1975)

Young Olivia, the orphaned child of Olivia's best friend Marnie, is coming to Waltons Mountain to prepare for her wedding to Bob Hill, a young man, born and bred in the city. Olivia wants to celebrate her marriage with the Walton family, feeling that they are the closest that she has to family. Bob, however, feels quite differently and seems almost to hate the country and the people. He doesn't know or understand some of the customs of the mountain folk, and when John Boy becomes excited about the planned shivaree, and explains it to him, he rebels. He thinks it is barbaric and says that he will call off the wedding rather than have to go through with that.

Because Bob is so set against having one, the Waltons call the shivaree off, but Ike Godsey and Yancy Tucker, haven't heard that it is cancelled and so go ahead with the kidnapping of Bob on his wedding night anyway. Bob is very angry and claims that his marriage is all a mistake. Young Olivia is in tears the next morning saying that Bob slept in a chair overnight, and she thinks maybe she didn't know him very well either and should forget that the ceremony ever took place. To try to get the young couple back together again, the family prepares a solitary cabin for them to spend their honeymoon away from everyone.

Disaster very nearly strikes again when Yancy and Ike, and some of the other townsfolk head up to the cabin for the second part of the shivaree. Bob nearly has a fit, until Olivia helps him to realise that all the folks want to do is to sing to them. We leave the couple at the cabin with the Waltons and their neighbours singing "Let me call you Sweetheart" to the newly weds.

Written by Max Hodge; directed by Lee Philips.

Guests: Bruce Davison (Bob Hill), Deborah White (Young Olivia), Robert Donner (Yancy Tucker), Joe Conley (Ike Godsey) E.J. Andre (Hyder Snow), James Gammon (Roswell), Wilford Brimley (Horace), Lee Philips (Minister).

NOTE: Young Olivia will return to Waltons Mountain in season 4, in the episode "The Loss".

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The Choice (First aired 6th February 1975)

Jason is feeling pressured into making a career choice that he really doesn't want. As the time comes for him to finish high school, his father and grandfather begin making plans to expand their family business. Their idea is that once Jason leaves school he will join the family business full time. However, Jason has been playing some of his own music at school and is being encouraged by Miss Hunter to have music lessons, suggesting he stop by for a chat with Mrs Breckenridge. After playing some of his own compositions for her, she suggests that he consider applying for a scholarship to the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music to study music composition. When Jason broaches the subject with his father though, John's response is that it is not something he can earn a living and support a family doing. It should be regarded as a hobby. Jason takes matters into his own hands though, and sends in his application without his father's consent.

Miss Hunter is also encouraging John Boy to consider writing a novel about the people on Waltons Mountain. It is John Boy who opens John's eyes and makes him reconsider his stance. When John tells Jason that he does give his blessing to him, if that's what he chooses, John Boy becomes very excited and tells his father that he is a remarkable man and that he is now inspired to write that novel which Miss Hunter had suggested.

Written by Nancy Greenwald; directed by Alf Kjellin.

Guests: Mariclaire Costello (Miss Hunter), Adrienne Marden (Mrs. Breckenridge), Mans Kjellin (Boy).

LOOK FOR: The song in this episode, "The Maiden and the Soldier", which was written and performed by Jon Walmsley.

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The Statue (First aired 13th February 1975)

Problems arise for Grandpa when he wins a prize from a raffle at Ike's store. His prize is a statue, donated by the Baldwin sisters. When he takes his prize home though, Grandma becomes very jealous and says that it looks like one of his old girlfriends, Moselle Lewis, and insists that he get rid of it. Things become so strained at the Walton home that the statue is finally thrown into Drucilla's Pond, where it stays at the bottom.

The Baldwin sisters are also very interested when they hear that John Boy has at last had a letter from a publisher interested in his story. Naturally they want to hear all of the story, based on the romance between Ashley Longworth and Miss Emily. They do not understand that he has just based a story on the romance and Miss Emily becomes quite distressed because she was expecting a true account of her romance. Seeing her distress John Boy changes the ending that he reads to the sisters, to save any more hurt feelings.

Teleplay by Earl Hamner; story by Sumner Long; directed by Ralph Waite.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), Mary Jackson (Miss Emily), Helen Kleeb (Miss Mamie), Ronnie Claire Edwards (Corabeth Godsey), Nora Marlowe (Mrs Brimmer).

