Bits and Pieces

Spencer's Mountain

Spencer's Mountain was the first movie written by Earl Hamner Junior, and this was the forerunner of The Homecoming and subsequently The Waltons series. Two actors in Spencers Mountain who you might recognise were Victor French who played one of the Spencer brothers, and Kym Karath who played Pattie-Cake Spencer. Victor French went on to grow a beard and play Mr Edwards in Little House on the Prairie, and Mark Gordon in Highway to Heaven during the 1970's and 80's. Kym Karath perhaps remains best known for her role as little Gretl in The Sound of Music.

Hamner Family

Earl Hamner Jr based the series on his childhood memories and the Walton children are based on his own brothers and sisters. They are as follows:

Lorimar Productions

Other family shows produced by Lorimar during the 1970's were Apple's Way and Eight is Enough. In fact there is one episode in Eight is Enough where one of the Bradford family (I think it might be Tom) is watching television, and playing is the theme music from The Waltons. Didn't he have good taste?


There were three major producers during the run of the show, and these were Robert L. Jacks, Andy White and Rod Peterson.

Principal Directors

The major directors for the show were Ralph Senensky, Lawrence Dobkin, Harry Harris, Philip Leacock, Bernard McEveety, Alf Kjellin, Ivan Dixon, Robert Butler, Harvey S. Laidman, Lee Phillips, Jack Shea, Gabrielle Beaumont and Stan Lathan.

Principal Writers

The major writers for the show were Earl Hamner Jr., John McGreevey, John Furia Jr., Claire Whittaker, Nancy Greenwald, Nigel McKeand, Carol Evan McKeand, Colby Chester, William Bast, Robert Malcom Young, Calvin Clements Jr., Joanna Lee and Robert Pirosh.