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A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

A Walton Wedding

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A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion

This Walton's special sees the return of Richard Thomas to the role of John Boy Walton. It is set in the early 1960's around the time when John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The following is from information which has been supplied to me by Jane and Heath, and I thank them for helping me out. If anyone wishes to add any information, please let me know. I believe it was made in 1993.

There seems to have been many changes for the Walton family members as they head into the 1960's. John Boy is in New York, trying to persuade his fiancee to marry him, but she has yet to answer him. Ben and Cindy's daughter, Virginia, has died and Cindy is finding life very lonely without her. She tells Ben that she would dearly love to adopt another baby, but Ben feels that it is not a good idea. He doesn't think that he could love another person's child, and also he is still grieving for Virginia. He eventually does come around though. At this time he is also arguing with his father about their lumber company: he wants to buy a new truck, but John keeps insisting that they can't afford it.

Erin now has three children and is separated from Paul. Her decision to start seeing another man causes some indignation among the other Walton family members. Ike and Corabeth become grandparents when Aimee has a little baby daughter, while Elizabeth returns from Europe and reunites with Drew, her old beau. As if that isn't enough excitement, the Baldwin ladies get locked up for brewing the recipe!
This telemovie first aired on CBS on 21st November, 1993.

A Walton Wedding
In this telemovie, made in 1995, Richard Thomas once again appears as John-Boy Walton. The year is 1964 and in New York he has met the woman he wants to marry. Her name is Janet Gilchrist and she is an editor of a fashion magazine, and the daughter of a diplomat. The two of them have planned a small wedding in New York and their family and friends from Waltons Mountain will come to New York for the celebration. Janet's Aunt Flo however, has far grander ideas and John-Boy nearly reaches the end of his tether when she begins to take over their wedding preparations. Added to the wedding plan stress John Boy is also trying to write an article about his Grandma, but the story is seeming to be superficial. He decides that he needs to go home to escape the wedding preparations, as well as to reunite with his Grandmother and fill in some gaps which he feels his story has.

While he is on Waltons Mountain trying to put his article together, Janet is left in New York trying to prevent her wedding from getting out of hand. She too leaves the city and heads for Waltons Mountain, and the two plan for a wedding there.

Meantime John Boy is trying to research into Grandma's ancestry and finds no mention of her father in any of the family papers or bible. When he asks her about him she becomes very agitated. Further research into letters held by the Baldwin sisters, reveal that, although he lived in the south, he sympathized with the plight of the slaves and joined the Union to fight against slavery. His neighbors called him a traitor and his family was shamed.

Olivia has decided that the time is right for her to return to study and she enrolls in a class at Boatwright University. Being a married woman, with a family, returning to study, makes her lecturer wonder why she is there and he makes her time in his class very difficult. John also has his problems. He has recently been elected as a County Supervisor and the lumber company which he and Ben run stands to profit if he votes for a proposed subdivision to go ahead. By this time Elizabeth's boyfriend Drew is also working at the mill.
We finally get to the wedding and right in the middle of a wedding song, Jason's wife Toni goes into labor. Fortunately there is a Doctor on hand, and Mary Ellen leaves her bridesmaid duties to go and deliver the new little Walton, Patsy Kline Walton.

This movie seemed a little different to the previous ones, as we really only got to see the immediate Walton family again. We did see Toni and Drew, but only briefly, and the stories really didn't revolve around them. However we didn't see the family of Ben, Erin or Mary Ellen at all. In fact the Walton house seemed quite empty really with only Olivia, John, and Grandma living there now, but I suppose that's what happens when families grow up and leave.

Judy Norton-Taylor goes back to being Judy Norton for this movie. She may have been in the previous one too.

This telemovie first aired on CBS on 12th February, 1995.

A Waltons Easter
As A Waltons Easter opens we see that it is set in 1969 as we get shots of man walking on the moon for the first time. John Boy is the news anchor person in New York and he is in the throes of writing a new book. He and Janet are making plans to return to Waltons Mountain once more, for the celebration of John and Olivia's 40th wedding anniversary. This time it is Janet who is pregnant, with her and John Boy's first child. Accompanying them to see the place John Boy lived as a child is Aurora, a Time magazine photographer, who is doing a story on John Boy.

Just as Janet and John Boy have settled into life on Waltons Mountain once more, Elizabeth arrives back from her travels and announces to Drew, who is still working at the mill with Ben, that she is back to stay. She is very upset to find that Drew did not wait for her, and that he has a new girlfriend. She had envisioned that when she arrived home that Drew would be ready and willing to marry her.

Problems arise for John Boy and Janet though, because the longer John Boy stays on the mountain, the more he becomes convinced that he would like to settle down there, raise his family, and continue with his writing. In fact he is presumptuous enough to assume that Janet would love the same thing and he puts an offer in to buy the cabin where he goes to write. Janet wishes to remain in New York though, and they end up compromising and will use the cabin as a weekend retreat.

In the meantime, Mary Ellen gives Janet a pre natal checkup and find that there are two babies, and so Janet and John Boy now begin to prepare for the arrival of their twins. Drew is totally confused about his feelings for Elizabeth and finally pops the question: "So, are you going to marry me, or what?" After John and Olivia exchange their wedding vows once more, and leave for a short holiday, a gift from their children, John Boy and Janet leave Waltons Mountain to return to New York. They don't get very far though and Janet goes into labour. Dr. Mary Ellen, of course, is on hand to help out with the birth and soon the newest Waltons, a boy and a girl, are born.

Another interesting plot in this movie is the appearance of the Baldwin sisters who, feeling that they are getting on in age, wish to pass on the secret of "The Recipe", to someone. They choose John Walton as their beneficiary, and this causes some interesting and very amusing moments with the Walton men trying to keep Olivia from finding out.

This telemovie first aired on CBS on 31st March, 1997.

This telemovie was such a success, that we have been promised another in 1998!