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The Song (First aired 20th February 1975)

Jason writes a song which he hopes to perform whilst playing with Bobby Bigelow's band. Ben hears the song but feels that it would make a better duet and has just the girl in mind for the part…Sally Ann Harper, a young girl from school who he is attracted to. Ben suggests this to Jason and he is happy to go along with Ben's suggestion. Once Jason and Sally Ann start rehearsing though, they find they have a lot in common and enjoy one another's company a great deal. Sally Ann misreads Jason's friendship though, as love, and one rehearsal she kisses him. Ben arrives at the barn just in time to see the kiss and he becomes very jealous. Jason hasn't realised just how keen on Sally Ann Ben really is though, and therefore doesn't understand why Ben is so angry with him.

John Boy sets Jason straight and Jason tries to reason with Ben, letting him know that the feelings he has for Sally Ann definitely aren't the same feelings that Ben has for her. The problem is that Ben is well past listening and simply refuses to go the dance with the rest of the family to hear Sally Ann and Jason perform. Listening on the radio at home though, Ben hears Sally Ann dedicate the song to him and promptly gets dressed and goes to the dance just in time to dance with Sally Ann. Ben leaves the dance with Sally Ann, Jason leaves with Betsy, another girl from school, and the two brothers patch up their differences.

Teleplay by Richard Carr & Armand Lanzano; story by Richard Carr; directed by Richard Thomas.

Guests: Erin Moran (Sally Ann Harper), Doney Oatman (Betsy), James Gannon (Zack Roswell), Britt Leach (Easy Jackson), Wilford Brimley (Horace Brimley), Mary Jo Catlett (Elvira Roswell), Mayf Nutter (Bobby Bigelow).

NOTE 1: The song in this episode, "Will You Be Mine" was written and performed by Jon Walmsley.

NOTE 2: Sally Ann was played by Erin Moran, who would soon become well known to television audiences for her role as Joannie Cunningham in Happy Days.

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The Woman (First aired 27th February 1975)

John and Olivia Walton have been married for 20 years, and as this special anniversary approaches, the children wonder what they might get their parents as a present. They decide to paint a picture of their house and to paint themselves in whichever room they would like. John and Olivia are also trying to decide how they would like to celebrate this milestone too. As Livvy puts it: "We never really had a proper wedding." They decide then, that they will renew their wedding vows.

At college, John Boy volunteers to be the escort to a lady writer, Madeline Bennett, when she comes to lecture at the College. It is his job to collect her from the station, drop her back there, and show her around in between times. Following her lecture, Madeline suggests that they go on a picnic, and a romance begins. John Boy decides that he will leave College and go back to New York with Madeline. At the last moment though he changes his mind and stays.

Written by Hindi Brooks; directed by Harvey S. Laidman.

Guests: Laura Campbell (Madeline Bennett), Paul Jenkins (Professor Parks), Sally Kemp (Mrs Parks), Julie Rogers (Gloria Webb), Kathy Cronkite (Sally Barstow), Gloria Stuart (Saleswoman), Ernie Brown (Railroad conductor), Jeffre Winner (Bellhop), John Ritter (Reverend Fordwick).

LOOK FOR: Gloria Stuart, the lady in the dress shop helping John choose a new dress for Olivia, who became very well known during the 1990's for her portrayal of old Rose in the award winning movie Titanic. She was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1997-8, but lost out to Kim Basinger who won for her role in L.A. Confidential.

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The Venture (First aired 6th March 1975)

As the Depression is easing on Waltons Mountain, things are looking up for the Waltons. John Boy has just become employed at a newspaper, Jason is about to be offered a music scholarship, and John takes out a bank loan to pay for some new machinery for his lumber mill. He promptly gains a big order, and is relying on Grandpa to help him, but Zeb becomes ill with the flu. John is left to continue working on the order himself, but after working one day during a heavy rainstorm, he also becomes ill, so ill that he is taken to hospital. John tells the family to sell the new equipment, but the older boys have other ideas and try to organise the mill themselves.

Things come to a head when John Boy begins talking about giving up College and working full time, and Jason talks about giving up his scholarship and trying to get more work with Bobby Bigelow's band. When Ike hears of these plans he gathers the neighbours around and together everyone finishes the big order for John.

Written by Joseph Bonaduce; directed by Ralph Waite.

Guests: Joe Conley (Ike Godsey), M. Emmet Walsh (David Fletcher), John Carter (Walt Callett), Rance Howard (Dr McIvors), Claudia Bryan (Nurse Howard), Craig Hundley (Joseph), Herbert Anderson (Mr Bennett), James Gammon (Zack Roswell), Celia Bonaduce (Barbara), Jerry Crews (Music Judge).